Follow up story for How it Happened. I hope ya'll like it. :D Not sure how many chapters its gonna be yet, because I'm still writing it.

Yeah, he had sex, and not with just anybody, but with someone he loved – and shit, did he love the way that felt. For the first time, he had connected to the body that was grinding against him, but not just on a physical level. He also connected on an emotional level. For once, it was something more.

That morning when he woke up and Dick was laying beside him gave him one of the greatest feelings he ever experienced. He did not wake up alone, and maybe he'd never wake up alone, but then again he was still unsure about his relationship with Dick.

He was fearful that one day, Dick might leave him.

"I think there's a few more boxes left." Jason set down a two boxes he had stacked on one another on the floor. Sweat rolled down his skin and stained his shirt. The temperature outside was hell.

"You look tired, you sure you don't want me to get the last few?" Dick suggested, with a shrug.

"No," Jason denied, "You stay here and continue sorting out some of the stuff. It's too hot outside, I don't want you to exhaust yourself."

Before Dick could protest, Jason sped off. He thought it was sweet how Jason was being so nice to him. However, there was a part of Dick that was a little fearful of the other man. He knew how explosive he could be. He was not afraid for his life, he knew Jason would never hurt him unless for whatever reason, he needed too. Dick was more afraid that Jason would do something completely wrong, and he'd have to hurt him.

Dick opened up one of the boxes, and found that there was clothes in it. He then moved to the next one and opened it as well to find more clothes. On his knees he began to dig through the different shirts and pants trying to separate his and Jason's.

He found one of Jason's shirts. Dick put the fabric to his nose with a smile, it smelled like Jason. Dick loved him, and he was afraid of that.

There was one box left, and eager to finish Jason grabbed it and dashed up the stairs and into the apartment. The box was small, and not as heavy as some of the others. It was marked 'Master Bathroom'. Jason set it down on the counter, because they had yet to set up their table. He reached into their fridge and pulled out a cold water bottle, because it was hot as hell outside and he had been moving back and forth from outside where the moving truck was to inside.

He wiped the sweat off his face with the sleeve of his shirt before finishing up the water from the bottle. Dick's voice carried from the other room, he was singing to himself. An act that Jason had often caught the other man doing. He thought it was kind of a cute habit of his, it because it was not annoying.

Jason loved the sound of Dick's voice, it was beginning to have a calming effect on him. Before they had established their relationship, hearing Dick's voice meant he was in trouble and that Batman was after him. Now it meant something more to him.

Despite growing so close to Dick during the last few weeks, Jason could not help but feel a little cautious. Relationships never last, and one as volcanic as theirs was dangerous.

Jason tossed the empty water bottle into their recycling bin and lifted the box.

"And in case you are wondering, you are like a hurricane to me..." Dick sang to himself as he opened one of the countless cardboard boxes in what would be the master bedroom. He did not know that Jason was standing at the doorway, a soft expression was drawn on his face as he listened to Dick's sweet voice. In his hands he held the final box from the truck. "Your violence is beautiful, and you're center sweet -"

"You've sang that song before." Jason interrupted, as he set the box down a few inches away from Dick. "I think I heard you sing it in the shower like a week ago."

"It's a sweet song," Dick lifted a t- shirt out of the box.

"Anyway, that's the last box." he nudged it with his boot. "So, you haven't told me, how did you convince Bruce that it would be okay for us to share an apartment?"

"I don't need his permission, Jay." Dick balled the shirt, and tossed it at Jason. "I'm adult."

Jason caught the ball of fabric, which he quickly twisted into a whip and snapped it on Dick's thigh. "Just saying, I thought you good children always wanted approval."

"Ow." Dick's put his hands on his reddening skin. "Okay, he thinks I'm at Bludhaven."

Jason smiled playfully, "He thinks your – no fucking way!" he tossed the shirt aside, and knelt down by Dick, "You lied?"

Dick shifted his shoulders, uncomfortable at the thought of lying to Bruce, "Yeah, if I told him that we were going to move in together then... I'm don't want to cause any drama."

"I believe I've corrupted you." there was a hint of pride in Jason's voice as he tackled Dick into the fresh carpet.

Dick smiled, "Yeah right."

"Shut up." Jason playfully pawed at Dick's cheek, turning his face to the side to kiss him.

Dick wrapped his arms around Jason's neck and pulled him down for a heavy kiss on the lips. Dick sighed and smiled, "We can have some fun once we find where our bed sheets and lube are."

"I'm on it." and with that Jason hopped off Dick and began frantically searching the boxes.

While Jason was off digging into the boxes, Dick found the one that contained the phone book. He sat down on the carpet with it, and began to search through the it to find the number of a nice place to order food since neither of them felt like cooking.

