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It took Fuma(rella) to figure out what had happened. He'd seen(along with all the others in the room) the big doors open and a figure be pushed out. Then the person, Prince KAMUI, disappeared. One second he was there, next SHOOP, and he was gone. All the girls gasped and started applauding under the belief it was a magic trick. When the prince did not reappear, they eventually lost interest and went back to what they were doing (most just figured he'd make a big entrance later.)

The only reason Fuma was bothered, was his plan wasn't going right. He was supposed to be here. 'What the shanoopypop? Where'd the snot go? This party is for him and he has the gall to run? Before i get a good look at him? Oooh, where'd he go.?.' His eyes started scanning the room for possible exits. Finishing the floor and walls, Fuma looked to the ceiling. His eyes were caught by a strangely colored panel, right above where the prince had stood.

Fuma frowned. 'What if it's NOT a panel, but a hole? But how would he get up there? Wires, by my guess. No one could jump such a height. Well i could but no one else unless... they weren't normal.' The frown deepen.

Seishirou had a theory on the prince's disappearance, so he gave his full attention to his summoner. 'They make such funny expressions.' The boy seemed to be forging an idea, so Seishirou interrupted him to nip it in the bud.

"Cashew? Comic? How are you so hopeless? It was KAMUI. Bit more than slightly dense, hmm?" This pulled Fuma from his thoughts. The boy glared.

In his false girl's voice, he squeaked, "Ugh, you poo-turd! You made me loose my train of thought. Oh yeah! You must know. Seishirou, i command you to tell me if that panel is real." He pointed to the panel in question.

'Hmm' thought the demon. 'Not quite as dense as i thought.' "Why, no. Now that you mention it it is a bit weird to have fake ceilings isn't it?" His speech was so drenched in sarcasm that it was a drawl. "But in what way does that pertain to you? Being so high up, it is surely out of you reach. What are you to do.?"

The boy contemplated this, then nodded to himself. "Not i. YOU are going to cause a distraction and i will manage somehow. I'm Not giving up yet." 'And won't until this is my home.'

A grin threatened to destroy the demon's poker face. "A distraction, you say? Can i do anything? Anything at all?"

Fuma nodded. "Anything besides reveal my identity. The bigger the better. So on my signal, cause chaos." After this, being done thinking, Fuma decided to again dedicate himself to eating everything on the table.

Ten minutes later, Fuma caught Seishirou's eye and gave him the middle finger. For some unthinkable reason (but correctly) this was assumed as the signal. Without further ado, the demon crawled under the buffet table. Fuma was confused but mossied on over to the place the prince had stood.

Hearing a scream, Fuma turned back, having been facing the door. Many screams erupted from teh dance floor. Apparently Seishirou's interpretation of a 'good distraction' was 'pop out from under the table with wings (which had been welly hidden) enlarged and spread out as he chased people around. Naked.' 'He's right,' thought Fuma. 'What a wonderful distraction. I must remember that one.' Having spared a thought, he turned the rest to the ceiling as his head did the same.

The distance was daunting. Any normal person wouldn't even have the occurrence to ump it. But, i feel i should add, Fuma was so not normal. Even more so then one'd think. For what most did not know(though he made not attempt to hide it) Fuma had a special ability. When eh was born, he broke any toy he picked up. Every one had simply assumed he was a bit hazardous, until he broke his dad's wrist. Soon after they figured out that he had some crazed form of super strength. It was quite a wonderfully handy thing to have up one's sleeve. In fights, impressing girls, accidents, climbing cliff faces to get on top of plateaus... The possibilities were endless.

Fuma crouched low, preparing to use this nifty ability. From the screeches from girls and yells from the knights, he guessed everyone was still preoccupied. All of a sudden, he flung himself into the air, straight up and through the panel. Passing through the ceiling felt like falling into cold water. Thick cold water. His ascent was rapidly lost speed to become a crawling pace by the time the end came. Slowly Fuma felt himself rising from the muck until his feet were resting on an apparently stone tile, identical to all around it.

'That was...SO AWESOME!" Looking about, he found himself in a long corridor. While the hall was lit with moonlight from the bay windows completely covering one side, he noticed a different kinda light coming from one end. Turning, he saw it was not at the other end. 'This way it is. Go towards the light.'

Sneaking closer to the light, Fuma was now very glad for not having worn the high hells (the article of clothing he thought would be most needed.) He stopped when he reached the room and saw what was producing the light.

A giant ball of energy hung in the air, shimmering and crackling. Around this, many much smaller energy orbs revolved between a distance of one and ten feet. It looked like a miniature solar system.

Fuma staggered to sit on the bed to take in it's full glory, as the phenomena was right over said furniture. When he sat, he realized another already inhabited the bed. 'Oh well, if they have any complaints, they can go on the floor. Room enough for us both.'

He gazed at the energy swirling overhead and was overcome with the urge to lie down and stretch. Now the issue here was, the being previously mentioned had decided to sleep smack dab in the middle of the bed, not leaving much room on either side. As the bed was rather small(suspiciously so for being in a PALACE), Fuma would definitely not fit. 'Maybe there is not enough for us both.' He turned to shove the other person off to give himself room (please remember this is his first secret mission and he did not know the meaning of 'stealth'.) He stopped when he saw the occupants face.

It was a boy, though it took a sec to see it. He couldn't be much younger than Fuma, but he looked drasticly different. While Fuma was a very manly guy(even as a girl), this boy had delicate features and long eyelashes. Judging by the form under the blankets, He wasn't that tall either.

Fuma stared at the younger boy's face with thoughts along the lines of 'Snickerdoodles,this guys adorable! If the price looks like this, i might not have to feed him to foliage. We might be happily married.' Just a bit ahead of himself, nae? Just then, the form stirred and the ever-so-long eyelashes fluttered up the reveal violet eyes. These eyes turned to Fuma, the uninvited looming guest in their bed. "Wha-?