This is it, the day is here and both are happy and excited to finally get married and live their lives together forever. This morning couldn't come faster really because Christopher and Elena have been through so much to get to this place again. After years of being in love and two years of regrets they are finally about to be married. Elena had weeks to get ready for this day and years thinking that this day would never be possible, but it is possible because she's finally marrying the man she's been in love with since they were little kids running around after each other in the yard of Southfork. Elena thought that she would ever get the chance to marry Chris again after she ran off without telling him where she was going or why she is leaving but she knew that he has always been in her heart. Yes, that email was unexpected and her running away was unexpected but her love for Chris has never been unexpected because it's fate that brought them back together and it is fate that this day is finally here. They would be married by this afternoon and she couldn't contain her happiness while getting ready this morning.

As Elena's dress was zipped up and her veil was on with her make up and hair already done. Her smile couldn't fade away because she truly for the first time in two years is happy. Happy to be marrying the love of her life and happy because in one hour they would be wed, she felt herself starting to tear up at the thought of seeing Christopher at the end of that isle but she tried hard to keep herself calm and not start bawling before walking down the isle. She smiled as her mom pushed down her veil with tears forming in her eyes.

"Mom, don't start crying because if you cry then I will start to cry and I can't cry right now so please pull it together." Elena was already on the virge of tears and tried deperately to keep them in but her mother wasn't helping her do that.

"I'm sorry honey, I just am so happy for you and Christopher." Her mother said wiping the tears that were already moving fast down her face.

"I know, but I just can't start crying right now it's just not the right time to do that." Elena wiped her mothers face with the tissue she has in her hand and smiled.

"Okay, we are ready lets get you married." Elena's mother smile back at her daughter after her tears subsided and looked at her one last time before she would be walking down the isle.

"You really do look beautiful honey." Was the last thing her mother said to her before they left the room.

Christopher was standing handsomely at the foot of the isle when she saw him look up at her walking towards him slowly with a slight smile on her lips. Chris looked to see Elena walking towards him and his breath got caught in his throat for a second. "God, she's beautiful!" He said smiling almost on the verge of tears himself. But, Elena finally made it to the alter. He took her hand in his and smiled and whispered. "You are gorgeous!" to her as she turned to the preist who would soon be marrying them.

Finally, this is the real thing. Christopher and Elena are marrying each other for real this time with no interuptions or unexpected things stopping them. As the preist started on the vows after saying a pray all Chris could do is stare at his bride. God, she really is the most beautiful women he's ever seen and he's marrying her. He really couldn't believe how lucky he is to have Elena back in his life after all the things that happened in the past. The preist continued and all Chris could think was how much he wanted to take Elena in his arms and kiss her long and hard but he controlled himself and listened to the preist get to the good part. The part where they would say their own person vows to each other.

"Elena, since we were kids, playing outside in the yard I have loved you. When you tackled me when we were 8 I wanted to kiss you. Then when we were more grown up, I realized that I've loved you since that day maybe even before that day. But, I loved you anyway. Then we were in high school and I asked you out for the first time. When you said yes, I was both shocked and happy. We dated until I proposed to you over that summer we spent together with our families on vacation. When you left me before the wedding I was devastated but then I met someone else who I thought was someone I could spend the rest of my life with. But, that ended in disaster. However, I never stopped loving you from that moment when we were kids to this moment right now. I love you so much Elena!" Chris finished his vows and as he was saying them Elena was crying and wiping tears away from her face. Those words were so beautiful and it made her love him more than she did already.

Elena took a deep breath before she started her vows to Chris. "Chris, when we were kids and pined you to the ground playing in the yard. I didn't know back then cause I was too young to realize or know it but back then I was starting to fall for you. When we got older and started dating I fell in love with you and I knew that I wanted to be with you forever. Then you proposed and it was one of the best, no it was thee best moment of my life. After getting that email I was so shocked that you would say those things to me especially before our wedding day. I wanted to go to you and ask you why you sent that email but I was confused and upset that I didn't know what to do or say and that's when I ran. I ran away from you, I should have stayed and asked you these questions but I was too mad so I ran. I regret running because every moment after I left I regretted leaving and I still regret it now. But, I never ever stopped loving you. Chris, I love you more now than I did back than and I understand why I ran now. It was because I was scared, scared to face you, scared that you would dump me so I dumped you first. So, now after all of that I am standing here with you marrying you like I should have done two years ago. I love you Chris."

Now everyone including Chris was crying cause these vows were so beautiful and they both didn't bother writing them because it's what they wanted to say for so long to each other. After everyone contained themselves the preist continued reading from the bible and soon after pronounced Christopher and Elena as man and wife. He kissed her as hard and fast as he wanted to as he was watching her just minutes before and the kiss was longer than Elena expected. But, she kissed him back and then both walked up the isle smiling and holding hands.

"Please welcome Christopher and Elena Ewing!"

The DJ said as he announced the newly wedded couple.

Chris took his new wife's hand and lead her toward the dance floor where they waited for their song to play. He looked at her and smiled before giving her a quick kiss on the lips. Their song started and they both got lost in it, they just stared without saying anything at each other while they swayed to their song. When the song stopped they were still moving to nothing but the sound of their guests clapping and whisling got them out of their trance.

Everyone ate, took pictures and laughed as the couple went from table to table talking with their friends and family. The couple finally sat down after an hour of congratulations and ate their food peacefully. Later, everyone got up and started to dance and enjoy the remaining moments of the wedding when the newlyweds went off on their own somewhere for some privacy.

The couple found a place on the other side of the reception hall where nobody was and started making out.

"God, I have been wanting you all day." Chris told his new wife after a few minutes of kissing.

"Me too, it feels so good to be alone finally." Elena said smiling grateful that they have some alone time before they would have to go back to say their goodbye's to their guests.

"I know, later I am going to do a lot more things to you but right now we need to get back before everyone starts worrying where we are." Chris really didn't want to stop kissing Elena but they did have to go and let everyone know that they are fine and are still here.

A half hour later the party started to die down and everyone started to leave after saying their goodbye's Chris took Elena back home that night and they made love for the first time as officially Mr. and Mrs. Ewing.


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