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"Chain resonance requires complete and utter concentration from each and every participant; meister and weapon alike." Stein said to the group of six. They all nodded and continued to pay attention.

The chain resonance group was made up of Stitches and Mina, Thomas and Joseph and Cleo and her meister Oliver.

"This resonance group is well balanced." Stein explained.

"How so, Doctor Stein?" Oliver asked. Oliver was a tall boy, with shoulder length black hair and green eyes.

"Well, we've got Stitches, a defensive melee weapon; the hammer. Then, we've got Cleo, an offensive melee weapon; the traditional scythe. And, finally, we've got Joseph, a ranged weapon; the pistol." Stein replied.

"Of course." Oliver replied. The boy was fairly soft-spoken, almost philosophical, in a way.

"Chain resonance is not an easy skill to master. But, having said that, I've been notified by Maka-sensei that you six have come the closest to perfecting your own resonances in pairs. So, I expect something." Stein said, sitting backwards on his chair.

"So…" Mina began.

"Well, go on. Like I've said before, if you were listening in class, I can't tell you how to resonate. You just have to concentrate on your soul and the souls around you." Stein said. The meisters all looked at their weapons, who all simultaneously transformed.

"Soul's Resonance." all the pairs said, resonating individually before beginning chain resonance. Mina and Stitches' resonance first reached out to Oliver and Cleo's. The tails of the resonance connected. Then, those two resonances reached out to Thomas and Joseph's resonance.

However, when the resonances got closer to Thomas and Joseph's resonance, a crack of electricity jumped into all of the meisters, causing them to break their resonance, drop their weapons and jolt backwards.

"What the hell?!" Mina exclaimed, shaking her head.

"Thomas, what the hell is wrong with your resonance?" Oliver asked.

"My resonance? Your resonance couldn't handle the strength of our resonance!" Thomas yelled back.

"It was a goddamn electric shock! It has to be Stitches! You're the only one who has any genetic connection to electricity!" Joseph replied, his voice raised, much to Thomas' disdain.

"Are you seriously bringing my mother into this?! What about your parents? What the hell were they?!" Stitches asked back, in human form.

"Why the hell are we talking about parentage?! Mina's the one who couldn't handle the resonance!" Cleo shouted.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!" Mina yelled.

"Hey, leave my scythe alone!" Oliver said.

"Oh, you're one to talk, pinning your own freakin' failure on my meister?! Mature!" Joseph yelled.

"Pot calling the kettle black much? You blamed Stitches' mother, for goodness sake!" Mina yelled.

"Oh, shut up!" Joseph retorted.

"You shut up!" Mina screamed.

"How about you all shut up?!" Stein bellowed, causing the whole group to stop and face him.

"What the hell was that about?!" Stein yelled. The teenagers all started talking at once, all defending their partners and pinning blame.

"Quiet!" Stein replied, shaking his head.

"It's nobody's fault, right?" Thomas asked. Stein shook his head.

"It's everybody's fault." Stein said. The teens all raised an eyebrow. Stein sighed.

"Thomas, you're being overpowered by your weapon. Joseph, you're so wrapped up in your own soul that you forgot about chain resonance." Stein began. Thomas and Joseph looked shell-shocked.

"Mina, you're overconfident with your pair resonance and that means that you don't focus on chain resonance. Stitches, you're not giving it 100% and the connection isn't taking." Stein continued. Mina raised an eyebrow and Stitches crossed her arms. Stein didn't intimidate her, but there was something up with what he was saying.

"Oliver, you're so focused on perfecting chain resonance that your own resonance fails. And Cleo, you focus on everyone else's soul too much, neglecting your own." Stein finished, Oliver and Cleo not making eye-contact with anyone else.

"So, it's everyone's fault. I'll give you fifteen minutes to work out why the hell this isn't working." Stein said, rolling out of the clearing.

The teenagers all stood there, in silent shock.

"What do we do?" Mina asked. Stitches sighed.

"You know, it sucks having to take classes with my father, but I know what he means." Stitches said.

"What does he mean?" Thomas asked.

"He means that we have to apologise." Stitches said.

"But… why didn't he just say that?" Oliver asked.

"Because you understand how utterly demoralising it would be for him to say 'Okay, kiddies, kiss and make up and we can resonate then.'" Stitches said. Oliver nodded slightly.

