Chapter 1 – European Open

Harry Potter was in shock. He had done something he had never even dreamt of. He had been accepted into the European Duel Monsters Open.

Ever since he was a small child, Harry had loved Duel Monsters. He had watched Duels, mainly at school, and even participated in a few, using cards he borrowed of other children. And he was good.

Harry was the best at his school, so much so that he was given cards from all his fellow players, so he could make his own Deck. At first, his Deck was a mismatch of cards that didn't seem to go very well together, but he eventually ended up with a Deck that suited his playing style. Ruthless.

His cards were a Rare combination of the best Demon cards. These cards were only made by Industrial Illusions Europe, but were designed by Maximillion Pegasus himself. He played up until he discovered he was a wizard, and somehow forgot about them.

That was, until now. He had found his Deck lying in the cupboard under the stairs, and looked through them, finding his older mind refining each of the strategies. He was shocked that, just after the resurrection of the Dark Lord Voldemort, he would even attempt to preoccupy himself with trivial card games. But, he found that it soothed his mind, and gave him an outlet for his pent up aggression.

Throughout the summer, he had Duelled many locals, using a new technological advancement known as the Duel Disk. He was impressed by the technology, and wanted to see if magic could help enhance it for magical Duelists like himself. He even found where Dean Thomas lived, and had a friendly Duel with him. Harry won, of course, but Dean was a great challenge, using mainly defensive Monsters with indirect damage.

Apparently, someone had entered Harry into the European Open without him even knowing. The rules were pretty simple. Duelists would be placed all over London, and would seek each other out for Duels, much like the Battle City tournament Harry had read about the had taken place in America. Harry didn't think he would get accepted, but when he was, he was over the moon. It meant he had to take a half a year off Hogwarts, as the Tournament was starting at the beginning of term, and would not end until the end of Christmas Holidays, but that was enough for Harry. He was in.

Harry stood up. The tournament started in two hours, at Big Ben. He would have to rush to get there.

Harry got to the opening with minutes to spare, and huffed while he looked around at all the Duelists there. He saw all different kinds of people, and was shocked at the turn out of Duelists. Apparently, competitors from all around the world had turned out for this Open Championship. And for good reason, as The King Of Games himself had decided to appear.

Yugi Moto, an American Duelist, had recently won the Battle City Tournament. He was invited by Pegasus to the European Open, which he readily accepted, knowing that the cards used in Europe were different, and that was a challenge he had yet to face; cards he didn't know. This tell all interview also stated the Yugi was single, and living with his Grandfather, but Harry was not interested in that. All he knew was he wanted to just meet the legendary King Of Games.

"Hey! Harry!" a young boys voice called out, and Harry turned in surprise. He saw a boy that he didn't expect to see.

Colin Creevey was all smiles when he ran up to Harry. "I didn't know you could Duel, Harry! This is gonna be so awesome!"

Harry smiled at the over excited boy. "Well, Colin, how about when the tournament starts, I show how well I can Duel? I don't want to eliminate you so early, but…"

Colin looked happy at the challenge. "I'd be honoured, Harry. How about a promise? We both have years off school for this, so how about no matter who wins, we stick together, for support?"

Harry grinned, and nodded. He wondered if any other students were entered in the tournament. The rules were being read out, and Harry listened intently. The Finals system was different this time. Every Duelist started out with 100 Tourney Points. Each Duel, this points could be wagered. If a player hit zero, they were out of the tournament. The minimum a player could bet was 100 Points.

The man running this tournament was named Turlio Bakura, whose son was a great British Duelist who made it big overseas. The man was a new representative of Industrial Illusions Europe, and had a large smile on his portly face as he read the rules. After ten minutes, he finally finished. "Now, without any further adieu, please go easy on my son, and let the European Open BEGIN!"

At that, Harry turned to Colin, and nodded. They took their places as many people around them did the same, and others ran to find other competitors around the city of London. "Good luck, Colin."

"Same to you, Harry," Colin replied.


"I'll go first!" Colin said, and Harry nodded at him. Colin looked down, and smiled. "I Special Summon Cyber Dragon (5, 2100, 1000), in Attack Mode!" Harry cringed as the snake like Machine appeared on the field. "Two cards face down, and I end my turn."

"Good move, Colin. My turn now!" Harry drew a card, and smiled at it. Perfect! He thought, and pushed his glasses up his nose. "I activate the Field Spell, Hellfire Hall!" he yelled, and threw the card into his Duel Disk. The area around the started to turn red, as a large demonic structure rose from the ground. Many spectators gasped, as the hall filled the the area with flames.

