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Demons Falls First




"You look like you've lost some weight."

He halted half way from shutting the door of his room, the evidence of shock on his usually nonchalant face. How had he not been able to sense her presence?

He closes the door ever so slowly, the wooden oak creaking. His eyes did not leave the sight of the figure sitting on the foot of his unused bed. The door closed with a light thud. He remained unmoving within the darkness of his room, his eyes blazing magenta as he stared unblinking – menacingly – at the other being.

"It would be very helpful if you'd light a candle or two. It wouldn't be very hospitable to leave a guest blind in the darkness now, would it?"

"It wouldn't be a problem for you who is used to eternal darkness. And there is also no need for hospitability. I did not recall inviting you in."

The butler could see a sly smirk upon the intruders face.

"Ah, but it is. It has been so long since I've returned to that eternal darkness, my eyes have become so accustomed to the light." he raises an eyebrow upon her statement.

"And besides, you were not around when I came, so I invited myself in."

"You are trespassing."

"Forgive me then, if that is what you think."

"Forgiveness is not applicable to the likes of us. You are a demon."

The room was suddenly filled with a feint orange glow. The burner of the lamp on his side table had turned on by itself – no doubt her doing.

"Ah, much better. My, you really have lost weight." She chuckled lightly, despite the fact that three glinting silver cutlery knives where pointed below her chin. The butler was already behind, kneeling on the bed where she sat.

"If I may ask, what business do you have with me that you 'invited yourself in' for, demoness?" She detected a slight hint of venom in his seemingly good natured tone.

She raised her head to look up at him, the process of which exposes more skin in her neck enough that he could just slice it to pieces. He pressed the tips of his knives in preparation, just in case he has to.

"Demoness? Please. Such a title no longer befits a creature like me." She says with a smile. The black-haired butler furrowed his eyes in confusion.

He stared at her and noted her human appearance: porcelain skin, hair in heavy mermaid curls – pale blonde in color, and purple almond-shaped eyes… just the way she had looked like the last he had seen her.

Slowly, he pulled away his knives, dropping them on the bed, his eyes never leaving hers.

"Viessa Hetherworth." He whispers.

"It's amazing that after so long you still remember my name." She whispers back, to which the taller one just smirks. He steps off the bed, now standing beside her.

"I remember your name of 200 years ago. Surely, it wouldn't be the same now," He crosses his arms, "What name do you come by these days?"

She merely smiles. She always smile, he recalls.

"Viessa Hetherworth."

He raises a dark brow, "Your contract with that man has expired already."


"So why keep the name?"

"Because I am no longer demon"

"I don't understand." He really didn't. How can a demon no longer be a demon?

"It's hard to understand."

He sighs, becoming weary of the pointlessness of their conversation, and leaves her still sitting at the foot of his bed while he approaches the desk in his room. The table had stacks of paper and the list of his next errand, plus several paperwork of which his master have ordered him to finish.

Viessa picked up one of the silver knives he had left on the bed, examining her reflection on the smooth blade.

"What name do you come by these days?" he heard her say.

He flipped through the many pages of his master's paperwork, stopping on the page his master had discontinued in working with.

"Sebastian Michaelis." He replied without turning to her. He inks his quill and started to write.


She was at his room again, and sat where she had sat the night before. Sebastian crossed his arms as he leaned on his door, having just entered after putting his master to bed.

"You again."

"That's right." She smiles.

He sighs, and then walks towards the closet. Taking off his black tail coat, he fetches a hanger from inside then neatly hangs the coat. He unbuttons his vest and loosens his tie, hanging them as well. After shutting the closet door, he turns to approach her, removing his white gloves on the way. By the time he was in front of her, she could see the pentagram on the back of his left hand. It glowed a dark purple hue.

"How's your meal?" she said, referring to his young master.

"Almost done." Was his reply, his lips forming into a sly smirk.

She smiles. "I see. He already smells quite delectable." That statement wiped the smirk off Sebastian's face.

"If it's my master you came here for, then I'd have to ask you to leave before I erase your existence." He said forebodingly, his pupils turning to slits.

She merely laughs quietly at his possessiveness, and raises her hands up in a surrender, "Oh don't be such a prick, I wouldn't touch your food even if I wanted to."

He continued to stare at her with his demonic eyes and a threatening look.

"Besides, such delicacies can no longer satiate me when the appetite for them is nonexistent."

The threatening look is now replaced by confusion. "What?"

She smiles.

"That's impossible."

"It's possible."

"Stop playing with words."

"I'm not playing. It's true."

"You'll starve."

"I won't."

"You are a demon."

"I am… and I was."

They stared at each other for a while. Viessa can tell that Sebastian have now fully grasp upon the situation.

"Have you," He hesitated, the next word that rolled out his tongue sounded almost unfamiliar "… fallen?"

She smiled. She always did smile.

"That's right."


"I use to think such a being like you did not exist." Sebastian said as he sat on the edge of his bed, just having served his female companion Earl Gray tea and a piece of what was left of his young master's cake. Tonight was the third night since she appeared. "Only have I ever heard of fallen demons in legends of old."

Viessa nods, "Such an occurrence is very rare, there are only three of us in existence." She happily plopped the frosting in her mouth and blushed at the sweetness. "It's so delicious! I never tasted something sweeter than any of the souls I had before."

Sebastian blinks at her reaction. Demons normally do not have the sense of taste the same as that in humans, and they can never be satisfied with human food, yet her reaction reminded him of how Lady Elizabeth would look like every time he serves her a plate of his freshly baked pastries.

