Hear the Bells; Chapter 2

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/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\Eve's POV/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

_At the house_

I had been checking Train's fever all night… He was getting a lot worse…. I don't know how to help him.

I looked over to him, he was shaking and beads of sweat covered his forehead. His perfectly spiked hair was patted down from the heat radiating off his body, his looked terrible. I tried calling a doctor but the woman who answered said that because of the snow storm raging outside no one was permitted to leave, and to make it worse the door to the cabin was covered with snow. The only way for me to get out was to climb out the second story window.

I damped a cloth with cold water and place it on Trains face, wiping away the sweat. I ringed out the cloth and placed it on his shoulder after carefully removing the blood stained bandages. He bullet when right through him, I don't think it hit anything major… but I can't be sure the bleeding as slowed but hasn't stopped as of yet. After re-cleaning his injury I wrapped clean bandages on his arm, when I tightened it Train winced slightly.

I felt a tug on my heart; it hurt me to know he was in pain because of me… If only that man hadn't gotten the better of me!


I walked down the dirty alley path, out of Train's view I felt cold without his warm gaze upon me. I walked down further, until I reached a dead end. I looked for any other way to keep going forward, when I found none and no criminal. I felt my heart clench if the criminal wasn't down this path that means he was where Train was. I started running back to where we split up. My legs were burning and my legs were in pain but I kept running till I didn't recognize anything around me.

"Train! Where are you!?" I tried to yell but my voice came out scratchy and low, it was probably from my run attempt. I looked around, there were rundown apartment buildings, but almost everything was brick, it was like a box of concrete. I felt a chill run up my spine; I slowly turned trying not to make any unnecessary movements. A man was cowering in the corner that my back was faced too, he looked harmless but look I still didn't want to take any chances.

He looked up at me, with estranged eyes. Suddenly he charged me, I held out my staff to counter his attack, but he used a little more force then I accepted. I stumbled back slightly, his hands were wrapped around my staff, and he was trying to push me towards the wall to corner me. I knew he was physically stronger than me, but in his current state I could outwit him easily. He continued to push me towards the wall, he unleashed his full force. I let go of the staff and moved out of the way. He rushed head first into the concrete wall.

He stood with a evil look manifesting in his eyes, he threw the staff into another corner, out of my reach. He pulled out a shiny black revolver. I felt my heart stop as he aimed at me; I did someone I myself didn't expect. I ran towards the gun and kicked the barrel towards the sky. I guessed I had picked it up from Train…

The sounds of the round waved through the air, hopefully Train had heard them; the man grabbed my leg and threw my body against the cold brick wall. For once I was afraid not for my life, but for something else, he slowly stared to lick my neck. I tried to claw at the hand firmly grasping my neck, threatening to crush my windpipes. I felt disgusted with this pitiful creature who claimed to be a man, he was slowly grazing me thighs. I wasn't going to let him touch my body anymore! When he attempted, to kiss me, in one swift motion I threw my in between his legs.

He howled in pain, as he left go of my neck. I was still trapped his body was blocking me from escaping the corner where he decided to imprison me. "Eve!" I heard a voice yell, that voice was soon followed by the sound of a bullet exiting its gun. MY savior had come to rescue me from the horror.

_End of Flashback_

I'm not going to ever tell Train what happened to me, he would only get worried and angry. I felt trains head once again and compared it to mine. His fever had decreased slightly, a soft smile formed on my lips. He won't die, I won't let him.


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