Vignette 5 - 1971


Ennis and Jack sat on the back steps together as they watched Lily playing with the dogs. She was six years old now and was full of energy. The dogs were running around her and barking, their tails wagging. Both of them knew that Lily would be perfectly safe with the dogs; they were very protective and they seemed to love her.

"Looks like she's really growin' up, huh?" Jack mused, his head leaning on Ennis's shoulder. His partner nodded.

"Yeah, sure does. Seems like just yesterday we was at the hospital, helpin' Becky with the labour." He smiled.

"I know. We've been around for her whole life, an' seen her grow up. Sure wish Becky could be here too."

"She probably is somewhere. I reckon she ain't never left us." Jack moved in closer to Ennis, who tightened his grip around him. They sat there, completely at ease as they watched their niece play with the dogs. Lily's laughter reached their ears and they smiled, glad to see her so happy.

After a while, they saw that Lily was getting tired, so they stood up and Jack whistled to the dogs for them to come in. They padded up to the steps and Ennis picked Lily up.

Inside, they gave Lily something to eat and she then fell asleep on the sofa, leaving Ennis and Jack to curl up in one of the chairs together. Jack ended up on Ennis's lap, but neither of them cared too much.


Jack rolled off Ennis onto his back and sighed, stretching out on the blanket and gazing up at the sky. He felt Ennis press his lips to his cheek.

"Good ride, darlin'?" he asked in a murmur. Jack nodded.

"Yup, as always. Just like ridin' them bulls. Only..." He smiled. "The bull I just rode ain't like no other. Big guy; really knows how to move. He keeps tryin' to buck me off, but...I'm too good for him."

"That so. Them's fightin' words, Jack Twist. You wanna go again, prove that?"

Jack groaned a little. "In a little while. Lemme get my breath back."

"So now yer complainin'," Ennis sighed, stretching. "Guess you ain't all that after all." Jack rolled on top of Ennis once more and looked down at him.

"You wanna say that again, cowboy? Wanna fight on that?" Ennis smirked.

"Let's go, rodeo." They grabbed hold of each other and started wrestling, rolling off the blanket and onto the grass, both laughing and copping a feel whenever they could. It was just like that time on Brokeback, but they knew that this wouldn't turn into a real fight.

Ennis pinned Jack down and straddled him, dark eyes glittering. "Keep still, ya hear me?" He sucked and bit at Jack's neck until he was squirming underneath him.

"Oh God...Ennis..."

"Whaddaya want, rodeo?" he breathed into Jack's ear.

"Fuck me, please..."

Ennis rose up and pushed Jack's legs up until he was bent in half. "You got it."


Jack grinned as Ennis manoeuvred him up the stairs and along the hallway towards their bedroom. Ennis had taken him out for a meal to celebrate his birthday, and remained tight-lipped about his surprise.

"Come on, cowboy. Tell me..."

"Nuh-uh. Just hold yer horses, rodeo." They got to their bedroom and Ennis closed the door with his foot, keeping his hands covering Jack's eyes.

Jack stopped and sniffed. "What's that?"

"You'll see." Ennis removed his hands and heard Jack gasp.

"Oh, Ennis...thank you..." The room was filled with sandalwood candles, on the nightstand and on every other surface. He could see some kind of massage oil on Ennis's nightstand. Jack turned and kissed Ennis warmly. "Ennis...this is wonderful." Ennis smiled at him and ran his hands along his back.

"Come on, darlin'. Let me give ya a good rub." Jack nodded and they both stripped off before crawling onto the bed. With one more kiss, Jack turned onto his stomach and soon felt Ennis's hand rubbing his back, spreading the oil over him.

"Mmm...that's good," he murmured, enjoying his cowboy's gentle touch. Ennis kissed his neck and continued down his body, stopping at his feet and then asking him to turn over. Jack did so and Ennis rubbed his chest, all the while gazing into his eyes. By now they were both aroused, and Jack pulled Ennis's face down to his for a kiss. "Ennis...I wanna..."

"I know." Ennis leaned in close and they moved on to round two.


Ennis and Jack sat in front of the fire, having moved the sofa so that they could lean against it. They both had glasses of mulled wine and they could hear Christmas songs playing on the radio in the corner. Ennis's arm was around Jack, occasionally stroking his arm and pulling him closer. Jack rested his head on Ennis's shoulder and closed his eyes lazily, listening to the crackling of the fire and Ennis's steady breathing.

"You have a good day, Ennis?" he asked softly, and Ennis nodded against him.

"Yeah. Gets better every year, darlin'. An' I know Lily always has fun. Seein' her smile...lets me know that we did somethin' right. We did the best we could with her."

"We've done just fine, cowboy. An' there's still a long way to go, after all. Got plenty of years ahead of us, to see her grow up. Can't wait."

"Me neither, Jack. We've got a lot to look forward to, ain't we?"

"Yep." They finished off the wine and got up, Jack pressing his body close to Ennis's. "Tell you what...why don't you go on up? I'll get these put away an' then I'll come join you. How's that?"

Ennis smiled and kissed him. "Sounds good to me, rodeo. See you up there." He watched Jack walk away and then headed upstairs, eager for Jack to join him.

He'd barely been waiting five minutes when he heard footsteps, and then Jack came in, eyes glittering.

"Let's go, cowboy."