Vignette 18 - 1984


Jack opened his eyes and yawned, feeling warm and sleepy. The early morning sun was streaming through the window and he was aware of the sleeping form behind him, one arm draped around his stomach. He turned slowly and carefully, hoping not to wake Ennis.

He looked at his cowboy, sleeping soundly. The blonde curls were a mess on the pillow and he was in need of a shave, but Jack thought he looked beautiful. He let his eyes travel down Ennis's body, lifting the sheet and looking over his body in admiration. They'd been together for over twenty years, but the sight of Ennis's naked body still floored him. Jack grinned when he saw that Ennis had morning wood.

Guess we'll have to do somethin' about that, he thought to himself wickedly. He drew the sheets down to Ennis's feet and turned himself around, placing his own groin right in front of Ennis's face. He was hoping that once Ennis woke up to his ministrations, he himself would maybe want to return the favour.

Jack went to work, wrapping his mouth around Ennis and starting to suck gently, massaging the balls. Ennis's eyelids fluttered open, arousal stirring within him. "Don't ever get enough, do ya?" he mumbled, a lopsided smile on his face. He then saw what was right in front of his face and decided to join in, pulling Jack's groin to him and giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Jack loved mornings with Ennis.


Lily flicked through the riding magazine, looking at Western gear. She loved to go out riding on her horse Firefly, and now that she was home for the summer she hoped that she would find the time to go racing out on the fields. Maybe Ennis and Jack would join her.

As she sat there reading, she heard low voices and turned her head towards the kitchen. She got up and peeked around the doorway. Ennis and Jack were there, sat at the table together. They were holding hands and smiling at each other as they talked, and Jack was playing with Ennis's fingers. Lily smiled and moved out of sight, liking this show of affection. Growing up, she'd learned that as long as they were still doing things like this, she wasn't about to lose one of them. It gave her comfort that they were still so in love.

Eventually, Jack prised himself away from Ennis to get lunch started, but he wasn't left alone. Ennis got up to help him and they fell into a familiar routine. Despite the fact that their day-to-day routine rarely changed, it never got boring. Both of them were very happy and were glad that they had this stability. They had needed it in the early days when they'd first moved in together, because it helped them to cope with other things. And they couldn't really say that their sex life was boring; far from it. They could always please each other.


Ennis wasn't too sure about how he felt today. It was his forty-first birthday, and while he'd enjoyed spending time with his family, he couldn't help but feel that he was getting on in years now. He was no longer the young teenager he'd been when he'd met Jack, and while he was still strong and durable, his reflexes weren't quite as quick as they used to be.

Still, he tried not to think about what had changed, instead focusing on what he'd accomplished. He was a co-owner of a very successful ranch, was closer to his brother and sister than they ever had been as children, and had a wonderful family and group of friends.

But the best thing about time passing was the wonderful man he'd shared his life with. Jack...his loving partner. Whenever Ennis started to get self-conscious about his age or worried that he was getting "over the hill", all he would have to do was look at Jack and remember the years they'd spent together. They'd been through so much and it was far from over. And he suspected that their active sex life kept them in good shape.

Like now, as he thrust upwards and watched Jack riding him like a bull or a horse, bucking up and down and groaning. He thrust in as deeply as he could and saw Jack about to explode. Their mutual orgasm passed in a blur of stars and moans, until Jack collapsed onto him, breathing heavily.


"Merry Christmas, darlin'," Ennis said with a smile as he passed over Jack's present, seeing the look in his eyes. No matter how old they got, they always enjoyed this holiday.

Jack opened up his present, grinning when he saw it was a brand new hat; his favourite Resistol kind. His old one was starting to get tatty.

"Aw, Ennis...thank you," he said to him, kissing his cheek. He then handed over Ennis's present. "Here you go." Ennis opened it up to reveal a new pair of boots. He'd needed a new pair.

"Thank you, Jack," he said softly, kissing Jack's cheek in return. They then handed over Lily and Rose's presents and received their gifts from them.

A little later, Ennis and Jack were on their hill, rolling around on a blanket and kissing. They weren't going to have sex; it was way too cold to be exposing skin. But this was good; rolling around and kissing, they'd agreed. Jack especially liked running his gloved hands up and down Ennis's chest; in spite of all the layers he was wearing, Jack could feel every muscle.

"Mmm...this is good," he murmured, closing his eyes and sighing contentedly. Ennis nuzzled his neck.

"Sure is, bud. Wish we could do more..." His hand wandered to Jack's belt buckle, but Jack stopped him.

"We can't...too cold. I ain't gettin' frostbite down there..." Ennis pulled his hand back up to Jack's waist.

"Alright, darlin' owe me for later." Jack grinned.

"Sure thing, cowboy."