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Chapter 1

I toppled over several times. I kicked and thrashed to break my captivity. The water taunted my lungs that pleaded for air. The water was quite cold, and it felt like it was squeezing my body. Oh, how I would love to breathe in sweet air. . . Panic rose inside me as I helplessly banged my hand on the window. No! I can't die! Someone help me, please! Can anyone see that I need help?

I tried to bash my elbow through the window. I ignored the pain as I desperately tried to escape. The window didn't even budge. NO! What did I do to deserve this? My heart originally thumped hard in my chest as my fear grew like a wildfire, but now it began to slow down. I could hear my heartbeat grow slower after each thump. That nauseous feeling twisted in my stomach as I horribly accepted the fact that I was going to die.

Why me?

Each heartbeat slowly came after the next. The seconds between each thump increased. I could feel the water filling into my lungs. I weakly pounded my hand on the window, once more. It was my last attempt, and it too, failed. I felt so exhausted. So defeated. So helpless. So light. I felt like I was beginning to fade away. Part of me wanted to give in, and die quickly. Although, the other part of me didn't want to accept the idea of death. Not yet. I'm too young to die. . . Although, isn't everyone? Urgh, I could hardly think straight. I felt so light headed.

The water turned darker, and darker. My eyes began to droop. I fought to stay alive, but I felt like I was beginning to drift into the darkness.

No. Stay alive. . . I tried to tell myself. I faintly heard the window crack, and then shatter. Something touched my arm, and I swore that I could feel the water move from beneath me. I then gave in, and faded into the darkness.

I had never felt so confused in my entire life. I had never felt so exhausted. . . So, out of it. Was this even real? I felt like I could sleep for eternity. My body almost turned completly numb due to the cold water. Although, that feeling came back. . . Something was touching my upper arms. . . Something warm. It gripped both of my arms. My body grew heavy. I could faintly feel myself being pulled away. The water was slowly drifting, moving from me. . . I began to fade away once more.

I felt like the water was rocking me. Just like how the ocean does. I felt myself drifting, and then returning. I would rise, and then fall. Floating, falling. . . Over and over, in the same order.

I suddenly felt pressure being applied to my chest. I would've cried out in shock, but my voice was caught in my throat. I felt a lot more pressure in my lungs. Something blocked the air from entering into my lungs. I had the urge to exhale so air could enter right afterwards, but something was caught in my lungs. I couldn't feel any air in my lungs. No, instead, I felt something swish in my lungs.

More pressure was added to my chest. It was fairly strong. The liquid moved in my lungs. The liquid began to gurgle in my throat, and then ooze from my mouth. The pressure was added once more, and even more liquid seeped out of my mouth.

I cringed as I felt pain in my chest and lungs. A cough escaped from my throat. Another came after the other. I then sat up, and rolled onto my side in utter panic.

I felt the cold ground touching my skin, as I rolled over. I then went into a fit of coughs. A fountain of water fell from my mouth. All the water slowly drained from my lungs as I threw up mouthful's of water. After each cough, I desperately gasped in air. They were shallow breaths, but the air still felt so nice. I continued to cough, until most of the water was out of my lungs.

Someone patted my back, as they helped me loosen the remaining water that lingered in my lungs. The person stopped patting my back as my coughs began to decrease. I cleared my throat a couple of times, and breathed in more air. I took nice, long breaths. I had thought that I would never taste the sweet air, ever again.

A hand began to gently rub my back in a soothing manner. It felt so nice to know I was alive.Although, it was too much for me to take in. Did I almost drown?

I breathed in again, and a sudden pain hit my chest. A cry of pain escaped from my mouth.

"Shh. . ." The voice hushed in a gentle tone. All of this was overwhelming. I almost died.

Every breath I drew in, caused a sharp pain in my chest. Tears sprang to my eyes. I almost died! I thought once more. The sharp pain repeated after each breath.

"Ow!" I managed to get out. I felt the hand instantly recoil from my back. I opened my eyes finding them clouded with tears. I looked down at my hands that held my body up from the ground. My hands were bruised on the sides, and they bled a little where scraps took place. Part of my wrist and arms stung where I found the skin peeled a little, and blood freshly came out. It wasn't very bad, but it burned a little.

I then realized that someone had just saved my life. . . I couldn't have saved myself. I turned to look at the person who saved my life.

The man was crouched next to me, and remained a few feet away to give me space. His blue eyes were full of concern, and astonishment. His skin was very white, but not as white as this ivory mask that hid half of his face. The mask stuck to the left half of his face. . . Well, I guess it would be considered his right side. He had darker hair, and he wore darker clothing. He. . . He looked a lot like Gerard Butler. . . Well, when Gerard was playing the role of the Phantom in the 2004 movie. . . But, it can't be him. I thought. Certainly, it must be someone else, right? Damn, I can't think straight!

The man was breathing hard, as though he just ran a mile. I noticed that half of his body was dripping wet. Did he walk into waste deep water? I sure did look like it. . .

I then looked down at myself, finding myself in a similar state. My entire body was wet. My clothes looked darker in color, and clung to my skin.

I looked back at him. His blue eyes were locked onto my green eyes. I tried to ask what happened, but I couldn't find my voice. The concern in his eyes faded away. His eyes then began to burn into mine.

