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"For awhile I thought I would never love or hate anyone, but I have come to realize I have loved and hated the same person."
- Source Unknown

**Flashback** (refer to Act 1 Chapter 11) - Emily POV

My head throbbed, my eyes felt heavy and I could barely hear the voice next to me. "It's just…I don't think I love Will…and…I think I'm developing feelings for someone else" It was JJ.

'Wait, she doesn't want to be with Will? She likes someone else?' My mind thought hard, 'Who could it be? It didn't seem like she had met anyone new, there hasn't been any signs of someone in her life', I thought quickly, my mind crossing off instances and signs of anyone new in her life that I may have or haven't noticed.

"Well, does he feel the same way?" Garcia asked. I felt my heart pound in my ears as I anxiously listened in on their conversation; their voices became clearer as my body came out of rest.

There was a long silence.

I wasn't sure I wanted to know anymore. I remembered exactly what happened. I had pushed JJ out of the way of a swinging bat…a sharp pain… and then darkness.

I wake up and the last thing I want to hear about is JJ's romantic endeavors. My head really started to stir and I felt the room spin even though my eyes were closed.

I decided this moment of silence would be the best time to indicate my wakefulness. I attempted to open my eyes and exaggerated a groan from my lips as the light blinded me.

"Ugh, how long have I been here?" my question was genuine, the faster I could get out of here, the faster I could back to my safe house. JJ was the one to answer my question "You came out of surgery last night…the nurse came in to wake you up throughout the night" I paused and thought about how I had been woken up on numerous occasions, I thought I had dreamt it.

Giving up on trying to open my eyes, I brought my hand up to pinch the bridge of my nose. The voice of the doctor cleared my thoughts "Ah, I see she's woken up on her own, you might be feeling a little nauseous as the anesthetic clears out" 'Great' I thought sarcastically.

"Can you tell me your name?" 'Seriously?' I mentally rolled my eyes and replied "Emily Prentiss."


"Emily Prentiss…Supervisory Special Agent Emily Prentiss, such as nice ring to it don't you agree" It was Halina, her sarcastic tone hinted that she was speaking rhetorically to one of her hired men, who half-heartedly chuckled in reply.

I ever so carefully shuffled my body, bound in a chair, my neck cramped from being hunched over, my hands bound behind my back. "Eeemmilly"" Halina sang mockingly.

Suddenly my head snapped to the right as I felt a sting spread across my face. "I know you are awake I can hear you thinking", she leaned over me and clutched my jaw forcing me to look at her. "You can't fool me,…not a-n-y-m-o-r-e'", I glared back at her, she didn't falter in turn.

As I starred back at her I analyzed her features, she looked the same as she did years ago, except now drawn across her cheek a horrible scar. "do you have ANY idea what your government did to me? What YOU put me through" her voice raised as she became angrier. Her eyes teared in the corners, 'I betrayed her, I did, but what can you expect when you are the bad guy', I kept silent, keeping my mask on, strong, prideful and sturdy. 'You were doing your job, for the safety of your country, for the safety of the innocent'

"Well you know what, I'm going to show you just how fair and just your country is, you are going to know EXACTLY how your government truly behaves" she released her grip on me and kicked the chair I was in back, it faltered and I braced my head forward as I slammed into the ground behind me. A towel was pulled across my face and I felt my hair and clothes drench as water poured across the surface of it.

My mind quickly wanted to panic, I didn't expect this but I tried to keep calm. My breath was already running short and when I thought I was going to feel my lungs explode the clothe was ripped away. I gasped for breath, coughing as I choked from inhaling air in too quickly. Again I tried to focus on my special training, my mind wanted to rationalize the situation, but my body could only feel the fear as the towel was brought across my face again. I braced myself knowing this was only the beginning on what would be a long and painful torture.

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