June 15th

"Hey Yu...What's in that box?" Yosuke asked poker face Yu.

"It's part of an experiment. Also a souvenir." He gave a thumbs up.

"Uh..." Yosuke didn't want to know.

June 27th

He found out eventually when they went to Rise's dungeon.

They had been low on both SP and health and Yu brought out the box from a pocket in his jacket.

Kanji, Chie and Yosuke were confused by the item.

He looked Shadow Teddie in the eye and threw the box into the beast.

"Yu! ...What's in there...?" Yosuke asked, knives positioned in front of him for defense.

"Watch." He pointed.

Shadow Teddie and started to feel agitated.

"ARRRRGHHHH!" He screamed.

He exploded and the others, save for Yu yelped as they were covered in shadow gunk.

Yosuke found the box, in a pile of shadow goo, after some shock recovery and sniffed at it. He recoiled from horror.


Yu gave a thumbs up and smiled.

AN: When Yu eats too much things from the fridge...Also his expression increased in that one week!