Mochi was bored. It was a routine training exercise in seals, and the most action they were likely to get was from enemy nin, and the only way that was happening was if someone breached the seals that protected the village.

Not happening any time soon.

Journeyman Jian was up next. He waited for Tatsuki to clear her attempt, before he started to paint his seal.

Jiraiya may claim to be the best seal master, and while that used to be true in Konoha, it wasn't anymore. Redpool first taught them how seals work and their inner workings. It was only after they proved that they knew what they were doing that they were allowed to even think of making any.

Those who were impatient or tried to make a seal before they understood what a seal could really do, were usually apprenticed to a journeyman who could handle their attitude.

Jian was one of the their better seal masters. When he was finished, the test subject chickened out.

"Oh for crying out loud! If no one else is going to test this seal then I will!" said Mochi. To be fair, she was really bored at the moment, and testing a seal was always exciting because you never knew when it might be mislaid.

She stood in the circle and activated the seal. Everything went as usual, the rush of wind past her face as the seal moved her through the realm where all things were sealed.

But then something went terribly wrong. The wind changed, and she felt herself being pulled in the wrong direction!

Mochi spat out the dirt that was in her mouth. She didn't think it was something about the seal, because she had discreetly checked it before getting in.

Recognizing the trees for the ones in the Forest of Death, Mochi decided to take stock of her surroundings before she moved.

First, she was definitely in the Forest of Death, close to the Tower. Second, she was not where she was supposed to be for the seal to have worked properly. And third, several ANBU was heading her way, which meant the seal had discharged more than it was supposed to.

Which was unusual, considering they had been holding the test in the tower itself. It shouldn't have let loose that much chakra, and the ANBU knew that they were testing today. Any intruders would have been dealt by her group and taken to the ANBU afterwords. Anything lower than Orochimaru or kami forbid a Bijuu wouldn't have attracted them.

She vanished from the spot, mere minutes before the ANBU arrived.

She was in her Anko disguise, so she walked out of the forest without attracting attention. So the first stop she made was to the Hospital.

It was on her way there that she noticed small things. It wouldn't have gotten her attention normally, but today was hardly normal. Jian wasn't that clumsy with his seals, so something was up.

On a hunch, she hit the birth records inside the hospital, looking for her sister.

And as soon as she read it, she knew something was wrong. Nowhere was her name listed, not even her shots to the common diseases. She had gone to the hospital almost every year...and yet all her records were missing. Not even a single flu shot or training accident listed.

Which could only mean one of two things. Either someone had classified or stolen her records...or wherever the hell she landed was a world where she didn't exist!

At this point she was leaning towards the latter.

So, in a rare show of untested curiosity (her definition of tested curiosity was to throw a blunt kunai at it and if it didn't do anything deadly, then approach it) she went for a walk. If anyone asked, she was out for a walk while a shadow clone did her paperwork.

There was a reason why Mochi loved the fact she was identical to her sister.

No one paid her any attention, even the Anbu who bought her little excuse. To be fair, she knew that Anko could create a shadow clone and every shinobi knew that paperwork was the bane of the higher ranked ninja.

Hell, some days you couldn't even see the Hokage under all the paperwork on his desk!

Whistling as she explored this alternate reality (it didn't take a genius to figure out that somehow the seal had sent her to an alternate reality where she didn't exist) she hit the dango stands with a snarky grin.

It wasn't until she passed a rarely used training ground that she realized that something was a tad wrong.

For one thing, she had discovered Naruto training...and missing badly. When he sensed her (which took a good five minutes, to her disappointment) he tensed, as if expecting her to tell him to get lost.


Naruto subtly relaxed, though it wasn't missed by her.

"Eheheh...Sorry if I took your training spot lady!" he said nervously.

"Meh, I don't train here. I prefer the one in training area 44. your aim sucks ass kid," she said dryly.

"Can't help one wants to help me 'cept Iruka-sensei."

Mochi grinned. Here was a chance to see how much Naruto would have changed if she hadn't been there for him.

By the time Naruto was actually hitting the post with any real accuracy, Naruto had pretty much spilled his life story. With a sympathetic ear near who was willing to help him train, Naruto didn't hold anything back. If he saw the frown on her face, he could clearly sense it wasn't aimed at him specifically.

