So, I can't describe how much I liked the newest episode of "Warehouse 13"! It was touching and heartfelt. Definitely one of my favorite combinations especially when the right dose of humor is added. Anyway, I don't own the show, the warehouse, or the artifacts. I only own the fics I write, i.e. this one.


Myka glanced at the father holding his baby and then looked back at Pete. She frowned a little knowing he wanted a family. However, a child running around in the warehouse would spell disaster. Who knew how many things the child could get into? Child locks and baby gates could only keep a child out of so much. And artifacts would be a huge risk. Any number of them could easily hurt a child or better yet a toddler. The agent glanced back at the baby one more time and smiled. Maybe having a child around would not be a completely bad thing after all.

Pete was unable to tear his eyes away from the loving scene in front of him. A father holding his child had to be a one in a billion experience. One Pete may never get. In a way the agent was a little jealous. Sure, seeing Myka pregnant was one thing, but the reality of that happening in the warehouse was risky. They were facing artifacts every day. Any number of the relics could cause harm on anyone. Miscarriage would definitely be a factor in any case they were put on. Besides, just because Pete loved Myka was not a guarantee she felt the same way. She could love someone else, or worse, he could be the tag along friend.

The agents looked away from the father and daughter and looked at each other. They were connected. As partners their lives were fused by secrets and assignments. With all they had to do in their job, life was chaotic. But, they never knew what the future would hold. Maybe someday, they could be parents. Whether they had children with each other was a different matter. Either way, with the case completed, they knew now that they should probably start asking themselves what more they wanted in their lives. Knowing what the other thought, the agents silently turned back to the proud father holding his baby.

Myka's smile faded a little as she decided to end the moment. Lightly she put her hand on Pete's shoulder.

"Hey, let's go." She told him. Pete took one last look at the parent and child before saying, "Okay."

Silently, the agents walked out of the hospital. Neither spoke of the incident again until hours later.

Pete and Myka walked up the steps to the Bed and Breakfast. As she put the key in the lock, Myka turned to Pete and said, "You'll make a great dad someday."