Q & A + Acknowledgements

On Sunday May 26th 2013 at 5:49 pm I finished writing Albus Serverus James Sirius and The Muggle's Trap, the first book in the James Sirius Albus Severus Lily Luna series. But it could never had happened without help.

I would like to thank a lot of people for the making book Albus Severus James Sirius and The Muggle's Trap. Most of all I would like to thank J. K Rowling for creating the amazing world of Harry Potter. All us Harry Potter fans will be forever grateful. Secondly I would like to thank my amazing friend Claire for giving me the idea for Claire Code. I really have one person to thank though. My fifth grade teacher. Without her I would have never even read any chapter books. She's the reason I love to read. Thank you Mrs. Bainbridge. The main reason I'm even writing this book is because of my family. Thank you for encouraging me to become an author. And to mambajama I would like to say the ultimate thank you for reviewing so many chapters and also giving me ideas for half of this book. Lastly I would like to thank my beta reader jamesandlilypotter81 for catching my mistakes and helping me along the way with my book.

Oh and let' not forget to thank all you readers! I am so happy that all of you stuck with the story for so long. I have to admit I really didn't even like this story much at the beginning. I promise the next one will be better and more organized.

Now I would like to thank all my favorite-ers: OwlFrenzy453, Puppyprongs, elijahlover, jamesandlilypotter81, maryn90

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So thank you to everyone this couldn't have happened without you!

Questions and Answers

Q: What happened with Albus and the sorting?

A: Albus was not sorted into Slytherin. Because of James' teasing Albus was really worried that he was going to end up in Slytherin. So when the sorting happened because he was so sure that he was going to end up in Slytherin that's what he heard the sorting hat shout but in reality it actually said Gryffindor.

Q: Why didn't James go on any Homesgade trips?

A: He got banned from going to Homesgade because of a prank he pulled in his second year.

Q: What is James' disability?

A: James' disability is not real. It's kind of a mix?ture a couple different disabilities. ADHD is mainly what I based it off of. I call it ADHD with a twist. James speaks his mind. It's not even his fault, it just happens. The problem is that he doesn't think about things before he acts or speaks, it's not his fault just how his brain is wired because of the disability. For example if James had no wand and he saw Code with a wand bullying a second year James wouldn't think 'Maybe I should get a teacher or perhaps a Prefect' no James would just charge into action because that's the first thing he thought of doing. Even though he often doesn't think much before he speaks, James can lie, in fact he's very good at lying. James is so good at lying that it comes as a automatic reflex to him so a made-up story about how it wasn't James' fault would come to his mind automatically, without thinking. James can't control his emotions very well. If someone were to provoke him then he couldn't help saying something annoying and cocky back. He'll also get easily angry if someone is doing something he doesn't like for example making fun of his younger siblings or bullying a first year. Yes that would make James very angry. He also has to be very careful when speaking. Although he The ADHD part of James' disability is the fact that he gets distracted very easily and he also has trouble staying still.

*I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier but Lily has a very similar- if not the same- disability as James.

Q: How did the Death Eaters get into Hogwarts?

A: That was Ryan Code's doing. He helped them get inside. Like Draco helped the Death Eaters get inside the castle in The Half Blood Prince.

Q: What happened to Claire Code?

A: That was supposed to be unanswered. You'll find out in the next book.

Q: Why wasn't James sleeping? How did he go so long without sleep?

A: He was too scared of Ryan Code. Since they share a dorm James was scared that Code was going to kill him in his sleep or something like that. And he didn't go for months without sleep he just never tried to sleep. Of course he fell asleep sometimes but he usually slept in the Common room or during class.

Q: Why didn't anyone remember the attacks that the Codes caused?

A: Code erased everyone's memory except for James' Albus' and Teddy's. Even Hugo doesn't remember what happened to him during Christmas.

Q: Why is it set in 2014 instead of 2017?

A: When I first started this book I didn't think it was very important what year it was. So at first there really wasn't a specific year. Then I decided since Teddy is born in 1998 and James is three years younger than him it would make sense if James was born in 2001 and since James is thirteen the year automatically became 2014. Sorry for my inconvenience.

Q: Does Teddy kiss Victorie at King's Cross station?

A: No. That will happen but not quite yet.

Q: Does the potter family live at Grimmuald Place?

A: No. I always imagined that Harry wouldn't be able to stand the constant reminder of Sirius. I think J.K Rowling once mentioned that he hated that place in the books.

Q: Why do James Alice and Fred go to muggle school?

A: When I think of a wizard's life I think, 'that would be so cool' but what about the years before Hogwarts? To be honest I hate school but I couldn't imagine what I'd do without out it. Before they are Hogwarts-age wizards must just sit around and do… well basically nothing. So when I thought of James' character (Gets bored easily, likes muggle things) I figured it would only make sense if he went to muggle school. In case anyone's wondering Al, and Lily did go but Lily left when both her brothers went to Hogwarts.

Q: why does James know parseltoungue?

Well, I know Harry lost his ability to speak Parseltongue when Voldemort died but for teh sake of this story let's just pretend that never happened, okay? so in this fanfic what happens is that Harry despite having defeated Voldemort can't get rid of teh parseltongue. he continued to try to get rid of it but couldn't. Then he had James and the ability was passed down to James. By the time Albus was born Harry hadn't used parseltongue in so long that Albus and Lily didn't inherit the ability. You know how Ron opened the Chamber of Secrets in teh last book? Lily and Al could probably do that to but parseltongue doesn't come easily to them like it does to James.

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