Colin smirked. "A Demon Deck, Harry? Not exactly your style."

"In Duel Monsters, I can be whatever I like. I now summon Skull Knight #2 in Defense Mode, and play two cards face-down. Your move."

The friendly duel had grown a large crowd. Harry and Colin both looked out at the cheering Dueling fans. Harry saw Dennis Creevey in the crowd, as well as Dean, who winked at Harry.

"Let's give them a show, Harry! I attack your Knight with my Cyber Dragon!"

"Not so fast, Colin! I activate my Trap, Devilish Soul!" A large, pale ghost that looked like a teenager, but with lifeless white eyes rose from the front of the field, looking directly at the halted Cyber Dragon. "This is pretty simple. You choose a card from my hand. If it's a monster, then the attack continues. If it's a trap, then the attack is negated, and your turn is over straight away. And, if you pick a spell, your monster loses 1000 Attack points." Harry smirked. "What's your choice?

Colin made a quick decision. "The left hand card."

Harry turned the card around, revealing the Equip Spell Lucifer's Blade. "Sorry, mate."

The attack continued, but, due to the loss of Attack points, Cyber Dragon lost the battle.

Harry: 8000
Colin: 7900

Colin didn't even flinch. "Nice work, Harry. I'm loving this! Your move."

Harry drew. "I activate my Trap! Lucifer's Army!" Harry's face down card flipped up, and two spirits with evil smiles spewed forth from the Trap. "My two Demon Tokens are in Defense Mode, but one won't be there for long! I sacrifice one Demon Token and my Skull Knight #2, to Summon one of my strongest cards, Demon Overlord Benedictus (8/3200/3000)!"

The Hall around them shook, as a fiery hole opened up in the ground. A figure emerged from the flames, a tall winged man with short blonde hair, and horns protruding from his head. He had flames formed in his hands, and smirked at the Cyber Dragon.

Harry shared his smirk, and looked at the now frightened Colin. "Scary, Colin? He isn't the least of your worries. First, thanks to my Knight's effect, another takes his place." A second Skull Knight #2 appeared next to the Demon Token. "Now Benedictus' effect activates! When Benedictus is Summoned, I can instantly activate any Spell card in my Deck. And I choose Gateway To Hell!"

A fiery portal surrounded by skulls appeared on th field behind the still grinning Benedictus. "What does that do?" Colin asked in a shaky voice.

"It allows me to select one Fiend type monster, and use it as a substitute for a Demon monster in a fusion. And fuse them. I chooses my Skull Knight to become an honorary Demon, and fuse him with Demon Warlord Intrek, to Summon Ultimate Demon Warlord Reult (8/2950/2900)!"

Through the portal, Skull Knight #2 and a faint image of a demonic bug like creature, and another large figure, all glad in golden armor, with two swords in his hands. He growled at the now terrified Colin.

"And, because I have a Demon Monster on the field, I can Special Summon Intrek back to the field!" the strange bug took his place next to Reult. "And, Reult's Effect activates! I Sacrifice my remaining Demon Token, and destroy your face down card on the left!"

Harry breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Negate Attack being burned by the flames Reult summoned to destroy it. "Oh, and Colin, all my Demon Monsters gain 500 Attack points from Hellfire Hall. Now, Reult (8/3450,3400), destroy that Cyber Dragon! Sharp Edge of Darkness!"

Cyber Dragon was destroyed by the charging Reult, and a slash from the now shadow infused swords he wielded.

Harry: 8000
Colin: 6550

Colin had a smile on his face. "You activated my Trap! Cyber Egg!" A large mechanical egg floated behind Colin's head. "When Cyber Dragon is destroyed, I can activate this card. My egg can hatch to any Monster in my Deck that has Cyber Dragon in its name or description. And I choose Cyber End Dragon!"

The large three headed Cyber End Dragon emerged from the egg behind Colin. "Of course, he has to stay in Defense Mode, and I can't change his Battle Position because of the Egg, but I'll live."

Harry smiled at his fellow Gryffindor. "Well done. Your turn," he said.

"Thank you," Colin replied, and drew a card. The crowd around then had drawn very large now, with people standing in awe at the amount of power these two had summoned in such a short amount of time. In total, there was 13950 Attack Points on the field and it was only turn five!

Yugi Moto was one of the audience. He and Joey both agreed to not Duel anyone for an hour, to scope out some competition. These two British boys were good, so good that they took the attention away from him. Even with the Egyptian Gods, he didn't know if he could win.

