The Family She Always Wanted

Hi I'm Lillian! I really hope you like my story please review for more chapters after this! This story takes place first the same day as PP then two years later. This story is a little OOC

Two years ago…

Danny's pov

I pulled away from my kiss with Sam only to have my cousin tap me on the shoulder "Sorry to interrupt your 15 year old love but I wanted to give you guys a hug good-by." Danni said hugging Sam then me. I hugged her tightly and said, "You promise you'll be careful? You can always stay with me." She shrugged and said, "Danny I'm 12 years old and I have ghost powers, I can handle being on my own." I nodded but I couldn't help but worry, after all she was like a miniature version of me, except since I'm always around Sam she acts a lot like her. I just hope she'll be ok without me. I finally let go of her and she flew away. I sighed and looked over at Sam who gave me a kind smile and said "Don't worry Danny, she will be fine." If only Sam knew how wrong she was.

Danielle's pov

I flew away with tears in my eyes. Danny had always been there for me and now that I'm really on my own, I'm scared. But I wasn't going to let Danny know that, he would never leave me alone if I told him I was scared. I sighed and kept flying till I reached Danny's house. I went invisible and flew down to his basement. I looked around to make sure know one was around and walked into the ghost zone. I flew around trying to find a place to stay when skulker came flying towards me, he grabbed me and said, "Don't worry little one, your just going to go for a nice nap." He shoved me in a metal contraption I'd never seen before and put in the date September 4th 2009. "Sweet dreams little girl." Was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.

Present day: September 4th 2009

I felt my self slowly wake up as if I'd been asleep for ages. I opened my eyes and noticed that the metal contraption had finally opened! I flew out and flew over to where Danny's portal opened. I quickly went in and turned back into Danni Fenton. I noticed that I still looked the same as I did when I went to sleep, weird. I saw Danny walking downstairs holding Sam's hand. WOW he looked different! His hair was styled a bit and he looked taller like about 5'10 or 5'11! He also looked a little tanner and more muscular but he still had those baby blue eyes that make him look innocent. Sam was the one who really looked different. She had on a silver and black striped tank top and black skinny jeans, her hair was a little below her shoulders and completely down! She looked to be about 5'5 or 5'6 and had on nice purple lipstick. Her eyes where still a mysterious shade of violet. I ran up to Danny and hugged him screaming "DANNY, SAM! IT'S ME DANIELLE!" They looked at each other then back at me before running up to me and hugging me.

Danny picked me up and I swear he refused to let go. "Oh my god Danni! You said you would come back to see us soon! It's been two year's I thought someone had hurt you or worse!" He kissed my forehead then set me down. I frowned and said, "Two years? But look at me, I'm still twelve! I guess the sleep machine thing skulker put me in made me stay the same age…" Danny stopped me and screamed "HE DID WHAT?" His eyes flashed green and I smiled slightly at his protectiveness. "Danny don't worry, I'm fine! I just can't believe you guys are 17! And I'm still 12! Oh well, anyway I just stopped by to say hi so I guess I'll be off to continue searching for a place to stay." I said turning around and walking towards the ghost portal. Danny pulling me back by the hood of my jacket stopped me. "Oh no you don't! You are not going to be leaving anymore, you make me way to worried when you're gone." I stared at him and looked up at him, hand's on my hips. I had to look up because honestly I'm only 4'11; he's like a foot taller than me! "Well maybe, Sam and I could… adopt you?" I smiled and said, "your serious? You would really want to adopt me?" They both nodded and Danny grabbed Sam's hands and mine as we turned invisible and flew to the adoption agency. I can't believe Danny and Sam are going to be my Dad and Mom!

Sam's pov

I looked around as Danny explained the whole "clone thing". Now that the world knows he's Danny Phantom, no one really questions what he has to say. The lady at the front desk just smiled and handed us adoption forms. We quickly signed the papers and looked over at Danni who was sitting and listening to music on my IPod. I went over and tapped her shoulder. She looked up at me and smiled her eyes sparkling just like Danny's. She took off her headphones and said, "I have a question, do I call you and Danny, Sam and Danny or can I call you mom and dad?" I shrugged and said, "You can call us whatever you like, I don't think Danny minds you calling him dad and I don't mind you calling me mom so really you can call us anything. " She grinned and said, "ok thanks mom!" I smiled back and walked back over to Danny. "So one of the extra bedrooms in my house is in the attic and the only way someone can get up there is through the door in my room, so Danni can just stay up there at night and then we will come over to your house everyday in the morning!" Danny nodded and sighed "Ok, are you sure you don't mind Sam?" I looked over at Danielle then back at Danny and nodded. He grinned and said, "Well alright then! Let's get Danni and then we can go pay a visit to Tucker, him and me still have a project to do and the project is due on Monday! We had a week and now all we have is tonight to finish!" I shook my head and muttered "Procrastinators" Danni saw us getting ready to leave and said to Danny, "Where are we going now dad?" He gave me a questioning look before looking back at Danielle and saying "We are gonna go introduce our new daughter to Tucker." She smiled and he grabbed her hand and put his arm around me as we walked out the door. Not knowing that someone was watching, and evil smirk on their face.