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Running. How long had he been running for? It could have been days or years. If he thought hard enough, maybe he could recall the exact number of days and nights he'd spent in the closed off forest with only the company of his predator. Sweat poured down his face, his muscles were protesting painfully and his lungs were screaming for him to stop and rest but he took no notice. He knew he couldn't outrun his pursuer but that didn't faze him. He had a torch but barely used it for his eyes had become accustomed to his territory. It was, however, the only weapon he had to use against him.

Eyes. He could feel them burning into him from every direction. No matter how fast he moved to get away, the eyes never went or even changed distance. Rumours were spread that he didn't have eyes but he still watched. Following. Waiting. Stalking.

Gripping papers, soaked with sweat. These papers were his only hope. They gave him something to aim for and they were the reason he was still somewhat sane. From the start, he had made himself forget his past and everything about himself so as to not be pulled down by his own emotions. He focused on here and now and didn't dwell in his past because he was sure that it would be the death of him if he let his guard down.

He had no idea what he was up against when they let him out into the forest. Wild beasts, traps, mythical creatures or murderers who kill for sport but what he found was much much worse. He still didn't have a name for it. He hadn't even seen what was lurking beyond the trees yet but he knew that whatever it was hadn't shown mercy before.

It was when his head started to spin and his footwork was getting sloppy when he decided to stop and lean against the nearest tree. Unrolling the latest page which he'd been clutching, he frowned as he read it. 'Can't run.'

Sitting down at the base of the tree he panted heavily and took a sip from his water bottle, careful not to drink too much.

Dread is a powerful state of mind and is the reason man will fall to his knees at the most dire times. It is where he had struggled most during his time here and it was consuming him, eating him from the inside out. It came to him in powerful blasts and it took all of his determination to not give in to it. He clenched his teeth as he got back to his feet and walked.

The eyes were still on him. Wherever he went, they were always there.

'Keep moving, for pity's sake just keep moving.' That's what he'd told himself from the start, ignoring his most recent find and giving way to desperation.

He was dealing with something else entirely…