Chapter 2: On My Own

Ezzy faced with many decisions, and a past that haunted her, decided to continue into the deepest part of the forest, to truly see which creatures were there. Being only a Farmie, she had very little money, her clothing was dirty (hand me downs most likely), tattered and her face was even worn.

The many years spent in the guild did not do much to help prepare her for what she would encounter next, but she vowed to take the risk. Deciding she wanted to fight the toughest creatures around, and encounter the most powerful magic, she went deeper even in the forest, until the only light was from a small lantern she carried. A sound off in the distance put her on full alert as she peered trying to see what was in front of or behind her. All sense of direction had been lost. She wandered around the forest for many months, eating various berries she could find, and scrounging for water sources.

Suddenly she encountered a very decayed skeleton which tried attacking her with it's rotten fists, or what was left of them. She realized how weak she truly was when she was being beaten senseless. Finally she beat the skeleton, taking the bones and lighting them on fire, so they could not come back and haunt anyone again...or so she thought.

After the fire had burned, Ezzy set out to find her way out of the forest. She needed training, better weapons, and a home. Finally finding her way out of the forest, she found herself once again standing in the midst of Radiam. Brought back to her childhood, she took a moment by the large Lake which was on the outskirts of town.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, she began asking around for places to work. At first, everyone treated her as an outsider, until a local boy pointed out she had the mark of a guild faded, but still there on her arm. Villagers began pouring out, treating her like a soldier lost in battle.

Casper, hearing news that his sister had returned to Radiam was overjoyed. He was excited to see how his sister had or had not changed, and he knew she would be amazed at how he had grown. Sending out for his sister, he arranged a meeting at the Tavern and a place for her to stay for a few nights.

Ezzy met her brother at the Tavern, and just as he had predicted he was amazed at how much he had grown. He was no longer a Farmie, or even a Peasant. Nay, he had progressed to the beginning reaches of a Soldier for the Radiam Army. Having a new guild he pointed out a lot of things had changed in the village.

Looking around Ezzy noticed a sign for a Bar Maid, most likely to help the pickle wench, turned bar maid, Violet. Noticing that the Barkeep and owner of the Tavern, Fox was in Ezzy inquired and applied for the position. Feeling sorry for Ezzy, Fox allowed her to begin right away and to stay in the nearby inn, free of charge.

Ezzy worked long nights, sleeping during the day. Violet and Ezzy would gossip about village happenings, the warriors of the realm, and how one day Ezzy would be a mighty warrior as her father was. Now to Violet, these seemed far fetched dreams, but she knew Ezzy for 3 years now, and knew nothing was impossible.

One day while Ezzy was off, browsing the wares of the infamous MightyE, she heard beautiful singing coming from down the road, near the lake. Near her secret spot on the lake. Curious, she went investigating.