"What are you doing here?" He asked in a harsher tone. I was a bit taken aback by his tone. What was I doing here? Where am I? I didn't know what to say. I tried to blink away my tears. "I-I. . ." My voice got caught in my throat. My eyes scanned the room as I fathomed where I truly was.

There were many lit candle. . . A lake with a small boat. . . An organ. . . A couple mirrors, and red curtains. . .

Geez, it looked just like the Phantom's lair. Gosh I'm really confused now. . . How did I wined up here? I felt so confused and overwhelmed by everything. Tears silently leaked from my eyes as I helplessly looked back at the man who demanded answers. Answers that I could not explain. I watched as the man's aggravated eyes soften. He looked like he regretted his sudden anger towards me. "Forgive me." He said softly. He closed his eyes and sighed. A sudden chill ran up my spine. I hugged my arms around my body hoping to feel some warmth come from it. I tried my best to stop my chattering teeth, realizing that my attempt of warmth, failed.

The man then stood up. He was quite tall- he towered over me. He held out his gloved hand to me. "Come." He said. I looked at him wary. I studied his eyes to make sure that he wasn't tricking me, and that I could trust him. I looked at his eyes. Then his hand. And back at his lue eyes. He began to look confused. Gosh, I probably look like an idiot. Get a hold of yourself. He just save your life! Take his hand, Clare! Its not like he has the plague! I scolded myself inwardly. I shouldn't be afraid of him. . .

I hesitantly reached out, and accepted his hand. The gloves he wore were black, and made from leather. The material felt cool beneath my hand.

He gently pulled me up. As soon as I stood up, my legs fell from under me. Before I could fall onto the cold ground, the man caught me, and picked me up bridle style. My legs felt so stiff, and he picked me up with such ease. I felt my own eyes grow in utter shock when I felt myself being held in his arms. I fought the stupid blush that tried to crawl to my cheeks. I hope he didn't notice. . . I felt our weight shift as he walked with me in his arms.

We then entered into an amazing bedroom. There was a big ruby red swan bed. It looked really soft. There were other accessories in the room, but the bed really stood out. He sat me down onto the edge of the bed. He then walked to a small dresser and dug through them. After a moment of digging, he pulled out a soft material. His boots thumped gently as he approached me with the material folded in his arms. He handed them to me.

"You shouldn't sleep in those wet clothes." He said in a velvet voice. He suspiciously eyed my drenched clothes. He looked at them as if there was something odd about the clothing I wore- other than the fact that it was wet. I awkwardly accepted the material he handed me.

"You should get rest." He said in a low tone.

I looked at the light colored fabric, wary. I unfolded it, finding that it was a nightgown. Oh, makes sense. After all, I can't sleep in wet clothes. I wanted to thank him, but once I tried to meet his gaze, I realized that I was alone. The air was cold around me, as though he had never been there. That or, I was still cold from the wet clothes.

I carefully stood up, finding my legs horribly stiff. I nearly fell again, but I somehow managed stand. I stiffly walked towards the doorway, from where we had entered. I peeked around the corner, making sure he was out in the main room. I didn't want to change in here, with some guy walking around. I saw his figure walking towards a large organ. The organ was surrounded by many candles. The lit candles casted a shadow behind his retreating figure.

Now that I knew it was safe, I quietly draped a red curtain over the doorway. I quickly stripped off my wet clothes, and slipped on the nightgown. There was something about this clothing. . . It was very different. It was a little complicated to get on. It almost seemed like an old fashioned nightgown. . . Well, at least I had dry clothes. It was very nice of that man to offer something for me to wear.

After I had slipped on the nightgown, I laid my wet clothing on top of the dresser. I gently brushed the curtain to the side as I peeked out once again. The man sat at the organ as he played a melody. It sounded so familiar. . . The melody felt so strong and passionate, and it gave me goosebumps. The melody bounced from the walls, filling the entire room with music. His fingers danced over the keys. I would never be able to play a song like that. It would take years of practice. And even then, I don't think I would become anywhere near as good as this man. He played it with such ease, as though it were only a simple melody.

I originally wanted to thank the man for all that he's done. Although, I didn't want to disturb him from his music. He was amazing at playing the organ, and I didn't want him to stop. I then recognized the song. The Phantom of the Opera.

Gently pulling the curtain back in place, I quietly made my way back to the swan bed. I carefully laid down into the bed. It was incredibly soft- I felt myself nearly sinking into it. I blew out the candles next to me, and the room fell dark.

I don't know who this man is, but he was too nice to save my life, and let me sleep there for the night. Although, I couldn't help but to wonder. . . Who was he? A Phantom wannabe? Where was I? My mind was clouded with questions, and I felt too weary to answer them all.

The melody then faded away, and a new one filled the room. It was more soothing, and it was played by a violin. It made my eyelids droop. It sounded so beautiful, and I found myself nearly falling asleep with a smile tugging at my lips. All of the questions that clouded my mind suddenly grew less important at the moment. I could always ask them in the morning. . .

I then recognized the melody. It was the Music of the Night. The feeling of the waves rocking me back in forth took over, as I began to drift. I drifted with the music drowning in my ears.

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