Vignette 3 - 1969


Jack rolled over in bed, stretching a little. Ennis was still asleep next to him and he could hear a light pattering of rain on the roof. He looked over at the window and decided to stretch his legs. Trying not to wake Ennis, he slid out of bed and made his way to the window. When he pulled the curtain back, he could see the April showers falling outside. He could see the grey early-morning light and smiled to himself. It looked like it would be a beautiful day.

He heard movement behind him, and then a voice. "Jack?"

He turned, smiling. "Just seein' the weather. It's rainin' now but it's gonna be real nice later." Ennis nodded and his eyes drifted down Jack's naked body, liking what he saw.

"Bud...come back here." Jack grinned and obeyed, crawling back into the sheets and slipping an arm around Ennis's warm body.

"Mmm...yer still full of sleep, cowboy. Like you this way...all calm an' relaxed. Feels good..."

Ennis's nose was bumping against his as he searched for Jack's lips, finally finding them. They kissed softly and Ennis's hand came up into Jack's dark hair, twining in his thick locks and making him moan into his mouth. Ennis then rolled on top of him and smiled as they broke apart.

"So...since we're both wanna?" His eyes were glittering with lust at Jack, and he nodded.

"You bet, cowboy." Their mouths met again and they forgot about everything but each other.


Ennis left the tent and saw Jack on the other side of camp, clearly relieving himself. The eggs and bacon for breakfast were cooking nicely and it was another beautiful day. They always loved to spend their wedding anniversary on their mountain.

He crept across camp and waited until Jack was done; he didn't want to cause him damage by making him jump. When Jack was zipped and buckled up, Ennis slid one arm around his waist and the other around his neck, pulling him close. He rocked Jack from side to side and hummed in his ear. Jack smiled and closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling. He loved it when Ennis did this; a reminder of their first summer on the mountain.

" havin' a good time, rodeo? I know we like comin' back here..."

"Yeah. Always love bein' here for our anniversary. Six years already..."

"Yep. An' five years since we got married. Time flies, huh?"

"Sure does." He relaxed for a moment and then jumped. "Shit, the breakfast! It's gonna burn..." Ennis let him go and they turned to the fire, attempting to save the food. It wasn't yet burned, and Jack managed to get it on their plates. They sat side by side with their backs against the log, eating in a comfortable silence. When they were done, Ennis lifted his arm up and Jack curled himself up against him. They sat there for a while, and then decided to go back to the tent.


The three of them approached the building, Ennis and Jack both apprehensive. It was Lily's first day at Day Care and Jack was saddened to let her go. It wasn't as if they were too busy to look after her, but they wanted her to start making friends and have the kind of childhood they missed out on. Ennis could see that Lily was excited, but nervous about it.

When they reached the front, Jack crouched down and looked her in the eyes. "Now remember, me an' Uncle Ennis want ya to make some friends, okay? Yer gonna have a lot of fun here, I promise. But if you don't like it an' wanna come home, tell the lady who's lookin' after you, okay? We'll come an' get you." She nodded and put her tiny arms around his neck.

"Bye, Uncle Jack." He kissed her forehead.

"Bye, honey." He stood up and she went to Ennis, who picked her up and kissed her cheek.

"Be good, okay? An' have fun. We'll pick you up in a few hours, alright?"

"Yep. Bye, Uncle Ennis." He let her down and she ran to the entrance, where the woman in charge was greeting the other children. She knew Ennis and Jack and their situation with Lily; she waved at them as Lily approached her and they went inside.

Ennis put his arm around Jack's shoulders in a friendly way, shaking him a little. "She'll be alright, rodeo."

Jack nodded, smiling. "I know."


They sat on their bed together, completely naked. Their arms and legs were around each other as they kissed, enjoying the afternoon quiet. It was Valentine's and they had just swapped gifts for each other. Jack pulled away and smiled.

"Got us somethin', cowboy," he said softly. Ennis kissed his neck, enjoying nibbling at Jack's skin. He especially liked the soft skin at Jack's collarbone.

"Hmm? What's that?" he mumbled, hands roaming around Jack's stomach and heading south.

"You'll see." Jack pulled himself away reluctantly and leaned over to his nightstand, giving Ennis a perfect view of his ass, and he came back with a box of dark chocolate. He smiled. "You want some? We could feed each other..."

"Sounds good." They both took a chocolate and put them halfway in each other's mouths, biting and swallowing until they were done, and they continued until the box was empty. Jack could see that Ennis's tongue was covered in chocolate, and he knew that his must look the same. He leaned in and slid their tongues together, the rich taste arousing them and intensifying their need for each other. Jack leaned back on the bed and pulled Ennis over him, their lips never parting.

"I love this day," he whispered as he felt Ennis moving down his body to his crotch. Ennis licked and sucked at him a little, making him moan.

"Me too," he answered as he took Jack fully in his mouth. There were no more words needed.