Sorry everyone, I know I kind of disappeared for awhile. I kind of felt a little overwhelmed with work and school, then I kind of lost momentum when I saw that Paget wasn't coming back :( but I have been mulling around and reading some other great fics that have been coming around. And I still keep getting followers and ppl pm-ing me and reviewing, so thank you everyone, I still know it is worth seeing this story through, this one is a bit short, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless.


My eyes struggled open, trying to find my bearing, my senses not quite orientating. And for a moment I wasn't sure if they were even open, it was so dark, my eyes taking time to focus in the dim moonlight.

The space behind my eyes started to throb, as the cold ground beneath me chilled the front half of my body. Slowly the memory of Emily pushing me off the end platform of the train came flooding back in, and my concern for the brunette, made me want to hastily lift myself up off the dirty ground.

My reflexes alerted me that my body must have been in some sort of post-traumatic shock because I couldn't quite feel 'anything'. Attempting to calm my nerves I recognized and focused on my right hand that was laying just a few inches from my face. I concentrated on wiggled my fingers, and surely as I had anticipated a sore raw feeling flooded throughout the rest of my body from landing on the rough terrain.

I anxiously took my time to half roll on my side, involuntarily whimpering and gasping as shocks of pain made their way through my muscles and joints. Slowly bringing my knees up under myself to push up into a sitting position, I took my time to check myself over.

Feeling a slightly wet liquid on my head and noting some deep gashes on my knees and forearms, I considered myself lucky to have only come out with a few deep cuts and bruises. I crawled up to a tree for support as I stood, reconfirming that I had not broken anything. My body felt extremely heavy and as much as I wanted to take a moment to just sit, my thoughts returned to Emily's whereabouts.

Heading towards my left, I limped up the slight slope to the railroad tracks, making note of the eerie silence. I looked both ways down the tracks triangulating my bearing. I shuffled in the direction in which I assumed was 'forward', and started to wonder and hope if Emily was able to escape, however my mind was already calculating the impossibility of the fact.

I scanned the surrounding ditch as my mind played out the scenarios. ONE, Emily would have probably found me by the time I had come around, OR if not one of our captors would have. TWO the one thing Emily would do to guarantee that I wouldn't be recaptured, is she would STAY with them.

I noticed the "strong protector" persona she would take on, on more than one occasion in past cases. For example the case Cyrus, making sure to take the heat when she was under cover with Reid. The way she would always lead protectively in front of me when we were on raids. The way she would argue her way out of hospitals after being bludgeoned, or almost killed in car crashes. She always held herself tall and strong, to the detriment of her own well-being. For a split second I allowed myself to smile thinking highly of her, but it was short lived as my mind started to panic about her safety and whereabouts.

My thoughts started to wander on horrible images of what could be happening to her, but I tried my best to push them back… for now. After walking a couple dozen feet I optimistically called out for her anyway, in a hushed voice, as if there were some monster in the dark that would get the both of us. "Emily…? Emily?...?" a frown fell across my face. After calling her name a few more times, I realized I was actually all alone.

I stood there for a moment, struggling with my thoughts, from worrying about the brunette, to being confused about her actions, about pushing me off the train, about kissing me… I brought one of my hands up to my lips and traced over the dried and chapped skin. My thoughts snap-shotted through happy memories with her, then involuntarily wandered to the realization that I really wished she was here with me now, that I felt safe with her.

Looking around in the dark, a sense of terror came over me, I was completely lost, the feeling juxtaposed against my last memories of Emily. A breeze squalled by and I instinctively crossed my arms over my chest and rubbed my shoulders as the cold winds encircled me, I began to feel extremely vulnerable, staring at the railroad tracks, I could not help but feel a bit helpless, not knowing how far I would have to travel before reaching civilization.

But suddenly, as my eyes scanned further ahead, I swore I saw a faint glow. Bracing myself I blinked away the pain in my body, pushed any overbearing thoughts in my psyche to the back of my mind, and with a new wave of energy, I made my way towards what would hopefully take me 'home'.