Chapter 9

The next few days before prom passed quickly, Clark easily dealt with Lex's case of dual personality and whenever he found himself in Lex's company he tried his best to act friendly towards him but both Lex and Chloe noticed the rift between Clark and his former best friend. However Clark wasn't all that bothered, he was enjoying his time with Lois and his parents especially his Dad. Clark had always regretted that his father had never got to see or know himself as a happy husband and was extremely glad that his father had gotten to meet his wife.

Both Lois and Clark were quite excited for prom and were looking forward to see it happen with less of the bodysnatching the trouble was that they didn't know how to get rid of Dawn without getting Clark possessed and then using green kryptonite to exorcise Dawn/Clark. They decided to keep the green k on Lois in the lead lined box seeing as she would be spending the most time with Clark.

Clark came home from school one of the days to find his Mom dancing in the kitchen whilst before he was extremely embarrassed and concerned now a smile came to his face. Sometimes he really missed his old life before superman and the Daily planet. He absolutely loved Lois and being Superman but there were times when he wished he could go back to when the stakes weren't so high. As superman he battled Doomsday, Metallo, Zod and many more each threatening human life and the world, at those times the pressure was so high he could barely function, luckily he had Lois who always reassured him and gave him the confidence he needed to be a hero. Clark was brought out of his thoughts by his Mom /Dawn greeting his with a tub of ice cream waving about as she danced. Clark remembered his lines and talked with Dawn the same as those years before.

Lois descended the stairs just as Martha/Dawn was grilling Clark about his plans for prom. Martha eyed Lois angrily and accused Clark of taking Lois to the prom which they both replied absolutely.

"Oh yeah we've been planning on it for weeks Lois has got a beautiful dress" Clark yapped on and on to Dawn about how him and Lois were going to love prom and especially how thrilled they were

that Chloe was going to be the prom queen. This had the desired effect she burst into a rage about how Chloe was unworthy and how Dawn Stiles was a much better choice for prom queen.

While Clark was distracting her Lois was retrieving the lead box that was on the dining table. Lois was annoyed that at the crucial moment she hadn't got the green K on her. She turned back round to find Dawn advancing on Clark.

"Now" she yelled and Clark reached out to touch Dawn's arm.

"Wha... what's going on" said a bewildered Martha

Dawn/Clark was admiring himself

"Its time for you to leave Dawn" Shouted Lois and opened the box.

At this point Martha realised what was happening and ran behind Lois. Dawn collapsed on the floor panting and writhing in pain.

"What.. are you doing" Dawn gasped

"Let go Dawn, leave now" Urged Lois

Dawn gasped and panted until Clark body arched in pain and the ghostly silohette of Dawn flew out of Clark and up into the air. Ghost Dawn looked back down at them all before finally dissapearing.

"Lois the Kryptonite" gasped Clark still writhing around on the floor.

"Oh god sorry" Lois quickly shut the lid of the box and after a few moments Clark managed to stand up, he then walked over and hugged Lois.

Prom was that night and Clark was very excited to see Lois in her dress. It would be different this time as there was no way Lois was ever going to be seen in a pink dress, again.

Clark stood ready with his father at the bottom of the stairs waiting for their ladies.

Clark smiled wistfully as he saw his fathers eyes light up as his mother descended the stairs. This would be one of the last times he would see him.

"Eyes on me, Smallville" said Lois who was coming down the stairs. Grinning Clark turned round to look at her. As ever she was breathtaking, Lois barely looked any different than the wife he knew back in their time her curves were less pronounced but still more than adequate. She was perfect. He smiled and held out his arm for Lois to take.

"Thank you"

Lois and Clark entered the hall and it was exactly as they remembered it. The lights were dimmed and the band was playing soft slow music. Clark smiled as he remembered the time Lois had told him that she liked nothing better than slow dancing with a big strong man. Clark unfortunately had missed his chance at the first prom but this time he would make sure he had his dance.

They spent the first half an hour or so just walking amongst the people the couples and ran into Chloe who was surprised to see Clark and Lois together but smiled and was happy that they were both enjoying themselves. Chloe moaned about the prom queen nomination and Clark and Lois had a smirk on their faces and told her that she should give it a chance.

