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"Well, the Three have saved the Clans." a blue-gray she-cat announced. She lapped at a long scratch on her shoulder. It dissolved instantly as her tongue touched the blood of the wound.

A gray she-cat with a knotted, bloodstained pelt growled softly. "Four, Bluestar, four." she flicked her tail to where a cluster of bodies were, and she specifically pointed out a ginger tom, who lay in the middle of the cats, his flank rising and falling slowly. Suddenly, as though he was having a nightmare, he writhed around, yowling, "Spottedleaf! Where are you? You promised you'd be there for me!"

"Poor thing." Bluestar shook her head. A young white queen leaped to her paws. "I'll see to him," she murmured, and sprinted past Bluestar.

"Thank you, Snowfur." Bluestar murmured as she passed.

A gray-flecked tom stood up, and a gray-dappled she-cat followed. "I'll wake Ferncloud," the she-cat announced.

"And I'll wake Hollyleaf," growled the gray-flecked tom. He started to run over to the cluster of the cats.

"Oh no you won't," a fox-red tom hissed, and thrust the tom back. "To think, she's just waking up, and the first thing she sees is the cat she murdered? Are you really that mouse-brained, Ashfur? That'll panic her, and who knows what will happen next."

"Let me wake her, Bluestar." a light brown tabby she-cat rose to her paws. "She was my friend before I died. She'd take it better from me, the fact that she's dead."

"Good, Honeyfern." Bluestar nodded.

Ashfur sniffed disapprovingly, but stalked away. "Fine."

Honeyfern padded lightly over to the cluster of cats. She delicately wove past the cats until she reached a black she-cat. "Hollyleaf," she murmured. "Time to get up."

The black she-cat's eyes fluttered open. "Where am I?" she murmured. "Jayfeather? Lionblaze? Leafpool?"

"It's Honeyfern." Honeyfern buried her muzzle in Hollyleaf's fur.

"I'm in StarClan?" Hollyleaf's eyes widened. "You're... you're joking, right? Swear by StarClan you're joking!"

"Then I'd be lying," Honeyfern meowed sadly.

"No! I need to have more time with Leafpool! I'd never accepted her as my mother, but now I do, I just did! I need more time with her!"

"You'll see your mother again. But not now. Relax." Honeyfern murmured soothingly. Hollyleaf leaped up, fur bristling. "You think it's that easy?" she growled. "It isn't that easy to accept that you're dead, you know."

"Shush, it'll be all right." Honeyfern murmured, like a queen calming a frightened kit.

"But it won't!" Hollyleaf wailed, and pelted away.

"I'll go after her." Honeyfern bowed her head.

"I'll come with you." Ashfur leaped to his paws.

"No, you won't you mouse-brained idiot!" the fox-red tom snapped. "You will get a time to face her, but not now! She's distressed, and seeing you, StarClan knows what will happen!"

"We are StarClan. So you ought to know." Ashfur muttered, but sat down again.

"I'll come with you," a magnificent golden tom padded over to Honeyfern.

Honeyfern's eyes gleamed. "Thanks, Lionheart." The two hurried off in the direction Hollyleaf had left.

The ginger tom's eyes opened. "Bluestar?" he rasped. "Yellowfang?" Bluestar and the gray she-cat bounded over.

"It is us." Bluestar gave the cat's head a lick.

"Is it true? Am I dead? Is Spottedleaf gone?" the ginger tom whimpered.

"Oh, Firestar, I'm so sorry." Bluestar murmured.

"I miss them already!" Firestar cried. "Sandstorm, Spottedleaf, Brambleclaw..."

Bluestar bowed her head. "You will see them again, but not yet. I promise, my dear Firestar."