A voice spoke up suddenly. /Of course you could, Yugi. You're a great Duelist./

Yugi smiled. /Thanks, Yami./

Colin placed one card face down and ended his turn. Harry drew his card, knowing that Colin had too good a defence at the moment for him to attack. But Colin was obviously unfamiliar with the Demon Deck.

"This has been fun, Colin. I activate Reult's ability again! I tribute Intrek to destroy your Dragon!"

Colin was shocked. "But... You already..."

Harry smirked. "I can activate this effect once per turn if I have Hellfire Hall on the Field, Col. Sorry. Intrek now returns," the bug reappeared on the field, "and I Equip Benedictus with Lucifer's Blade." The hell forged blade formed in flames in the Demon Lord's hand. "He gains 200 Attack Points for every Demon card I have on the field. That's an extra 800!" The demonic Benedictus roared in triumph as his Attack rose. "I now play Mystical Space Typhoon! Your face down is gone." Colin hung his head and smiled. "Intrek (4, 2400, 1300), Attack!" Harry cried, and Intrek sprinted forward and slashed his claws at Colin. "Sorry, Col. Benedictus (8, 4300, 3500), Attack! Brimstone Barrage!"

Demon Overlord Benedictus appeared in from of Colin, and swung his new blade at the Gryffindor. Colin fell to the ground, defeated.

Harry: 8000
Colin: 0000

The hall faded instantly, and Harry looked down to see his Duel Disk display, 'H. Potter TP: 200', before running over to Colin. "You okay mate?" he asked, sincerely worried, ignoring the cheers from the crowd.

Colin looked up and smiled. "Wow! That was awesome! Harry, you're amazing! You've gotta win this now!" he said, as he handed over his rarest card to Harry, a Trap Card called 'Battle For Supremacy'.

"Colin, I can't take this," Harry exclaimed, and Colin forced it into Harry's hand, saying it was just a card.

Harry smiled at Colin, and extended his hand to pull him up. As Colin took his hand, the crowd parted, and Harry did a double take. "That was a great Duel!"

There stood the King of Games.

A/N: I know that this is different, but I had the need to write it, so I did. Harry's cards do have a meaning, so just wait and see.

New Cards:

Hellfire Hall - Field Spell
All Monsters with 'Demon' in their name gain 500 ATK and DEF Points. All Spellcasters lose 300 ATK Points. When a Monster with 'Demon' in its name is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, choose one Fiend Monster from your Deck and add it to your Hand.

Devilish Soul - Continuous Trap
When your opponent declares an attack, they must choose a card from your Hand. If the card is a
* Monster - The attack continues
* Spell - The attacking Monster loses 1000 ATK points
* Trap - The attack is negated, and your opponents turn is over.

Lucifer's Army - Trap
When this card is activated. summon two Demon Token (2, 0, 0) to your side of the field.

Demon Overlord Benedictus - Effect Monster
Dark Fiend
(ATK; 3200, DEF; 3000)

When this card is Summoned, you can choose one Spell card from your deck and activate it automatically. This card cannot attack the turn it is Summoned.

Gateway To Hell - Spell
Select one Fiend Monster on your side of the field. This Monster can be substituted for any Fusion Material Monster. You may then Summon the Fusion Monster, as if this were Polymerization.

Demon Warlord Intrek - Effect Monster
Dark Fiend
(ATK; 1800, DEF; 1400)
When there is a Monster on your side of the field with 'Demon' in its name, this card can be special summoned from the Graveyard.

Ultimate Demon Warlord Reult - Fusion Effect Monster
Dark Fiend
(ATK; 2950, DEF; 2900)

Demon Warlord Draska + Demon Warlord Intrek
This card can only be Fusion Summoned by Polymerization. If Hellfire Hall is on the field, you can sacrifice one Monster on your side of the field to destroy one card on your opponents side of the field.

Lucifer's Blade - Equip Spell
Equip this Spell to only Monsters with 'Demon' in their name. The equipped Monster will gain 200 ATK and DEF points for every Monster with 'Demon'int its name on your side of the field. When this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you lose 500 Life Points.

Cyber Egg - Trap Card
Activate this card when Cyber Dragon has been destroyed by battle and sent to the can Special Summon one Monster that includes 'Cyber Dragon' in it's name or description in Defense Mode. Its Battle Position cannot be changed.

I will explain the other cards Harry has when he uses them. Including 'Battle For Supremacy', which I personally love.

The use of Colin is a Tribute to my brother. He loves Colin.

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