Vignette 6 - 1972


They were sat on the blanket on their hill, looking out at Sandersville in the distance. It was a bright, clear day and there wasn't a sound nearby.

Jack was resting his head on Ennis's shoulder, and he smiled. "Well...nine years, cowboy. I pulled up in that godforsaken truck an' saw the love of my life for the first time. So shy...leanin' against that trailer; couldn't even look me in the eye." Ennis sighed a little and pulled his arm tighter around Jack's waist.

"Yeah. But that didn't stop you. Drapin' yerself like that over yer truck. Couldn't help but stare at ya. Thought I wasn't supposed to but I did it anyway."

"Mmm...when I reached in the truck for my razor an' that cup, was you eyeballin' my ass?" Jack asked, grinning up at Ennis. He shrugged.

"Yeah, kinda. But I tried to stop myself. Thought it was wrong. But now..." He met Jack's eyes. "This is only thing that feels right most of the time. We've come a real long way, bud."

Jack softly pressed their lips together for a few seconds and then nuzzled into Ennis's neck.

"We sure have. I love you, Ennis. Can't believe how happy I am these days. Never thought I could feel like this."

"Me neither, darlin'. An' I love you too." Jack looked up at him again, eyes sparkling.

"Wanna show me?" he asked slyly, and he was soon on his back with Ennis on top of him, being kissed.


Jack smiled and wound his arms around Ennis's neck. "Happy anniversary, cowboy. Eight years since I made an honest man of ya."

"Mmm...same to you, darlin'," Ennis replied as they kissed. When they pulled apart, Ennis slid his hands down to Jack's ass. "So...what present did ya get me?"

"Well, you can have that later," he replied, pushing his ass back into Ennis's hands. "But I got ya somethin' else first."

"Yeah?" Jack nodded and prised himself away, disappearing into the tent for a moment. He came back with a small, flat box. Ennis looked at it curiously.

"It's dark chocolate, cowboy. Figured we could eat 'em together, maybe in front of the fire later. An' when we're can have yer other present." He smiled. "I wanna do it by the fire tonight."

Ennis nodded his approval. "Sounds good to me." Jack put the chocolate back inside so it wouldn't melt. "Bud, you wanna go for a walk?" Jack went a little red and nodded, his heart fluttering at such a simple yet sweet idea.

"Okay." They headed off, hand in hand along the river and crossing the bridge. Their joined hands swung together as they walked, and both of them were completely at peace up here.

After a while, they came to a clearing and lay down in the grass, staring up at the sky through the trees. It was their own perfect world, just the two of them, and right now they didn't need anything else.


Jack pulled the truck to a stop and looked over at Lily. He and Ennis took it in turns to drive her to school each day, and he could tell that she liked having both of them spend this time with her. He didn't know if the teachers at the school knew the true nature of their relationship, and that they weren't really cousins, but nothing had happened to make him worry. Lily's teacher was nice, and Lily seemed to be happy.

"So, I'll pick ya up around three, then," he said to his niece, and she smiled at him. "I was thinkin' of orderin' us all some pizza tonight, it bein' Friday an' all."

"Okay, Uncle Jack. Sounds good." She kissed him on the cheek and hopped out of the truck. "Bye." She waved at him.

"See ya, honey." He waved back and started driving again. She sure was growing up fast, and she was making him and Ennis proud. Her teachers spoke highly of her and she was doing very well in all her subjects. He felt a twinge of pain that her mother wasn't around to be here for all of this, but he knew that they were doing okay. Jack hoped that she would want to go to college one day, and have more opportunities than they had had.

Jack arrived home and immediately started searching around for his other half. He found him in the stables; within minutes, two bodies were melding into one.


"Happy birthday, Lily!" Jack said, grinning at her as he hugged her. "Eight years old, gettin' to be a big girl, huh?"

"Uh huh," she replied, beaming up at him. He brought her over to the table.

"Okay, we're havin' a little breakfast an' then we gotta set up for the party, okay? So try not to eat too much. Yer grandma made a cherry cake for the party; I know how much you like that."

"Really, Grandma?" she asked, eyes alight with interest. Rose smiled.

"I sure did, sweetie."

After breakfast, Ennis and Jack were outside setting up the table. Their hands brushed together now and then, and they frequently smiled at each other. When everything was ready, Ennis pulled Jack into the empty barn. Lips were drawn together like magnets and Jack pushed himself up against Ennis, from chest to feet.

"Mmm...what's that for?" he asked, surprised but not unpleasantly so.

"Just 'cos I love ya." He combed his fingers through Jack's hair. "Can't believe she's eight already. Been so long..."

"Yeah. I remember the night she was born; one of the happiest nights of my life."

"Sure was." After a few moments, Jack spoke again.

"Hey...remember how you dragged me into that store room, an' we did it on that chair?" he asked, rubbing the front of Ennis's jeans.


"Well...we've got a chair in here. Can put it in the back room if we want. Just sayin'..."

Ennis kissed him again. "You got it, darlin'."