Vignette 2 - 1968


It was Mother's Day, and Jack was handing his present over to his mother, a smile on his face. He'd given her a brand new summer cardigan; just light enough for the hot weather to come.

"Oh, Jack...thank you." She kissed his cheek and admired the soft blue material.

"No problem, mama." Ennis then leaned forward and handed her his present; he'd bought her a beautiful gold necklace, the kind she liked. She thanked him too and then they saw Lily enter the kitchen from the living room, looking lost. They'd told her what day it was today and they could see the sadness in her young eyes. Jack picked her up and kissed her forehead. "You wanna go see yer mama?" he asked softly, and she nodded.

Since Lily wasn't old enough to get on a horse yet, they all walked across the land to where Becky was buried, bringing flowers with them. Lily ran forward and placed her flowers on the grave.

"Happy Mama's Day, mama," she said in her little voice, and Jack smiled at Ennis.

"This is gonna get harder when she's older, so we'd better appreciate this while it lasts. Gonna be difficult for her when she starts school an' they gotta make stuff."

Ennis nodded, remembering how hard it had been for him to watch other kids his age with their mothers, wishing that his own was still alive. He promised himself that he wouldn't let Lily suffer as much as he had.


Jack's whole body trembled as Ennis thrust deep into him a few more times, his eyes staring up at the sky as he felt Ennis inside him and all around him. He shot between them, Ennis finally released into him and they collapsed together, chests heaving. Jack purred in contentment.

"Mmm...amazin' as always," he sighed, running his hands up and down Ennis's back. His cowboy sank further down onto him.

"Told ya a million times, Jack...I'm only amazin' 'cos of you." This made Jack smiled.

"Aww, ain't you a sweet talker?" He kissed the part of Ennis's head he could reach. "You sure know how to make a guy go outta his mind, that's for sure."

Ennis rose up and kissed Jack on the mouth, pushing his tongue in to find his lover's. Jack's fingers were in Ennis's curls, stroking through them gently and making him sigh into Jack's mouth. When they broke apart, Ennis trailed a finger along Jack's jawline. He looked like he was thinking about something.

"What's on yer mind, cowboy?" Ennis shrugged, just letting his eyes roam all over Jack's face.

"Just you. Thinkin' how I always love spendin' summer days with you. Reminds me of Brokeback."

"Not to mention the hot summer nights," Jack replied with a grin. "They were somethin' else, but we've got it better now. Know why?"

Ennis nodded. "Yep. 'Cos we're together, an' there ain't nothin' holdin' us back now." They kissed again and were soon ready for another round.


Jack tried to keep up with Lily as they ran towards Rick's front door, but she was a lot faster than he'd anticipated. She had already knocked by the time he got up the steps, and the door opened to reveal their doctor.

"Trick or treat!" she chirped, smiling up at him. He exchanged a smile and a nod with Jack and brought out a bowl of candy by the front door.

"Here ya go, little miss," he said to her, and nodded at her costume. "You sure do make a scary witch."

She giggled and thanked him before running back down the steps. Jack waved a hand to Rick and followed her as she carried on down the street. He wasn't entirely sure what he'd let himself in for when he'd offered to take her out tonight. She wasn't even four yet, but she had a real zest for life. Jack couldn't help but remember Becky and the times they'd done this together back in Lightning Flat. In her costume, Lily looked just like her mother.

They went around town, visiting all of Ennis and Jack's friends for candy, and then she finally allowed him to take her home. He could see that she was fading fast. He gathered her up in his arms and walked her back to the truck, her head falling onto his shoulder. When he got her safely in the truck, he kissed her forehead.

"Hope you had fun, baby girl," he said softly.


Ennis and Jack were stretching in their bed and just thinking about an early morning tumble between the sheets, when there was a tiny knock at their door. "Uncle Ennis? Uncle Jack?" They looked at each other and smiled. Both of them pulled on their pyjama bottoms before Jack unlocked the door to let Lily in, picking her up and sitting down on the end of the bed with her.

"Merry Christmas, honey," he said to her, ruffling her hair. "You wanna go an' see what Santa brought you?" She nodded and tore out of the room again, leaving them alone. Jack turned back to look at Ennis, a twinkle in his eye. "Gonna get you later, cowboy."

Ennis smirked. "I'd like to see you try, boy." Jack crawled up the bed and kissed him until he was hard, and then broke away. He saw Ennis biting his lip and knew he'd gotten him riled up.

"Guess you gotta take care of that. I'll go downstairs." Jack didn't get the chance to leave the room just yet; Ennis grabbed him and shut the door, pressing up against him.

"Yer gonna pay for that," he growled in Jack's ear, making him shiver. The next few moments passed in a blur and they finally made their way downstairs, Jack walking with a hitch in his step. They sat on the sofa together and watched as Lily unwrapped her presents, a wide smile on her face and the occasional squeal of delight.