Then here it was the prom queen announcement and as expected Chloe won, The dumbfounded surprise on her face made Lois laugh. They listened to Chloe's awkward acceptance speech. Chloe jumped off the stage and Lois forced her to put the tiara on her head Lois giggling at Chloe's embarrassed and angry expression.

"So would you like to dance" Clark asked his wife

"Well that depends, are you going to leave and dance with Lana when she comes" Lois smirked

"Not a chance" Clark grabbed her hand and took a giggling Lois onto the dance floor. Lois reached up and put her arms around Clark's neck while his hands rested on her hips.

"You look beautiful"

"Of course I do Smallville" smiled Lois and Clark laughed.

Lois rested her head on Clark's chest as they swayed slowly and Clark closed his eyes. If Clark wasn't careful he would end up floating up with Lois right in the middle of prom. I was the times like these where there was nothing else but them, only their love for each other that were the best moments of his life. Lois looked up at a smiling Clark.

"What are you grinning about" Clark looked down into her eyes

"You" then Clark closed the distance between their lips. Lois was taken aback at first, in this time they hadn't kissed in public, often making use of the supply closets. Lois relaxed into the kiss which steadily became more passionate. They broke apart sending goofy smiles at each other like they had the very first time they had kissed each other.

Martha and Jonathan looked at the dance floor to see his son and wife dancing slowly looking at each other with obvious love in their eyes. They were over the moon that their son had not only found the happiness that they were so worried that he may not get a chance to experience but he was also a hero using his powers to save lives save the world and he had found the perfect companion who inspired him grounded him and loved him completely. They were the proudest parents in the world.

Lana looked over at the happy couple with anger and annoyance. She was extremely irritated by the fact that Lois Lane was able to get Clark to open up so much more than she ever had and while he may have looked at her with those puppy dog eyes he had never looked at her like that, a look which spoke of so much more.

Lois and Clark stopped moving when the music had ended, Lois smiled brightly at him and pulled him towards the exit. They walked past Martha and Jonathan and they met each others gaze. The time travellers knew that this would be the last time they would see Mr Kent. Jonathan smiled and winked before turning away and disappearing into the crowd with Martha.

Clark let out a deep breath and felt tears beginning to form in his eyes. He looked at his wife who move her hand up to his cheek. Clark leaned into he touch and felt calm. Lois kissed him and then pulled back looking at him expectantly. Clark nodded and took one last wistful look around the hall looking for his father but couldn't see him. He sighed and left with his wife holding his hand tightly.

They walked out onto the football field they were completely alone nobody would see them. Clark reached inside his pocket and brought out the bracelet which he kept in a box. He held the box unopened in his hand while he tried to find the right words.

"You remember what I told you about the prophecy of Naman" Lois nodded

"Well it also states that there is a woman out there destined for him who will wear this bracelet" Clark continued whilst opening the box. It was beautiful the turquoise gem in the centre glowed when Lois looked at it.

"Ten years ago, or two depending on how you look at it, I met a girl who had this bracelet. She was part of the kawatche tribe and this was handed down through her family and she ended up with it, she realised what I was and that I was Naman and we dated for a very short time before she died she gave it back to me and told me she was sorry that she couldn't be the one for me" Clark finished his speech.

"I haven't really thought about it or her for years but your the only person that I would ever consider giving it to, I love you, your my soulmate and we were destined to be together"

Lois smiled as he reached for her arm to put the bracelet on her. He leaned forward and gave her a slow kiss and the gem in the bracelet glowed and a bright light engulfed them both.


They awoke together in bed remembering everything they checked the date and found that they had been gone overnight. So far they had found no changes in the time line as Jor-El had said. The only difference was that now Lois was wearing the bracelet. She grinned at him.

In the weeks that passed they continued about their life Lois with her reporting and Clark with his Superman duties everything was normal or as normal as life can be if your Superman. However Lois was becoming more moody and also horny, it was when she started having cravings that she put it all together and Emil confirmed that their baby was on the way. They were both ecstatic Clark especially he had never thought he could have children but here Lois was proving everybody wrong, that woman could do anything if she set her mind to it.

Clark knew that his dad would be proud of him of them and he vowed to be as good a father as his own had been.