Vignette 8 - 1974


Jack flicked through the paper with interest. There was a large spread on current attitudes towards homosexuality, and he was pleased to see that things were changing in their favour. A lot of stigma was disappearing, and more people were publicly coming out, owning up to who they were with no shame. A part of him hoped that he and Ennis could one day feel comfortable enough to do the same.

A kiss on the back of his neck made him smile. "Hey, cowboy."

"Hey, darlin'. What you readin' there?" Ennis looked over the open pages and he saw the headline. "Oh..."

"Yep. Things are changin' for people like us, Ennis. Gettin' better."

Ennis reluctantly brought out his reading glasses that Jack had talked him into getting and put them on so he could see the text properly. He leaned over Jack and they read it over together. "Ain't that somethin'?"

"Yeah. They're even settin' up helplines for people who are bein' harassed. Sodomy laws are bein' repealed. Things are definitely changin' from when we was kids." Jack bit his lip. "I mean...people are probably still gettin' hurt or killed just for bein' who they are, but...just look at all this, cowboy. Things ain't as bad as they used to be."

"Guess not." Ennis pulled Jack's face to his. "Sure hope that one day...we'll have the same rights as straight folks. Like...gettin' married all legal. You know?"

Jack smiled and rose up to meet Ennis's lips eagerly. "I do."


Ennis slid into the Jacuzzi and sighed in contentment, feeling the jets soothing his sore muscles. He cracked one eye open and looked at Jack, who was still stripping off.

"Come on, rodeo. Yer takin' forever."

Jack turned to look at him, an expression of amusement on his face. "Hang on, cowboy." He turned back around and slowly pulled his jeans down, knowing full well that Ennis would be staring at his ass and probably getting hard in response. He turned around and saw the unmistakeable look of lust in Ennis's eyes. Deciding that they could have a little fun in here, Jack climbed into the tub, facing Ennis and straddling his lap, getting into the perfect position.

"So...what do you wanna do now?" he whispered, looking into Ennis's eyes and trailing a hand down his body. "Huh...look at this big boner you've got. Shouldn't waste it, you know."

"Mmm...guess not," Ennis murmured as their lips met. Jack shifted until he felt Ennis pushing at his ass, and he spread his cheeks to help. Ennis grabbed his hips and started to thrust up into him, their lips never parting as they explored each other's mouths. Jack moved up and down as if he was riding a bull, and rubbed himself against Ennis's stomach.

They moaned out in unison as they both came, and then Jack released Ennis, relaxing against him. Ennis's arms wound around him and pulled him close.

"Knew this tub would be a good idea," he breathed.


Jack sat in the wicker chair on the back porch, sipping from a small glass of whiskey and thinking as he stared out at the gathering darkness. Today would have been his father's fifty-first birthday, and all day his thoughts had been conflicting. He wasn't sure if he felt sad or not at the fact that his father wasn't around. True, he had been very cruel to Jack when he was alive, but Jack had never let go of his wish that for just one moment, he could have understood the man better. Jack knew why his father had been that way, but he didn't think it a good excuse for treating him the way he had. Maybe he would never understand.

His thoughts were interrupted by the screen door opening and closing, and soon he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see his mother smiling softly at him.

"Oh, hey mama," he murmured, leaning into her like he did when he was a little boy. She kissed the top of his head.

"It's okay, honey. I know it ain't been easy for us today. You don't gotta say nothin'." He nodded and they sat there for a while, both of them thinking about the man, who both of them remembered but in very different ways.

When Jack slipped into bed later, Ennis spooned up behind him and pulled him close, rubbing his stomach silently. Jack smiled to himself and closed his eyes, feeling safe.


Jack was gripping the bars of the headboard, his knuckles turning white as he felt himself nearing the edge. A few moments before, Ennis had disappeared under the covers and he couldn't muster up a coherent thought.

"Oh God,'re so good at this," he ground out as he closed his eyes. His chest was heaving and damp with sweat as Ennis continued to literally drink from him, lapping up every little bit of pre-come from him and fondling his balls at the same time. Jack's head was spinning and his breath was now coming out in short gasps, his hips bucking as Ennis took him in his mouth properly. A few hard sucks and he was there, shooting deep into Ennis's throat. His lover drank it all down and stroked himself until he spilled onto the sheets. Jack collapsed back onto the mattress, his hands limply falling down and spreading out. "Wow..."

Ennis's head popped up from under the covers; he looked very pleased with himself. "You like that, darlin'?" he asked lightly, seeing Jack's flushed face.

"You sure got a gift with yer mouth, cowboy." Ennis kissed him and lay down beside him, stretching.

"Hmm, thanks. You make it easy, bein' so damn beautiful down there. Can't help but wanna get my mouth on ya."

Jack laughed as much as his worn-out body would let him, and he curled up next to Ennis, who put an arm around him. "Thanks, baby. The feelin's mutual, believe me."