I reread the first chapter, and felt something needed to be added. So, I came up with this.

Pete woke up to a faint cry coming from another room. Sliding his hand over his face, he tried to wake up a little before leaving his bed. For the last couple months, neither he nor his wife had gotten much sleep. When they found out they were having a child, they were ecstatic and took every precaution to keep the child safe. Now, the parents faced a new dilemma of keeping the child away from artifacts. The child was by no means able to crawl yet, but when anything new was brought around the baby, he tended to take it and play with it. A trait he had definitely inherited from his father.

The warehouse agent softly padded into the room that held his sleeping son. Gently he picked him up and carried him over to the changing table. Once the child was clean, Pete gently rocked him back to sleep. After placing the baby back in his crib, the agent smiled a little as his son's small hand curled around the agent's finger. He knew that raising his son would be a huge challenge, especially with both boys having to play with or touch any artifact that crossed their paths. Looking at his son though, he knew the rewards would be worth everything he was going through.

Turning toward the door, the agent was stopped when he saw his wife's tired eyes resting on him. She smiled at him, her arms crossed in front of her as she leaned against the door frame. Pete smiled back as he walked toward her.

"You really are a great dad, Pete." She stated quietly. The woman always knew he would be, but seeing him with their son made the statement truer than it ever had been.

"And you're a great mom." Pete stated just as quietly. She smirked slightly while turning her head away.

As the two made their way back to their room and crawled back in bed, Pete whispered in her ear, "I couldn't do this without you Mykes."