"Yes, I can see where that would…yes." Oliver said.

"There's no way that Papa could have known all that stuff he said before. Like he said, chain resonance requires complete concentration on your own soul and the souls of those around you. All of the things that he listed were things that would just take your concentration off of resonance." Stitches said.

"But then… why did he say them?" Cleo asked.

"Really? Because he's still a little sadistic. And he's trying to scare us into compliance. Which, by the look on Thomas' face, he's succeeded in doing. Now, come on. We know we didn't mean that crap we said before." Stitches said, playing mediator.

Mina sighed, walked over to Joseph and grabbed his arm, pulling him into a secluded area. She felt bad about what she'd said to him.

"Joseph… I'm sorry." Mina said, quietly.

"It's alright. I'm sorry too." Joseph said. Mina smiled.

"It was stupid." Mina said, giggling slightly. Joseph took a small breath in, Mina looking up at him.

"Alright, now that's done-" Mina went to leave, but Joseph grabbed her arm.

"What is i-" Before Mina could finish her sentence, Joseph gently pressed his lips against hers. Mina didn't quite know what to do, so she kissed back, slightly.

However, as they pulled away, they heard a dooming noise.

The squeaking of desk-chair wheels. Joseph turned his head and saw their resonance teacher rolling past them.

"I told you to work out your problems, not fraternise." Stein said, leaving the area. Mina blushed deeply.

"Uh… Resonating. Yeah." Mina smiled, walking off, slightly in shock. Joseph followed and they both went back to their respective partners, not able to look each other in the eye.

"Did you apologise?" Stitches asked.

"I… Yeah. I have to talk to you after. Come on, let's just do this." Mina said. All of the weapons transformed, and the meisters prepared to resonate.

The pairs all resonated with ease, just as they had done the first time.

Mina and Stitches' resonance connected with Oliver and Cleo's, and it went to reach out to Thomas and Joseph's. The connection crept ever closer until, with a great whooshing noise, they both connected.

"Can you guys hear me?" Mina asked, wordlessly communicating through the resonance.

"Yes." Thomas replied.

"Loud and clear." Oliver replied. A smile crept across Mina's face and she continued to concentrate on the resonance.

"Come on… push the resonance!" she said. With one final push, the combined soul response of the six teens grew to full size. Stein sat back and smirked as the weapons and meisters made the connection and held it.

"Not bad." Stein said.

"The leader is…" Stein began, analysing and observing before coming to his conclusion.

"…Mina." he ended. Mina's eyes opened wide as the resonance broke.

"I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch what you said there, Doc." Mina said, furrowing her eyebrows.

"You heard exactly what I said." Stein said, standing from his chair. Stitches turned to Mina with a wide smile on her face.

"You're the leader!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah, yeah. You're the brains, I'm the brawn." Mina smiled, still in slight shock.

"I know, I know, I'm the nerd. I'm blissfully aware." Stitches smiled back. Her face, however, turned sour once Mina rested her elbow on her shoulder.

"Really?" Stitches asked, looking up at her taller friend. Mina nodded.

"I am the leader…" Mina trailed off.

"Shut up." Stitches replied.

"No." Mina laughed. Stitches sighed.

"So, what was it that you had to tell me?" Stitches asked. Mina bit her bottom lip and shut her eyes slightly.

"Joseph kissed me." Mina said, quietly. Stitches stopped in her tracks.

"What?!" Stitches asked, near squealing.

"You heard." Mina said.

"Did you kiss back?" Stitches asked. Mina blushed slightly and bit her lip.

"Maybe." Mina said. Stitches full-on squealed and hugged Mina. Mina hugged back with her own squeal , a smile on her face. Stein then walked past them, trailing his chair behind him with a pained expression on his face.

"What's wrong with you, Doc?" Mina asked. Stein shook his head.

"You two have been squealing like that around me for nearly ten years and I still can't stand it." Stein said. Mina smiled slightly, but Stitches dropped her head in embarrassment.

"Papa…" Stitches said, quietly.

"What?" Stein asked, a sadistic grin on his face.

"Just go." Stitches said.


"Just go, Papa." Stitches said, looking at her father as he shook his head, smirked and walked away.

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