The Family She's Always Wanted: Chapter 5

Again I'm so sorry for not updating sooner, this is completely in Danny's pov here's chapter 5!

Previously in the family she's always wanted:

"Hi! I'm Danni! Are you a friend of my mom and dad?" Sam started banging her head on the front of the car muttering "Please be quiet Danielle please please please" I put my hand on her shoulder to get her to stop and looked at Jazz, "Um Jazz meet…"

Danny's pov

"'Um Jazz meet our daughter Danielle. She prefers Danni though, with an i." Jazz pinched the bridge of her nose and said, "Let me get this strait, you and Sam, adopted this little 10 year old…" Danni tapped her and said, "Actually, I'm twelve." Jazz smiled at her and said, "I apologize, this 12 year old girl and I JUST FOUND OUT!?" I crossed my arm's and said, "Look, I know we've got some explaining to do but can we talk about this um, later" looking slightly over at Danni who was eating the apple from her lunch and playing on her phone.

Jazz saw my point and she turned to Danni giving her a smile "Hey Danni, do you like video games?" She looked up at Jazz and said, "Of course! Why?" Jazz crouched down so she was Danni's height and whispered something in her ear and Danni grinned, jumped up and ran into my house so fast that it startled me. I looked at Jazz and said, "What on earth did you tell her!?" she shrugged and said, "oh nothing, just about your hidden stash of videogames in your room." My jaw dropped and she just shrugged and continued, "Anyway you me and Sam have to talk and since mom and dad wont be back for ten days you'd better start explaining exactly when and why you adopted Danielle. SAM GET OUT OF THE CAR!" She said banging on the window of my car.

Sam looked up and glared at her getting out of the car. "Look Jazz, me and Danny have got it covered. Danielle lives with me and nobody knows we adopted her. Oh and she's Danny's clone. Vlad tried to clone Danny but they all screwed up and turned into goo except Danielle, who was perfect except she's a girl and 12. Anyway she realized Vlad was bad and Danny was good and they became close and after the whole incident with Vlad she took off to find a home in the ghost zone and Skulker froze her in a machine that kept her the same age, this all happened two years ago. Then she became unfrozen and found us. We decided to adopt her because she felt like family anyway. She goes to Pandora Middle School and she lives in a room that only I can get too. She's another halfa. Are we good now?"

Jazz and I just stared at her. Jazz nodded and said, "Ya but you guys do realize that taking care of a kid is a big job, are you sure your up for it? I mean there's food, health, and clothes. What are you going to do when she has a boyfriend and she wants to bring him over to her house…" I stopped her there and said, "Look, First, she's not dating anyone anytime soon. "And second," Sam said rolling her eyes. "My family's rich, I've got money to spare in my bank account so know worries about that." Jazz sighed and said, "Well, then how about we go inside and I get acquainted with my niece! I can't believe I actually have a niece so soon! I can't wait to take her shopping and get her nails done and she can tell me about her crushes and…" Sam just rolled her eye's and said, "Yup she will love it. Let's go inside!" We all walked in and Danni was freaking out. I walked over to her and put my hands on her shoulders "Danni, What's wrong?" she looked at me and said, "Um well Skulker just came in and he gave me this." She handed me a note and I read it to myself:

"Don't worry little ghost girl, I will get you and put you right back in my machine, you wont even see it coming. Skulker" I stared at her and could see the fear in her eyes. I picked her up and gave her a hug and she hugged me back not letting go. I started petting her shoulder length black hair trying to calm her down and eventually sitting down putting her next to me. "Don't worry Danni, he's not gonna get you, I promise." She looked at me with her big blue eyes exactly like mine and said, "But what about when I'm alone, that's when he's gonna get me and put me right back in that evil machine!" I looked at Sam and Jazz for help and they looked at each other before Sam walked over to her and put her hand on her shoulder,

"Hey Danni, how about to cheer you up I call Valery, and me you and your aunt Jazz can go to the mall and hang out for a while! Then you can tell Valerie and Jazz about your first day of school." She perked up and said, "Really? Ok! Let's go Aunt Jazz we have to go get Valerie and then I can tell you about my teacher and my friends Andrew, Oliver, David and Chris!" Jazz grinned, "Wow all guy friends! I wonder how you dad feels about that!" she said and gave me a look like "Don't go all over protective Danny mode on her" I just rolled my eyes and looked at Sam who gave me a kiss good by and whispered in my ear, "Nice parenting skills" They left and I sighed looking at Skulker's letter. He's not coming anywhere near her.

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