Hear the Bells; Chapter 5

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I woke up in my bed to the sound of Train's bell ringing. I leapt out of bed and ran to Train's room careful not to slip on the floor. I opened the door. Loudly, to find Train's window open and the bell ringing from the breeze that had found its way into his room. I closed the window and looked over to Trains bed to find him gone, I looked around the room. He wasn't upstairs from my understanding; the shower wasn't running the bathroom door was wide open and empty. My room was locked. I glided down the stairs and into the kitchen to find the smell of bacon and eggs hanging in the air. The delicious smell consumed my senses, as the followed it to the kitchen.

I poked my head into the door way. The food that had caught my senses was on a plate in the center of the table, something seemed off about the setup. Pushing those thoughts again, I walked into the room, only to have Train wrap his arms around me and pin me against the wall.

"Tr-rain" I said shacking slightly. His eyes held an emotion I couldn't read. His head dipped down and was teasing the skin of my neck. Biting and licking. He looked into my eyes and leaned his forehead against mine.

"You're too tempting" he breathed, as he once again continued his attack on my neck, and his fangs slowly nipped a sensitive part of my neck, I moan escaped my mouth. I saw Trains lips kick up in a smirk.

His mouth retreated from my neck, as I was about to speak his lips crashed onto mine, a feeling welled in my chest. I gasped from the sudden kiss, which he used to his advantage as he plunged his tongue into my mouth. He explored the unknown cavern. I tried to push him off me slightly, which only made him put his knee between my legs and put one of his hands against the back of my head locking it in place.

I gave up and kissed him back, our tongues wrestled for dominance which he won. He slowly guided me to the couch. His hand glided up my shirt, his touch fluttered against my skin, I tried not to giggle.

He broke our kiss, and ran his hands over the sides of my stomach which made me laugh he continued till I couldn't breath.

"St -hah-op!" I breathed, he smiled, the light from the window was shining of his eyes, and I grabbed his head, and brought it back to mine. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance which I gladly permitted. He slowly took of my shirt, me doing the same to him. I looked at his chest; he had a skinny but muscular figure. Abs rock hard and broad shoulders. I noticed scars around his torso and the wound still on his shoulder. He leaned his head into my chest as he licked and nipped my skin, cupping my breasts. I moaned, when I did that he gave me a peck on the lips and got off me.

"Huh?!" I said looking up at him walking into the kitchen, had I done something wrong?

He flashed me a wicked smile and I knew.



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