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February / 12th / 2010

{Rosa's POV}

This was it. The big day. The day that will change my life... Completely.

I stood in front of my shop looking at the crowd cheering. It made me feel special. Behind me was the red bow that I would be cutting in moments.

Time was going fast even If Grace's and Dominic's speeches felt long and drawn out. Or it just felt like that because of the tension and how inpatient I was at that moment.

I almost felt like grabbing the huge scissors out of Dominic's hands and start acting all dramatic. But nooo... I'm just gonna stand and chill next to him while he gives out his stupid speech.

But I'm not one to criticize. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here. I knew he put his all into preparing this project. I give him credit for that. I had put a heap of respect for him.

He's actually a really nice guy once you get to know him. During the past week he updated me on what's happening or what's been finished. And then we'd end up having a casual chat.

My train of thought was interrupted though when I saw the sun glaring off the scissors that were moving to my direction.

"So without further ado, I'll give Rosa the honour of cutting the ribbon." Dominic said.

As I nicely took the scissors from him screams and whistles came from all directions. I blushed. I never had so much attention in my life.

"Well... These are pretty big." I said remarking the scissors and getting laughs from people, "I think I'm too excited to make a speech ' (or I was too lazy to think up anything) 'but, I'm gonna be cheesy and say. I really couldn't be doing this without the massive help from these two 'utterly' amazing people. 'Nuf' said now I'm opening up!" I announced.

I then got laughs and cheers coming from the crowed. It was deafening... But... I could get used to this, I thought smirking.

Knowing the crowd wasn't going to die down any time soon I turned around facing the Big Gold Scissors towards the Big Red Ribbon. And posed in front of photographers.

Then it all came quick. I cut the Big Red Ribbon and turned it into Two Biggish Red Ribbons.

I then calmed down and looked towards the doorway in calming shock. This is the start of the highest step into my life. I gave a small smile at that. Was I ready?

My confusion faded shed I felt a strong warm hand on my left shoulder. I sort of winced at a minor pain coming from the area, due to past... Accidents...

I then acknowledged him with a happy nod and turned to the crowed.

"Aveira is now open guys!" I announced before opening the double doors to see Dominic's masterpiece.

Because the shop was only new there was limited choice. But it came out really nicely. The floors were polished black tiles, walls were polished white large tiles, and ceiling was adorned with glistening tear lights. Modern and simple, yet amazing!

But I still have huge development ideas for the future. Oh Dominic just you wait and see what I can do. But the shops popularity has to peak first.

I heard Dominic's footsteps walk towards me. He stopped beside me admiring his handiwork.

"Thank-you" I thanked quietly to him for the billionth time in one week.

"Stop." he said getting my attention.

He his eyes locked on to mine, studying. I felt myself do the same thing. "Rosa. None of this would've been done without someone like you. I'm not light and willing when it comes to choosing managers. You have impeccable skills in this job and I know you can pull this off. But don't get a big head from my compliments" he then smirked.

"I can think high of myself as much as I want to. If you try and stop me I'll get Renee onto you."

He then struggled to think of something else to say "Well... I can fire you."

"Oh..." I then said in defeat.

I'm not gambling my job. He gave out a small laugh and placed his hand under my chin. Oh god I could feel my cheeks starting to burn again!

"Chin up. You're on show now." he said more happily than an order.

"Fun, fun!" I sarcastically agreed.

"I'm going to have to go now. I'll see how you guys are going later, ok?" he said smirking at the word guys.

That made me think. "What do you mean guys?"

He looked over my shoulder before leaving the back-way. I turned around to see who it was... And my heart sorta sank.

"Yay!Your first boutique. Wow!..Big crowd. Wait, where's Dominic going?!" exclaimed Renee.

This... Was going to be a long next couple of years...



"Make way! Make way my darls!" announced a deep French voice, "this boutique needs Rococo!"

That was... Unexpected and unnecessary since there were hardly any customers around. Not that the shop was unpopular. Quite the opposite really. But it was getting nearer to closing time.

Renee then squeezed my arm and whispered "Oh. My. God! That's Rococo!"

"Yeah!... Who?" the small woman looked like someone who tries too hard... Well that's my opinion.

"my gosh cherie! You don't know who I am?! I'm la great Rococo! The greatest fashionista ever lived! Your inspiration! Your life!"

"That's... Nice..Great to meet you. I'm Rosa, Aveira's manager" I greeted.

"Yes, yes. I know who you are. I see the fire of a successful woman in your eyes! They burn wanting to unleash your inner fashionista! And you were on the news headlines. But that'll be all. I just wanted to see you in person. Bye, bye cherie!" she said.

Whenever Rococo started a new sentence she would do some weird pose. I actually found it weird.


"Hey Renee I think we should close the store..." I said slowly in confusion.

Later on when I started packing my things into my handbag all I could think about was Rococo. I swear she hypnotized me because I hadn't said a word after telling Renee to close the shop.

Everything I did after then was done slowly. The only emotion hanging in my body was confusion. Who does Rococo think she is?

Then the back door opened revealing Dominic. But I didn't even give him a second thought. I was wound up in my brain.

I knew he was giving me a look of confusion while he walked towards me.

"Is... Everything okay?" he slowly asked.

"Yeah..." I answered unmoving.

But that was sort of untrue because I didn't know what just went on.

He must have had a sudden idea in his head because what he said next snapped me out of my trance.

"Rosa. You're fired."

"Wha-?" I yelled looking at him in sadness and fury.

What the hell? Surely I did things right! But then I noticed the smirk on his face which told me he was joking.

In anger I went back to putting stuff in my bag ignoring him.

"Hey sorry... You just weren't yourself then..." he apologized lifting his hand behind his head.

"It's fine. I guess I just had a big day..." I started.

"No, you met Rococo." he stated.

"How do you know?!" I asked surprised.

He gave a small chuckle "When Grace and I met her we had the same expression. I'm used to her now though. But I still don't know how everyone likes her..."

"No kidding." I said zipping my bag.

"So anyway, how was today?" he asked.

"Excellent! I didn't expect so many customers. Today I think I served around three hundred people. According to Renee."

"Better than what most of my managers do then..." he said.

We both then started out of the shop just talking.

"By the way, how many shops or businesses do you own?" I asked in curiosity.

He obviously had a fair bit because it took him a while trying to figure out his answer.

"Over twenty? I don't really remember. My business has just grown so much..."

"So you like working then?"

"Sometimes. It just keeps me going. Godfrey says I should slow down before I do something wrong and collapse."

"Then I'm with Godfrey on that one."

He then stopped to look at me. "Hmm?"

"I mean yes work is good. But..." How do I explain without sort of insulting him?

"I'm so successful and rich at a young age, that I should take a break?" he said lifting an eyebrow.

I looked down and nodded. I didn't know if my thoughts insulted him or what. But I didn't want to see his expression.

But he put a hand on my shoulder making me look up in surprise. "I wish it were that easy..." he said in a low sort of sad voice.

"Did I offend?" I asked trying to understand.

"No. Not at 're just worried. It's nice..." that made me blush again.

"Well... Work hard. But don't go full on please. I don't want anything to happen to you..." I then looked at him and saw something in his eyes that I couldn't comprehend.

It had been a while until we both at the same time looked away.

"I better get going. I'm sure you want to go home and rest for another big day." he finally said breaking the silence.

"Yeah. It was sorta tiring. I'm sure you want to rest too." I sighed

"I'll see you soon then... Take care." he said before walking away.

I stood there on the sidewalk watching as he walked away.

Dominic. What have you done to me?..