Hello, hello Kids. Long time no see. (Write? Yeah, probably)

This chapter is from Tori's POV, hopefully you're amused by her life.

If not, well. Then that fucking sucks.

For me anyway.

Read on. :)

Tori's POV

You walk through the front door of you and your roommate's apartment, greeted by your baby German Shepherd trotting up to the door with his tongue slightly lolling out of his mouth.

Kingston, your roommate, sticks his head out from the kitchen to see who had walked inside. His Superman snapback tilts down his head a little and you smirk, laughing softly.

"I really wish you'd put that hat all the way on your head." You grin, knocking the cap off as you walk past and step over it when it lands in your path. You make your way to the refrigerator and open it, grabbing a strawberry-mango Blitz.

"And I wish you'd quit coming in at three in the morning. You came in here creeping like a fucking burglar, late as hell." Kingston retorts, adding lunchmeat and condiments to his sandwich.

You giggle, cracking the top off of the Blitz bottle and throwing back the first gulp. Your giddiness seemed almost tangible, with you having left your heart in back in the car when you'd dropped off the blue eyed girl at home.

"No, forreal though, why are you not in that bed sleeping?" The caramel skinned boy asks, quirking his arched eyebrow in question while gesturing to your bedroom down the hall. You sigh with a large smile on your face, anxiously biting at the opening of the glass Blitz bottle.

The blush on your cheeks apparently says it all. Kingston stops the efforts on his sandwich and takes a step back in surprise, a mischievous smirk playing on his grinning lips.

"Um, excuse me, what was the rule?" he asks playfully, taking a step toward you and pointing a finger toward your neck.

You pull back just in time but allow yourself to giggle once more, "What rule?" you ask, grinning and pretending like you had no idea what he was talking about.

"You aren't allowed to date again 'till January. I'm sorry, but this is still October." Kingston clarifies anyway, going back to finishing up his sandwich and putting it on a paper plate.

"And you weren't allowed to have a new 'boyfriend' 'till next week but when did you get one? Last month. So shut up about it!" You laugh, and then continue.

"Why do I have to wait anyway?" You ask.

"Because you're turning into a whore." Kingston deadpans, attempting to keep a straight face until both of you crack and start laughing again.

"Seriously Tori, you 'fall in love' too easily. I'm tired of watching you leave fucking trails of broken hearts strewn about all over the fucking earth."

Kingston's smile remains, just barely, but the you could tell that he was serious about what he said. You somewhat agree with him and know that you couldn't keep doing that to yourself, let alone those guys and girls.

"It's not that bad…" you try in vain to defend yourself, but quickly realize it was a lost cause and you just stop talking.

"Right. Anyways, take your ass to bed. You know kids at Sherwood would love to pounce on a half-awake Tori Vega." Kingston smirks and your eyes narrow while you finish off your Blitz and toss it into the garbage can across the kitchen.

"I'm going, I'm going!" You oblige and make your way to your bedroom, still recalling the cherry and vanilla scent of the blue eyed girl's perfume.

While you strip down into your underwear and crawl beneath the covers, the last thought you have is hoping that she finds your number that you had prepared and slipped into her pocket.

There's no doubt about it.

You're in love with the girl and you don't even know her name. Whatever it is, you're sure it's beautiful.

Just like her.

Waking up in the morning, you faintly forget that you no longer live with your parents and begin to call out the door, asking about breakfast. Then you remember that since they were hardly home anyway, you had decided that you might as well take your early leave from home and get an apartment with your best guy friend.

You shuffle over to your own bathroom connected to your room and turn the shower on. While you wait for the water to get hot, you wander back into your room and pick out your outfit for today: A nautical shirt from your favorite online store, a pair of shorts and converse.

Nothing too dressy. Sherwood is irrelevant.

Walking back into the bathroom, you strip down and step into the shower, letting the hot water cascade down your body for a long, luxurious moment before washing up and stepping out.

You turn the shower off and grab your towel, drying off and getting dressed. After you grab your book bag and sunglasses, you're ready to leave. Kingston meets you at the school with a glass bottle of lemonade and you grin your appreciation.

Off to class you go.

By the time fourth period rolls around, you're ready to gouge your eyes out. Your teacher decided that Monday would be a great time to call in sick and hire a sub.

The class is going ballistic while you sit there with your friend Maya and attempt to complete the assignment.

The three hours of sleep that you're running on isn't doing you any good. At all. Some loud, obnoxious, bitch in the back keeps calling you.

"Tori! Tori! Tori!" You turn around with a scowl in place and yell back.

"What? What the fuck do you want?" Not used to the hostility, nor the bad language that you figure you picked up from Kingston, she and her posse go silent and the sub glances up from the front of the room, shooting you a disapproving glare and a gesture to come over.

A cross between a growl and a sigh leave your lips as you slam your book closed and shuffle over to the front desk.

"Yes?" You ask, the grinding of your teeth beginning to hurt your jaw.

"Principals office. I was informed that no cursing is allowed on school grounds." Ms. WhateverHerNameIs tells you.

Instead of arguing or screaming like you so very much wanted to, you turn on your heel and collect your things, not sparing a glance toward the asshole in the back or Maya, you walk out.

Maybe he'll let you take a nap.

You get home at around six, having had to stay after school to re-take your Pre-Calculus test.

You trudge straight to your room, disregarding your book bag when you throw it in the corner. You finished all of your homework in Mr. Principal's office.

You didn't get your nap.

A brief spark of energy hits you when you remember that the blue eyed beauty has your number and you check your phone for any calls or texts.

Ironically enough, that's exactly when she calls. An unknown number flashes on the screen and you answer a bit too eagerly.


"Hey, is this the girl I met yesterday?" a flowing female voice asks through the speakers and you think that you'd recognize that voice anywhere you went.

"Yeah… My name's Tori by the way." You smile, playing with the edge of your comforter while she laughed a little on the other end.

"I'm Jade. Nice to meet you. Again." You could hear the smirk in her voice and it made your heart act funny in your chest.

You wonder what'll happen if you see her again in person.

Hopefully you don't pass out.

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