"Hey, since you're not supposed to be here does that mean you're gonna skip out on patrolling or your just gonna drive all the way to Bludhaven every night?" Jason asked, closing up a box that did not have what he was looking for inside it and tossing it to the ground.

"Um, no." Dick looked up from the phone book. "I'll just stay on the side of the city Bruce isn't patrolling in."

Patrol was a topic they did not like to talk about very often. This was because Jason still did things his way, as in being morbidly violent and killing others was not a problem for him. Dick knew he should not be so romantically involved with someone as ruthless as Jason, but he could not see it. Sometimes he felt like he was the only one that really understood Jason, and he understood why did things the way he did. However, he had no idea how long he would be able to stay involved with someone he was supposed to throw in prison.

"If you think you wont get caught I wont stop you." Jason tossed another box to the ground. "Just stay away from my territory for the night because I know of a few guys that want to put an end to your pretty ass and I don't want to deal with that right now."

It was cute to see Jason be so protective, and it was nice knowing what areas to stay away from. However, it did not always work. Every so often something would go wrong and Nightwing would get orders from Batman that Red Hood was doing something stupid and he had no choice but to go over there and see what was going on.

"Found it!" Jason reached into one of the boxes and pulled out one of their bottles of lube, they had more but this was just the first one that he was able to get his hands on. "Hey, maybe we shouldn't go out on patrol tonight." he suggested.

"What do you mean?" Dick was beginning to type in the phone number to a pizza delivery shop.

"This will be our first night together in a place that we live in together – don't tell me you'd rather spend the entire night patrolling." still holding the bottle in his hands, he walked over to where Dick was.

"Let's go on a date!" Dick decided.

"A date?" Jason repeated, dropping the lube. "Um..."

"Yeah!" Dick stood up and wrapped his arms around Jason's waist, he looked up at him with those beautiful blue eyes that were impossible to say no to. "We can go out for dinner or something."

"Um, I've never...done that." Jason admitted, putting the palms of his hands on Dick's shoulders.

"Never done that?"

"Been on a date." he whispered.

That answer made Dick light up, he smiled, rubbing his cheek into Jason's chest, "Well then, we are going to have to do that. I am going to take you on a date!" he declared.

"Fine." Jason sighed.

Dick knew that the sun would be setting soon, and he knew this lovely spot where they could eat dinner and watch the sunset. "I know where we can go," he grabbed Jason by the hand and pulled him to their front door where they kept their motorcycle gear. "We ride on my bike."

"You are too...sometimes I..." Jason cupped his hands around Dick's lower back and pulled him in closer. "Sometimes I think you are way to good for me." he admitted, placing his forehead on Dick's shoulder with a defeated breath.

"No, don't say that." Dick admonished, "If you weren't perfect fore me, then I wouldn't be here right now."

It was that awkward time of the night where most people are unsure if to say either its really late or really early. Jason had his back against a brick wall from the restaurant they were just in, where they had watched the sunset. After their dinner, Dick took Jason up to the rooftop where they simply cuddled and talked. Jason had wrapped his arms around Dick who was sitting on his lap.

Jason picked his head up off Dick's shoulders and stared at him. Still with his arms wrapped around Dick, he lifted him up until their faces were even and he gave him a kiss. He just felt so good whenever he was with Dick.

"You two look like you're having fun." Red Robin hopped down into the alley, three feet from the couple. "Aren't you supposed to be in Bludhaven, Dick?"

Jason lowered Dick down, who was staring at Tim so intensely. It was obvious that he was thinking about what to say. He knew to be careful when speaking to Tim about situations like this one, "Don't tell Bruce." he begged.

"Tell him...?"

"We moved in together." Jason announced, giving Dick a kiss on the forehead. He then turned his gaze to Red Robin, "If you tell Bruce, I'll castrate you."

Tim smiled, for whatever reason he was in a good mood, "Don't worry, you can trust me." he guaranteed. "Anyway, I've got to go." he launched his line back to the top of the building he was just on, and continued on his way.

"Looks like someone fucked before his patrol." Jason noticed.

Dick laughed, and turned around in Jason's arms to look him in the eyes, "Now its our turn."

It was a miracle that they did not end up scoring in the hallway of their apartment building. Jason shoved Dick against the wall of their foyer, he pounded a hard kiss into the acrobat's face. Dick moaned into the other man's mouth. Jason pushed himself into Dick, feeling their cocks grind together through their pants.

Forget it, forget the sheets or the lube or anything. Forget the bed, who needs a bed to fuck? Jason and Dick sure don't.

Their apartment was soon filled with the heat of heavy breaths and loud sighs and moans.