Inside, Mochi seethed. The idea of the ignorant villagers hurting her little brother like this was enough to make her blood boil.

Fortunately, she had an excellent way to vent her anger. The only question is how Anko would react to her appearance. At least she wouldn't have to worry about the ANBU, thanks to Naruto's enthusiastic descriptions of the pranks he played on them.

Naruto went to Ichiraku's with a huge grin on his face, mostly because someone was willing to actually listen to him and didn't mind helping him train.

Mochi walked right past the secretary holding a bag of dango. Her usual trick of pretending to be Anko worked no matter which world she was in. She was completely relaxed and periodically used the signs only high level members of the T and I corps knew to her fellow shinobi. It was part of their security checks, and the only reason Naruto got away with pranking them was the fact that he mostly just hit them and ran for it.

When she got to her sister's office, she silently took a breath, popped on a henge, and went in.

Anko looked up, mostly because no one aside from Ibiki ever came into her office. She took one whiff of the sweet scent of her favorite dango, and didn't even notice the henge.

"You get the report about some weird chakra in the Forest of Death?" Mochi asked casually.

"Yeah...signs of someone there, but no body. Whoever it was walked out past three ANBU teams and no one saw a thing. And one of them was a Hyuuga, which means they weren't under a henge," she replied, taking a bite of the dango.

Since she didn't detect a single hint of it being poisoned, she devoured it in short order.

"Maybe they didn't need a henge," said Mochi, trying not to grin.

That got Anko's attention, as she took a hard look at her. Mochi dispersed her illusion, and took a picture before Anko had half a mind to attack her.

She had her kunai out before the flash was over.

"Totally worth coming here before the day was out!" she cackled.

"Who the hell are you and why do you...?"

"Seal misfired and I ended up here. No idea how, but I'll figure it out eventually. Name's Mochi...Mochi Mitarashi."

Seeing no hint of a lie, Anko didn't let down her guard. But she did ease up her grip on the kunai.

"So what are you? Some alternate reality version of me?" she asked suspiciously.

"No, but good guess."

What Mochi said next had her camera primed.

"I'm your identical twin sister."

Once Anko got the story out of her, and gotten over the fact that an alternate reality had breached their own for some unknown reason, Mochi decided to amuse her sister.

"Want to see Ibiki's reaction? In my reality we gave him a ulcer right after he fainted the first time he found out there was two of us."

"HELL YES!" Anko cackled.

Ibiki didn't look up when Anko came in with her reports...but he did when he felt a second signature identical to her own.

Ibiki took one look at the second Anko, right down to her outfit and chakra coils, and said "Drop the clone Anko. Unless you want to ditch it for your dango fix."

The second 'Anko' grinned evilly, before summoning a wolf. Not a snake, a wolf the size of an academy student.

Ibiki paled, and realized with horror that this wasn't a clone at all. Right before he fainted from the shock.

Mochi handed Anko the camera, and she took as many pictures as she could of the event, cackling the entire time.

When he came to a minute later, he gave the second 'Anko' a look.

"Who the hell are you?"

"Alternate reality shinobi. In my reality I'm her twin sister. Name's Mochi."

"Why the hell did you enter here of all places? It would have been easier to infiltrate the village if you hadn't come?" he asked in honest confusion.

"Where's the fun in that? Besides, it's easier to show myself now instead of being caught later and having to explain everything. Though it's highly unlikely I would have, considering how close I am to Anko."

Realization hit him.

"You're the one we sensed in Area 44!"

"I have no idea how the hell the seal misfired like it did. I checked it before I tested it out."

"Seal misfire?"

"Where I come from I'm a special jounin, and I was testing some journeyman seal masters. That's how I knew I wasn't in my own reality."

"Which village did you hail from?" said Ibiki, a migraine making itself known.

"Konoha officially, but my allegiance is to Redpool."

That caught his attention.

"Redpool? That's the name Whirlpool took to after the disaster which nearly wiped them all out!"

"We have a treaty with them that allows for an exchange of shinobi and jutsu. Even secret jutsu. We currently boast the highest number of seal masters, genjutsus users, and summon scrolls."

By the time her minor interrogation was over (mostly because she came straight to them and admitted that she was only there by accident) Ibiki decided to have a bit of fun. Once he told her and Anko to go to the Hokage Tower to tell him the reason behind the bizarre chakra surge earlier that day, Mochi cackled in a way that sent shivers down Ibiki's spine.

