'Te Amo'

The lights dance and pulsate throughout the club, bodies packed against bodies writhing together to the hypnotic, thumping beat of the music.

You scan the crowd but quickly realize that it shifts too much to make out any faces.

Your date is nowhere to be found and you begin to wish that you had declined Beck's offer to sneak you in here.

Your fake ID burns in you pocket and you'd want nothing more than to leave and cut it up with the scissors you kept in your left boot as soon as you were out of range.

Unfortunately he was your ride home and you weren't going to be able to get anywhere this late without him.

Pushing your way through sweaty, grinding bodies you make it to the opposite wall and take a breath that isn't laced with alcohol or must. Your breath comes heavily and the stuffiness of the area begins to weigh down on you.

All you really want is to go home. A hand on your arm startles you enough that you yelp in surprise and turning fast enough that your hair flies out around you, you notice the girl. Or woman you suppose, though she only looks about seventeen.

You jerk your arm away from her and she gives a tentative smile and steps back, palms out.

"Sorry." She murmurs and blinks at you with brown doe eyes.

You anxiously bite your lip and naturally your worry shifts to anger. "What do you want?" You snap and cause her to flinch at your tone.

"Would you like to dance?" She offers, hesitantly holding her hand out.

Your immediate response is no, but looking into those eyes… you can't bring yourself to say it. So instead you nod and reach out for the tan hand extended toward you. Her palm is warm against yours as she gently pulls you through the crowd that seemed to part for the two of you.

No, not you both… just her. You glance down in a bit of a daze to watch her interlace your fingers and wrap her free arm around your waist.

"Your boyfriend left." She says, leaning up to speak in your ear to avoid shouting over the noise.

Your heart jumps and you pull back to look at her, "What? How do you know?"

She leans forward once more, her breath warm on your neck and ear.

"I saw you two come in together, the guy with the sexy brown hair and tan skin?" She asks and you nod, not noticing her arm tighten around your waist through your worry.

"Yeah, he left with some blonde girl half an hour ago." She tells you and your breathing gets quicker as you start to panic.

Muttering obscenities you pull away from her and start to shove through the crowd to find a phone. Once you are released from the throngs of people, you realize there's no one to call.

Your parents would murder you if they knew where you were, Cat was grounded… you close your eyes and sigh, knowing that no one else would bother to help you and wonder what it's like to have someone to run to for help no matter what.

"Hey!" You hear someone call out from behind and you turn slowly, wondering if they're talking to you.

Your muscles relax when you realize it's the girl you were dancing with before. Your eyebrow quirks in question and she wipes the palms of her hands on her jeans, taking a step closer.

You envy how her legs seem to go on forever until she pulls your gaze back to hers as she starts to speak.

"I can give you a ride home." She offers nervously and your eyes narrow in suspicion.

"Alright, fine let's go." You say and turn to walk toward the exit.

"Wait! I have a- a request." She says, blinking up at you anxiously.

"Sorry, I don't take requests." You roll your eyes and reach for her wrist to pull her outside but she yanks it back at the last moment.

"Please? Just dance with me? A real dance, not that… whatever it was we had a few minuets ago." She pleads and you frown, confused.


She looks down at her heels for a brief moment before looking back up at you.

"I'm just having a really crappy night, and I'd love if I could end it on a good note." She says quietly. So quiet that you have to lean in to hear her over the blaring music and loud chatter.

Shaking your head at yourself, you extend your hand out for her to take. When she does, she leads you back into the heart of writhing bodies and begins to move to the beat, her hips shift hypnotically and you try and keep up with her natural grace but if you're being honest, you never were the best dancer.

Sensing your discomfort, she smiles hesitantly at you and wraps her arms loosely around your neck, continuing to swing her hips along to the song.

She leads, you follow, and soon several heads are turning to watch the two of you move.

Smiling from exhilaration, you look up from your feet to meet her eyes and the tender gaze that you find aimed at you takes you off guard.

Your breath hitches in your throat and you wonder if it was just your imagination, for the look was gone and replaced with wonder.

She smiles that heartbreakingly sad smile and your defenses drop as if stabbed.

"Te amo." She murmurs when she knows you won't hear and you lean in slightly.

"What?" You ask, becoming even more curious as to what she said when she shakes her head sheepishly and looks away.

She removes her arms from around your neck and you can't think straight from the electricity in the air. Suddenly it's not suffocating but you're light headed and your heart is pounding in time with the thump of the music.

Her thin arms wrap around your waist, pulling you closer and you try to breathe through the haze fogging your mind. Her slim body presses against yours and the electricity amplifies, no longer just in your head but your whole body is on fire.

"Te amo." She breathes in your ear and you shudder, goose bumps breaking out on your arms at the feeling of her fueling the fire that raged within you.

It takes you a moment to realize that you should have paid attention to what she said but soon her lips are against your neck and you inhale sharply, the hands you let rest on her sides come to life and you grip at her shirt.

The sudden adrenaline breaks through your daze like cold water and you shake your head, pulling away from her.

"No…" You murmur breathlessly, trying to figure out how one person this fragile could be so addictive.

Her arm tightens around your waist before you can pull all the way back and those cinnamon eyes pleadingly ask you to stay.

"Te amo." She says quietly, the pain in her voice evident from of her tone.

Your heart stops for a moment because you're sure you've gone insane. That couldn't be right.

"Okay." You breathe, trying to get your thoughts in order.

"I'm not going anywhere, just let go of me." You say, knowing that you can't think clearly with her being this close.

Instead of asking 'Why?' like you so desperately wanted to, you ask instead, a guy nearby and tug on his shirt.

His green eyes land on your blue ones and he smiles suggestively, which makes you uncomfortable.

"Doesn't 'Te amo' mean I love you?" You ask, out of hearing shot of the girl.

"Yeah, so? You tryin' to say you love me, Dollface?" He grins and you make your way back to her, the distance having grown by itself.

"You love me." You state over the noise, restraining yourself from leaning in to speak into her ear.

She nods.

A/N: This fic, if you haven't noticed by now, is based off of the song: Te Amo by Rihanna. Let me know what you think, suggestions and opinions are always welcome. :)