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Chapter 1

To say that their family was normal was a complete understatement. They were the weirdest, yet troublesome family anybody could ever meet. They weren't real family but they loved each other like one, as both Yunho and Jaejoong was changmin's best friend they helped escape from an abusive home, Junsu was naturally Jaejoong's best friend, and Yoochun was Yunho's best friend, they settled down in a house, it was big enough to fit them, a two story house filled with 4 main bedrooms and 2 guest rooms at the bottom.

After living in the house a while, Yunho and Jaejoong became couples and also (somewhat) became the parents of the house. Junsu, Changmin, and Yoochun were the most troubled people in the family. They would get into so much trouble that their neighbors had to warn their other neighbors about them. Yunho and Jaejoong never expected them to be like this. Junsu was 19, Yoochun was 21, and Changmin was 16, they thought they knew better than that, well may be not the maknae, he is still very young. Even though the three weren't really their children, they treated them like their own. But good lord, did they need some family help. It was only the beginning of the chaos…

~ Y~_

Yunho grabbed Jaejoong by the hips and lifted him up on the counter, he kissed his lips softly before smiling brightly at him, "Jae boo, the three Maknaes are outside, let's have some fun in the meanwhile." He kissed Jaejoong's neck and Jaejoong moaned, "But Yunho, we can't do it in the kitchen, they might see us." Yunho nodded and lifted Jaejoong up and carried him to their bedroom, making sure they closed the door.


Junsu dribbled the ball and kicked it toward Yoochun, the ball was about to slam into his face until he dodged it by ducking, the ball went passed him and straight into the house where they heard a loud crash. Changmin got up from the porch to see what happened. He looked at Junsu who looked absolutely frightened. All three of them went into the house, and when Yoochun spotted the ball by pointing they all got scared. Jaejoong's favorite glass vase that he got from Paris which was $900 sat there, completely broken, shattered, and scattered all over the ground. Yoochun looked at Junsu, "you are in so much trouble!" Changmin put a hand to his mouth silencing them. "Maybe we can cover it up. Neither Jaejoong nor Yunho has paid attention to it anyway." Yoochun and Junsu suddenly smiled, it was very smart of changmin, but then again he is an all A student in class.

They started to clean up the mess, as they picked it up Changmin cut his finger. He instantly put it into his mouth, "itai…that hurt." Yoochun looked at it and shrugged, "it's not that big of a cut, go put a band aid on it." The 16 year old nodded and skipped away. After Junsu and Yoochun finished picking up the pieces Yoochun said, "go put it somewhere that they can't find it!"


"Shit…hurry, go!"

Yoochun ran to the couch and sat on it as if nothing happened, he watched as Yunho came down the stairs and looked at him, "Yoochun what was that noise?" Yoochun shrugged, "man, I heard it, but I am just guessing it was the neighbor and her glass." Yunho raised an eyebrow, but Yoochun pulled it off with a shrug. What was so good about the situation was that the neighbor, the old lady, was really a stained glass collector.

"Alright Yoochun its gone…"

Junsu froze as he saw Yunho standing there, "what's gone Junsu?" Junsu gulped, "I um…there was a spider…" Yoochun bit his lip hoping Yunho would take it. He knew Yoochun was really afraid of spiders so it might work.

"Oh, okay, Jaejoong should be down in a minute to cook, he is…well…sore right now."

Yunho chuckled to himself, Yoochun raised an eyebrow, "hm, you should stop laying it to him you know." Yunho shrugged, "what can I say?" Changmin showed up a few seconds after the short conversation and lay next to Yunho, resting his head in his lap. Yunho stroked his hair, "hey Min, what's with the long face?" Changmin sighed, "Nothing, I am just bored." Yunho shrugged, "well you got school after tomorrow, may be homework will give you something to do." Changmin scoffed. He always hated homework, he never liked it one bit—


Changmin suddenly bit his lip and looked up at Junsu who looked just as frightened as he did. Yoochun tried to remain neutral but you could still see slight fear in his eyes. Jaejoong stood there crossing his arms waiting for an answer. When nobody did Jaejoong smiled, that kind of smile when you know he is either on to you, or he knows your secret, "alright then, who was playing soccer? Because you guys know there is no soccer aloud in the house." Junsu and Yoochun cursed in their minds. "Well? ANSWER ME!" they flinched, "boys this isn't a game, and if you don't tell me who did what, all of your asses will be at risk. So on the counts of three, you better tell me who is responsible for my vase going missing."


They looked at each other in worry and fear.


They didn't know what to do; confess, get their asses beat, or not confess and GET THEIR ASSES BEAT

"Alright, you guys, thre—


Everyone looked at Junsu; Junsu looked at Jaejoong's face who was confused. "what DID you do?" Junsu fiddled with his fingers and hesitated before answering, "it was my fault, I was playing soccer and hit it too hard, Yoochun ducked and the ball ran into your glass vase, we all tried to pick up the glasses and I threw it in the back yard." Jaejoong's fast was priceless, "is that how Changmin got a band aid, by helping you clean up the mess? Why didn't you guys come to me?" he sounded hurt, yet still angry. Yunho stood up from the couch, "and not only that, but you lied to Me." the three musketeers where silent.

"Hm…okay, I know what I'll do with you. Changmin in the corner, Yoochun in your room, and you…"

He pointed at Junsu dangerously with a low voice.

"You come with me…."

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