Children of Light and Darkness

This story takes place one year after Carmilla is destoryied and the castle is crumbled to bits in Bloodlust. Enjoy.

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D slowed his horse into a slowing walk. The sun was bright today, which only caused D's left hand to annoy him more about his 'Heat syndrome' again.

"What's the matter? Not in the talkative mood today?" The left hand laughed at D's silence.

D reached in his pocket for the small sheet of paper with the address to confirm that he was heading for the right place. Once he was satisfied, he crumpled the paper and threw it away. "You don't have to worry now" D said with little emotion in his voice, "We are just about there, my client said for us to meet him close to sunset"

"You mean 'our' client!" Left hand spoke up, "I do recall all the time I have helped you out!"

"Just be quiet while im making the deal" D walked in the small town and looked at the sky. The sky was now becoming a light pink color, "I believe now is a good time to meet our client"

"Good good!" Left hand nearly spat, "Out of all the Vampire hunts you have been on, nothing is worse than meeting the client, I swear! The attitude that some of them have is just--"

D tightened his hand and dismounted his horse outside the small house. The house looked more like a summer cottage, nothing that someone would live in permanently. He even began to wonder if this person would be able to pay him well for this hunt. D's thoughts where interrupted.

"Come in" a woman's voice called from inside

"A woman? She sounds familiar" D turned the doorknob and stepped inside. The cottage was dim, but he could still see clearly. He could see a woman sitting away from him on a simple wooden chair. Her hair was shoulder length, and a platinum blonde. "Is that you Leila?" D couldn't help but ask.

"Yeah, It's me" Leila didn't move, "I'll cut straight to the point, there is a vampire named Kurai Ichi. I want him dead. In payment I will give you my entire earnings as a hunter...thirty-million dollars"

D didn't move, he was confused. "Aren't you a hunter yourself? Why would you pay me so much money for a task that you do for a living?"

Leila still didn't move. She just continued stare at the wall in front of her.

"Why don't you turn around and tell me what is wrong? Why do you want 'me' to hunt the vampire where you are a hunter yourself?" D asked, he then watched Leila as she slowly stood up from her chair,

"Its true that I worked hard for my money, but this is personal" Leila turned around to face D. D's eyes slightly widened and he stood in absolute surprise. Leila had a very swelled abdomen. It is clear that Leila is very pregnant. "Only a few months after we parted, the vampire Kurai Ichi broke in my home and attempted to kill me, I was able to put up a good fight, and he wasn't able to take any of my blood" Leila's hands trembled in anger, "But during the his assault on me....he raped me" Leila turned her chair around to face D and sat down, "after I recovered, I began to hunt him down my self, until my signs of pregnancy was coming up, and the doctor ordered me take it easy for my own safety. I moved here so that the people of my home wouldn't fear me because of the child that im now carrying"

"And so you want me to continue where you left off?" D assumed

"Yes" Leila nodded and looked at the floor ashamed, "I know that you never wanted another Dunpeal to be born, so please do this for the both of us, for the pain of this unborn dunpeal and the pain that this vampire has caused me"

D stood silently and noticed a large pouch on the table, "That's the payment money," Leila spoke up, "You can take it now because I know that you never fail to do the job"

D still stood stiff, his face had no emotion but he continued to look at Leila, "Keep the money"

"What?!" Leila quickly stood up, "I'm hiring you kill Kurai Ichi! I'm paying you money to do a job for me! Aren't you going to accept it!?"

D just turned around and opened the door to leave "You just said it yourself...this is personal, that is all I need in my mind to find this vampire, and kill him"

Leila followed D outside and watched him mount his horse, "You just watch your back ok D? Kurai Ichi is a very powerful vampire"

D took one last look at Leila and kicked his horse into an immediate gallop.

"I knew that girl is trouble!" Left hand yelled, "Just because she is pregnant, you just had to be a nice guy and refuse the money!"

"I meant what I said!" D raised his voice

"Don't tell me that you are really mad at this Kurai Ichi guy for raping Leila?!" Left hand asked. D did not respond and continued to focus on his riding, "Ha! I am right!" Left hand laughed, "You've got some emotions in ya after all!"

D didn't answer "That was the first time she called me by my name"

Author's note: I have edited the story a bit to fix the mistakes. For some reason before went down they stopped showing my story in the Vampire Hunter D section. So I had to re-post it. Oh well.

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