Okay I'm aware the title is horrible but it was just a play off the fact Eve put a bell on Train! I was trying to read a long story about Train and Eve but I could only find one-shots! I was sooo aggravated! So I decided to make one :) if you hate it, just click out. I don't want your hate mail. This is gonna be my FIRST 3rd person point of view so, people be nice. NOTE: when she was captured AGAIN the things that made her be able to become a weapon, were destroyed/fried and no longer work.

Summary: Train gets injured during a bounty while trying to save Eve. She blames herself for him getting hurt. Sven is on another bounty with Rinslet, and so Eve is alone to attend to an injured and fever stricken Train. (Eve is very OOC, also I shortened the age difference between Train and Eve it is 5 years instead of 10; Train=23 Eve=18)

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/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\This is mainly from Eve's point of View/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

Eve and Train walked down a dark alley way, Train has his Hades drawn and ready to fire. "Train, I have a bad feeling about this "Eve whispered moving closer to Train.

They were on pursuit of a wild drug user that was taking a unique drug that makes you kill, he was known to shot people and when they were down he ripped their throats out. This was their second time after him, the last time they went after him they lost him. Sven and Rinslet went after another lead about a week's drive away for the supplier.

"Its fine Princess, I'm here to protect you" Train said with a smirk, Eve's heart fluttered at his words.

'I wish he wouldn't say things like that! When he does I feel like my heart is gonna beat out of my chest, and he probably wouldn't feel the same anyway 'She thought with a heavy heart.

Train noticed Eve seemed to be a tad sad, he noted to ask her about it later.

Train stopped, when the ally spilt into 2 path ways. He looked over to me and nodded for me to take the path to the right; I nodded and pulled out my double bladed staff. (I thought she needed a weapon, just play along since she can't make her body change into weapons anymore)

_Train's POV_

I watched as Eve walked down the path and out of my sight. I felt a bad feeling wash over me, the same feeling that I had when Saya died. I just started shake my head.

'She can take care of herself 'I repeated in my mind. I walked down the alley looking for our criminal.

"Train!" Eve's voice ripped through the air, there was 2 gun shots. "EVE!" I yelled back as I broke into a run, that feeling in my stomach was getting much worse.

I ran back to where we split up and ran down the path I sent her down. I heard a horrible laugh coming from the end of the path.

I saw Eve's with blonde hair on the ground and a dark figure over her. I took about ten shots, but it only sounded like two. I saw the figure fall, and Eve leap up and she ran behind me.

_Eve's POV_

I was crouched on the ground. I heard Train shot the criminal. I jumped and ran behind Train and retrieved my staff from where it had landed when it got knocked out of my grasp.

Train's eyes were that of the black cat. I backed off; he needed to take this to get his anger out. I inched around Train and behind the older man, who was still on the ground from a shot to the forearm. I was about 4 feet from Train and about 2 feet away from the figure, I was using the fact he was focused on Train to my advantage. The criminal pulled out a gun and pointed at Train, he smirk and prepared to reflect the bullet, but the older man turned the gun to me.

I didn't have time to react. I closed my eyes and waited for the impact.

Gun shots rang through the cold air. I felt my body being pushed and I felt the impact of my head hitting the brick wall behind me, after that I blacked out.

_When she came to (20 Minutes later) _

I looked up from where I was slouched up against the wall; Train was standing over the criminal. He was still alive barely, he was panting in his coma state. My body was freezing from the cold of the season. 'I wonder how long I was out' I thought.

"Train" I said trying to get his attention, he didn't turn around he just stood there. I called his name once again, he still wouldn't answer.

I studied his figure; he was slouching lightly towards the left. My eyes traveled to his left arm it looked limp and as I looked closer I noticed there was a crimson colored liquid dripping from his arm. I saw an exit wound on his back, my eyes widened.

'When did he get SHOT!?' my mind wailed. I sprang up despite my pounding headache. I turned him around, his golden cat like eyes were slowly trying to stay open.

"Train your gonna be okay! Okay?" I said holding back tears, 'He can't die I just figured out I had feelings for him! And now he is gonna go and die!'

He just looked at me with his golden orbs, and gave me a weak smirk. "I'll be fine Princess" He said right before he closed his eyes and fell into a pain induced slumber. I caught him before he fell to the ground, I was just glad, he didn't weight a whole lot. I cradled his head in my lap and pulled out his phone and called Sven.


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