Some people wanted me to make a new story about my favorite Dallas couple so I thought it would be fun to write about my favorite couples. This is a continuation of my last fic "A New Start" it will include Chris & Elena exploring their new relationship back together and I will include some Ann & Bobby who I also really like.


"So, you two are married. I really can't believe you ran off to Las Vagas to elope when your marriage is still going." Bobby sounded a bit angry about his son suddenly going off and getting married when his marriage was still lingering over the divorce he did only just ask Rebecca for a divorce the other day after all.

"I know, we just felt like the real marriage was us and we never had a chance to be together as a married couple so we got married impulsively and we don't regret it." Chris knew that his marriage to Rebecca was still going on but he really only thought of one who would be Mrs. Ewing and that is Elena. Even though they weren't legally married they both knew it felt right and they didn't regret it for one second.

"But, you know you two are not legally married right?" Bobby had to ask this, he was happy for his son because he sees how happy he and Elena are just watching them sit so close at the table looking into each others eyes but he was worried about Chris' divorce not ever being over.

"Yes, we know but it just was an implosive decisions and once my divorce is finale they will get married legally right there in Dallas but until then...

"Oh, I have a date with your mom so I should go get ready." Elena announced, she and Ann were going to go shopping together just the two of them and once she finished her breakfast she got up kissing Chris on the lips before heading to go up stairs to change and get ready for the day while Chris and Bobby had their own plans over on the farm with the animals.

Elena and Ann were ready to leave after a good half hour getting ready. They went out to the car and off to the mall to shop for whatever they needed or just window shop. The beginning of the day went well and then they sat down for lunch and started talking.

"I know this is none of my business but are you and Christopher sure about this marriage even if it's not legal?" Ann knew this wasn't her business to ask but she was worried about both Chris and Elena and Chris' divorce.

"No, it's okay. I know you and Bobby have your opinion about this but I am sure about Chris and our love for each other. We were just being implosive because we just got back together and were really happy, I guess it was a stupid idea to get married but I was wearing the ring he gave me the first time we were engaged and when I looked at that ring I thought about not wanting to lose Chris again and so I asked him if he wanted to get married we didn't even think about his current marriage to Rebecca until you and Bobby brought it up." Elena really knew that this was a bad decision but she just didn't want to lose Chris again to someone else who will screw with his emotions the way Rebecca did and so the implosive decision was really the right decision for both of them.

The rest of lunch went well Ann and Elena talked about life and what was going on with Bobby's health since he's been out of the hospital. After lunch they did some more shopping before heading home.

Back at South-fork, Bobby and Chris were watching over some of the cows and even had another birth which went smoothly unlike last time it was a great moment between father and son. Elena and Ann returned home just a few minutes as Chris and Bobby were coming up the path from the farm.

"Welcome back ladies!" Bobby said smiling at his wife and now daughter in law even if it's not legal he's always none that Elena is more of a daughter to him all these years and told Chris when she took off to Mexico that she will come back and they would work out whatever problems they had however that didn't happen and Chris moved on as did Elena but it always felt right that Elena and Chris were like him and Annie in some ways.

"Hi" Ann kissed her husband and smiled.

"Hey, I have some good news." Bobby said looking at Ann then Elena.

"Oh, what news?" Ann asked wanting to know what news Bobby wanted to tell them about.

"We have another baby in our mists." Ann knew what he was talking about and was truly happy that they have another cow on their farm.

"Oh, honey that's great was there any problems this time?" Ann knew about the last problem when it was hard to get the cow out because it was stuck in its moms stomach.

"No, this time everything went smoothly." Bobby said as he took his wife's hand and took her to see the new heifer while Chris and Elena went to her house to get some of the remaining things she had left behind before moving to the new house with Chris.

"So, another cow I can't believe you have another one." Elena opened the door to her now empty house and Chris followed behind.

"I know, it's great to see another cow on our farm I love helping out my dad with them." Chris stood by the counter in the kitchen while Elena went around the house to get the rest of her things before they headed out and drove to their new house.