This question brought a blush to the adult's face. Surely, he didn't want that...right? That's not what he meant. Was it? At this point, he didn't really care. The flushed face before him was just so sexy. So needy.

"Okay," he sighed. "I...I can make you feel good. But there's another way to make you feel good, and it feels even better than what you just did to me. Do you want to try that?" The little red face nodded. Antonio picked up the child and held him against his hip, and used the other to grab his phone. They went into the bedroom. He was set onto the bed.

"Roma, do you mind, well...getting undressed? Is that okay?" Without as much as a response, he instantly began to fumble with the bow on the apron, then the buttons. "And leave the socks on, if you want." He left them on without questioning, either. This was probably to make things feel better. Though, he wasn't sure why his socks would make him feel good.

"Can I record you?" is how Antonio decided to break the silence.

Again, Lovino wasn't sure why, but he didn't question it. "Fine! See if I care." He didn't want to admit that he was terribly camera shy. When that little flashing red light met his gaze, he held his legs in front of his chest, and instantly grabbed for the blanket in a poor attempt to hide himself.

"Hey, I can't make you feel good if you keep hiding," the Spaniard chuckled. Hesitantly, he took the blanket off. "Spread your legs, please." The boy did as he was told, and awkwardly moved his kneehigh-clad legs apart. His plump thighs were masked by the legs in front of them. "Lay down." Again, he did as expected. Oh god. If he wasn't being as careful as he was, he could have cum just by looking at the boy and his rather erotic features. His slightly messy hair from sleeping earlier, his red face, his smooth legs...even his pert, pink little nipples. Lest not forget his round, soft ass. All of it. Glorious.

"Here I go..." Antonio bent down on his knees in front of the child and rested on his elbows, before giving one gentle lick to the small flushed member before him. He could practically feel Lovino shudder as he moaned out his caretaker's name. Another lick was made. And another.

"S-Spagna, that feels so weird!" he wiggled his hips a bit uncomfortably, but it looked more like an invite than anything else. The more the skilled tongue licked, the more Lovino squirmed and flinched and moaned. A few more licks, and he pulled away. The child's expression alone practically demanded that he continue. But he didn't.

"Oh, this is gonna sound so weird, but...would you be okay with me...uh, putting stuff in your butt?" Now it was time for the boy to tilt his head in confusion. He saw Spain put his own fingers there in the picture...but why? Sure, it felt good when Romano did it to himself...but what else was there to put in your butt in the first place? Wouldn't putting in anything more than fingers hurt?

"Are you gonna put your fingers in my butt? Will I feel good again?" Lovino questioned, making sure to look everywhere but the camera.

Antonio nodded. "I'll use my fingers, yes, but then I'll...I'll put in my...w-well, you know." He awkwardly motioned to his lap. The lap with the budding erection. The Italian gasped dramatically?

"Y-you're gonna put your penis in? But...won't it be too big?"

"I'm gonna use the fingers so I can..." he paused to think of an explanation. "So I can make your butt big enough for me to put 'it' in. Okay?" Again with the nodding. And with the hiding. The older of the two sighed, and put the camera down on the night stand, positioning it so it was still filming the scene. "Hey...there's no need to be so shy. It's me, remember?" Lovino peered out from under the blanket, and finally came out, and spread his legs again.

"M-make it quick," he muttered shyly, eyeing the camera yet again. He stared into it for a few moments with his lust-ridden gaze before going back to looking at his 'boss', who was slicking his fingers with the lubricant from earlier. Once he was done, he looked back to his henchman, but not long before asking that he spread his legs a bit more.

"H-here I go," he muttered, before slowly drawing in his index finger. The boy winced out loud. Was it too much, is what he asked aloud.

"No, k-keep going! I'm okay!" He continued, and every time he thrust that finger of his, the boy cried out. Once he noticed the consequences of finding distaste in such a thing, he resorted to swearing under his breath. No matter what, he didn't want it to stop, for some reason. It was addictive. He continued this until he felt the finger repetitively stroke against a certain area.

"Oh, fuck! Spagna...r-right there... please! Oh, please!" His legs shook with each thrust after that, and his cries turned to moans. Soon after that, he came, the only sign prior being the stiffening of his body, and the arching of his back. The sticky fluid went all over his stomach.

"Are you still gonna put your penis in?"

Antonio nodded, but sat on the edge of the bed, reached into the drawer, and pulled out a condom. He doused that in lube as well, then repositioned himself and gently placed his hands on the boy's heavenly hips. He could feel some slighly hipbone, but the rest was rather smooth. In one swift movement, he laid on his own back, practically forcing the younger one on top of him.

"You can ride me to make it easier on yourself...oh, right, riding is when you get on your knees on top of me and go up and down by yourself to make it feel good!" As if on cue, Romano kneeled on his knees, on top of the Spaniard. "You can put it in when you're ready." Lovino waited a few painstakingly long moments, before finally lowering his lips onto the erect member under him. He let out a small cry, and rose up again.

"I-I can't do it.." A few tears fell from his olive eyes. He cried for a few seconds, which made Antonio feel guilty, until he tried sliding back onto it. Slowly, the head penetrated his hole. He winced and wiggled his hips in an attempt to get used to the odd sensation. Within a matter of minutes, he gained a bit of speed. His flushed cock twitched with every hit to his prostate, until it was all he could focus on hitting. He began grinding against the other just to hit it more.

Saliva fell from his mouth, and he shut his eyes and continued to grind, until he could feel that sensation from earlier in his abdomen. Oh, fuck, just a little more...

And with no announcement, he came, expelling the thick, clear fluid on his boss's stomach. The tightness his partner was feeling from the experience nearly put him off edge. The Italian carefully lifted himself off.

"I'm going to use your thighs to cum...okay?" Without necessarily waiting for a response, Antonio impatiently sat up, and held Lovino's legs together with his hands, and thrusted as fast as he could, getting loud. He was thrusting so hard into them that the bed frame began rapping against the wall. And with a last few final thrusts, he came, onto the other's stomach as well. He panted, and pulled back.

Oh, and the camera... he got it from the night stand, and held it, using it to examine their stomachs first, then his henchman. Everything about his body was glorious. He wanted to film it forever. But when Lovino began to hide again, he knew he couldn't.

"Hey, did it feel? Did you like it?" He smirked, knowing what the answer would be.

He hid even more in place of an answer, but it was obvious regardless. "Sh-shut up and get your stupid cum off me." They then left off to the bathroom to do just that.