"Tell me," He crosses his legs, watching as she picks up her tea cup and taking in the scent of his master's favorite tea, "Just what did you do to descend into something lower than what we already are?"

She takes a sip from her cup before replying. "It's not really about descending lower," she places the tea cup back to its saucer, emitting a clinking sound, "It's more like…well…not being able to descend anymore."

She saw him raise an eyebrow.

"In other words, I've been banished from hell."

"I never knew any demon could be banished from hell."

She smiles, picking up another slice of cake with her fork. "I thought so as well. But apparently, hell doesn't like demons who betray hell itself."

Sebastian tilted his head, "You rebelled?"

"Not really, I merely developed human feelings." She eats the piece of cake, and again blushes at the sweetness.

"You fell in love." Sebastian concluded. Demon lust, not love; it was something only humans and some angels could do. It was a pure and beautiful feeling that was unfitting for a creature of evil, but the very knowledge that even they can develop such emotion is intriguing, though he'd never see himself grow such a bond least he would want to end up like her.

Viessa nodded, sipping tea. "You're probably wondering how, but if you must know, demon have been known to occasionally fall in love with other demons and even humans, though it's only a temporary thing, and always one-sided. Majority of these demons is of low class and will either end up dead or tortured to the lower regions of hell."

"It seems you did not suffer such a fate then."

"What I've done is a far more greater a sin to Lucifer than any of what those other demons done."

"Care to elaborate?"

"Only if you bring me more cake." She smiled, raising the empty platter towards him.

Sebastian rolls his eye and sighs. Taking the plate, he stud from the bed side toward the tea cart.

"I feel in love with my master…the one from 1686."

Her words left Sebastian stunned for a minute. He was in the middle of slicing a piece of cake when she had spoken. He turned to look at her through his shoulder. She was smiling again.

Sebastian recalled that he last saw her on that same year. He never knew that the next time they meet she would be a different being.

Ignoring the thought, he went back to normal and continued to slice the cake, "That's not a surprise," he picks up the piece he had sliced and transferred it to the empty plate, "many demons fall for their masters or mistresses. They all eventually end up in their stomachs." He said, handling the plate to his hungry companion, who smiled ear to ear upon receiving the delicacy.

"Ah yes, that's true. You, in fact, are of no exception." She said as she took another bite. Sebastian merely twitched an eyebrow at her statement, not wanting to know whether she was implying he was interested in his master other than being his meal (a/n: Take that yaoi-fans! XD), or if she was talking about his past mistresses of whom he had laid with before.

"But I loved my master," she continued, placing down the platter on her lap, a sad but solemn smile replacing her usual cheery one, "enough that I'd rather spare him than eat his soul."

Sebastian was taken aback. Had she defiled a demonic covenant?

"Master was kind and pure. He never treated me like a servant, nor have he treated me like a vile being. On the day his revenge was complete, he thank me and told me that he love me. So instead of eating his soul, I let him live. We got married eventually." She continued, playing with the hem of her sea-green skirt. Sebastian merely looked down on her, like he was looking down at a rotten piece of fruit that fell off a dead tree…at a demon who failed miserably at her job for some petty human who swayed her with words.

"That was pathetic even for you. It's sickening." He replied coldly. He was surprise that she laughed.

When her laughter died, she looked up at him, smiling. "Lucifer said the same thing."

"What become of the man?"

"He became ill a month or two after we married. He had ordered me to take his soul."

Sebastian looked out the window and noticed the moon high up in the sky. He sensed his master's presence still in the library. It was time for him to prepare him to retire for the night.

"That must have tasted horrible then," he said, a hint of malice in his tone, as he approach his coat hanger where he had left his black tail coat, "to devourer the soul of your lover plague with disease."

"Unfortunately, I'll never know how it would taste like." She said, standing up after just finishing the last piece of cake. She approaches small window of the butler's room, where Sebastian stud as well. She noticed his stunned reaction to her words.

"You disobeyed orders."

"I did love him, remember?"

"You completely destroyed the contract."

She nodded, looking up the dark sky. "I later found out that his soul had no longer any purpose after the terms and conditions of the contract were complete."

"The souls of those we contract with all have the same fate: To be devoured." Sebastian confirms.

"Yes. But I disobeyed him after his revenge was complete. His soul's only purpose left was to be eaten by me, and so when I broke the contract, the soul became empty…and died. Thus the King of Hell punishes me, and since I'm too powerful of a demon, he instead threw me into earth than in the fires or torment."

"So that's why I was never able to detect her before," Sebastian had thought. Such an amazing ability of stealth is one of the many gifts of the very few powerful high ranking demons. He himself can blend in a crowd in hell and is rarely detected, however not being able to sense her when he himself is as powerful proves that she is much more dangerous than she looks. "Banishing her to earth was probably the only option. She would have easily escaped every torture without a scratch."

"So he turned you to a Fallen Demon, as opposed to that of Fallen Angels." He concluded while buttoning up his vest and slipping on his tail coat. "A creature banished from hell and left to walk the earth in favor of the human race. I never knew it was possible."

She smiles, "You've been studying."

He smirks, "What kind of butler would I be if I haven't?" And then turns to leave the room to attend to his master.

"Sebastian." He heard her say right when he was about to step out the door. It was the first time she said his current name. Sebastian turned to look at her through his shoulder.

"What is it?"

"Nothing. I just wanted to say your name. My last master was also named Sebastian." She said, smiling her usual smile.

Sebastian closes his eyes, and sighs.

"The next time I come back in this room, you shouldn't be in it."

He shuts the door slowly.


When he returned that very night, she was still there, sitting on the edge of his unused she usually does.


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