Anko, on the other hand, couldn't be happier. She loved Mochi, especially since the woman was clearly after her own heart!

Mochi enjoyed making the Hokage faint from absolute shock. A minor water jutsu woke him up after Anko took the pictures.

He coughed, then looked at the camera and frowned.

"So you are our mystery guest from the forest. How did you end up here?"

"Outside interference from a teleport seal. Something wanted me here, but I have no idea who. The only difference that I have been able to find between this reality and mine is the fact that I don't exist here. At all."

"How do you know that?"

She looked a little sheepish.

"Gut instinct had me break into the Hospital's birth records. I knew something was different the minute I stepped into the village, so I went there first to find out if my hunch was right."

The Hokage sighed. Yet another mystery solved. Someone had noticed the filing cabinets were open, and that some files had been read. They hadn't figured out who's, but it was only a matter of time.

"How did you know for sure that you didn't exist in this reality?"

"For starters, Naruto had the same look my sister and I used to have after the bastard left her. Which reminds me, I can remove the seal on Anko if she's willing."

Anko looked at her startled.

"You can remove this damn thing?"

"Absolutely. Earned my mastery in seals coming up with a counter seal to remove it and make it impossible for it to be applied twice. I worked for years creating it, and my sister was the first test subject. We occasionally capture one of his...discarded subjects from time to time."

Anko eagerly bared her curse seal to Mochi, who drew something on her palm and placed it on the seal itself.

"This will hurt, but in five minutes you should be fine."

Anko bit down a scream as something black and vile looking came off her neck. She passed out from the pain, but when she woke up she could feel the difference immediately.

Mochi was wiping her hands off, and there was a black scroll on the desk.

"I placed the curse mark inside the scroll, since the damn thing is parasitic in nature. You should find your chakra control is a bit out of whack, but that can be fixed in a week of training. The best part is that the bastard can't control you anymore."

"Thank you..." breathed Anko.

"You're a seal master?" asked the Hokage sharply.

"Redpool has the largest number of Seal Masters, Genjutsu users and Summon scrolls of all the villages. I learned so I could teach Naruto."

"What difference did you make in his life?" asked the Hokage curious.

"For starters, he got to know his grandparents and knew what it was like to be loved. Sasuke never saw what Itachi had to do and knows all about the betrayal they were trying to commit. Hinata was rescued from the abuse her father inflicts on her in the name of training and Hizashi was rescued from that Kumo party sent to take him to their village."

The Hokage stared.

"Hizashi lived in your reality?"

"I was bringing a new batch of Kiri kekkei genkai users when I saw their party, and since I noticed the Kumo headbands I took them out and made it look like a Kiri nin did it. They were more than happy to help."

"How much do you know about the massacre?" asked Sarutobi.

"Itachi wasn't entirely responsible for the clan being killed off. There was a second Sharingan signature there, and it was the same one that had been killing off survivors from Whirlpool. Itachi only killed those that were in on the conspiracy, but he never went after the children and those who didn't know about it."

"Second Sharingan?"

"Let me guess...Sasuke told you that Itachi placed him under an illusion?"

Sarutobi nodded.

"It wasn't him. It takes at least a week to use the Mangekyo Sharingan to it's fullest, and three days to create an illusion with it."

"How do you know that?" asked Sarutobi, alarmed.

"Sasuke found documented training exercises in his clan compound and shared them with the village. I think it was to help the teams deal with anyone with the Sharingan, since who ever is killing the survivors has it."

Deciding to change the subject, he asked "How exactly does a Redpool ninja earn a fuinjutsu mastery?"

Mochi grinned.

"In order to gain a mastery in fuinjutsu, the applicant must make at least two new seals never seen before or complete one which had been abandoned due to lack of skill. In my case I created a way to remove most curse seals and store parasitic types in scrolls to protect the victim."

In the end, Mochi was allowed to wander freely without an ANBU escort. The Hokage sent word to Jiraiya mentioning the problem and asking him to come help Mochi return home.

In the meantime, she would rent the apartment next to Naruto...and possibly help Inoichi break whatever avenger mindset Sasuke had gained because of the second Sharingan user.