Vignette 4 - 1970


Lily giggled as she ran into the barn, Jack following her.

"C'mere, ya little scamp!" he called after her, sweeping her up into his arms and tickling her. "You can't outrun me, you know that." He kissed her cheek and brought her back outside, where a light rain was falling. He put her down and watched her playing with her dolls in the grass. She was quite a sight in her cowgirl outfit, and he was irresistibly reminded of Becky. He felt Ennis's arm come around his waist and smiled at his cowboy. "Hey."

"Hey, darlin'. Looks like she's havin' fun, huh?" They both watched her, smiles on their faces. Bringing her up hadn't been easy at first, but they were getting better all the time. Rose was a big help, as she could remember bringing Jack up and knew how to take care of a child.

"She sure does, cowboy. I reckon we're doin' a good job, right?"

"Yeah. Wasn't always easy, but..." The rain started falling harder and they both glanced up. "We'd better get her inside."

"Right. Lily, come on. Get outta this rain." Jack disentangled himself from Ennis and scooped her up, leaving Ennis to bring her toys in. They got her in the living room and Jack gave her some juice. He and Ennis stepped back outside for a smoke, sat in the wicker chairs. They linked hands between them and smiled at each other. Life was going pretty well for all of them.


They were sat at the kitchen table, the adults all smiling. Rose unwrapped her present from Ennis; a brand new white cardigan. Lily, with her uncles' help, had given her a new silver bracelet and a large bouquet of flowers.

"Oh, Ennis...thank you, sweetheart." She kissed his cheek and he blushed, his mouth working into that shy smile that Jack loved.

"Ain't no problem. Happy birthday, Rose."

Jack's present was next; a new book that she'd wanted for a while. She thanked him and they began their breakfast. Jack locked his leg around Ennis's underneath the table and smiled at him.

"So, what do you wanna do today, mama?" he asked, looking at her. "Anythin' you want."

"You know me, Jack. I'd just like to have a quiet day. But...I would like to go for dinner tonight. Is that okay?"

"Sure, mama." There was no question what they would do with Lily; she was very well-behaved in public and they had taught her manners.

For the rest of the day, Rose sat in her chair reading and keeping an eye on Lily, while Ennis and Jack went upstairs to make the most of their day off.

They went to their favourite restaurant in the evening and Jack proposed a toast to his mother, citing what a wonderful woman she was and how much he meant to her. Ennis followed suit and thanked her for bringing Jack into the world. She thanked them both for being wonderful sons to her.


"Happy birthday, cowboy," Jack said with a smile as he came back into the bedroom, his arms full of a breakfast tray for both of them. Ennis smiled and sat up, enjoying the view of his naked lover bringing him food. Jack had already woken him up this morning by taking him into his mouth and making his head spin for several moments.

Jack put the tray in his lap and climbed back into bed, sighing as he got comfortable. They put the tray between them and sat closely together, occasionally meeting each other's eyes and smiling.

"This looks real good, Jack," Ennis told him, starting to dig in. "You sure ain't a bad cook these days." Jack smiled at him.

"Anythin' for my man," he replied as he sipped his orange juice. The breakfast took a little longer to eat than it should have done, given that they started to feed each other about halfway through. When they were done, Jack pulled Ennis out of bed and into the shower, soaping his back and making him melt under his touch.

"Jack...want you in me..." Jack nibbled his earlobe.

"You got it, cowboy." He used the soap bar to prepare himself and gently pushed Ennis against the wall, sliding into him and hearing him sigh. They moved slowly at first, until Ennis asked him to move faster. By the time they climaxed, Jack was practically slamming Ennis into the wall, their moans reverberating around the walls. The earth moved.


Ennis and Jack walked into the barn together, their heads bowed against the cold wind. Christmas was fast approaching and they were looking forward to the holiday season. They sat together on the bench and sighed in unison. Ennis put an arm around Jack and felt him shivering. "Cold, rodeo?" He rubbed his hand up and down Jack's arm.

"Yeah. Never did like the temperature droppin' at this time of year. It's better than Wyomin', but still."

"Mmm...c'mere." He saw Jack's face turn to his, a slight smile on his face. They leaned in and kissed, Jack turning his body and pressing close to Ennis. His gloved hands slid up Ennis's chest and around his neck, arms winding around it and pulling him closer. Ennis slipped his free hand between Jack's legs and rested there comfortably, rubbing slightly. Jack moaned a little into Ennis's mouth and then pulled away.

"You gettin' frisky, cowboy?" he asked, voice laced with temptation. Ennis looked into his eyes and rubbed harder.

"Maybe. You got a problem with that?" he asked in a low, throaty voice. Jack shook his head.

"Hell no. But...I don't wanna do it out here, too cold. Can we go in the house?"

"Sure. Come on." They linked hands and stood up, quickly making their way from the barn and to the house, not caring who might see them. When their lust for each other grabbed hold of them, that was it; everything else could take a number and wait.