As promised, a collection of one-shots revolving around the 'Demons Fall First' universe has been created for all the DFF fans out there who, like me, are not yet satisfied with the 'The End' after the epilogue.

The mini-stories collection is entitled SPIRALING DOWN (instead of 'Descended'), and the bulk of it contains vignettes/drabbles/one-shots set around after the final chapter of DFF (chp. XXX) and continuing even further after the Epilogue. Other one-shots will take place in any timeline of 'Demons Falls First', and these include scenes that I left out from the actual story, as well as some 'what if's', alternative endings, and the like. Themes can range from light fluffs with some comedy, to serious angst and dark. I will also venture in the idea of picking scenes from the manga where there is a possible chance for Viessa, or any of the Fallen Demons, to interact with Sebastian. Other than those, I will also include character studies and biographies of my OCs, as well as prequels, flashbacks, and even some poems. Feel free to suggest anything and I will try to incorporate it into the premise of the story.

This is to show my appreciation to all the readers and fans of DFF; to the friends I came to know during the course of writing the story; to all those who took the time to review and critique my work; and basically everyone who supported this story from the beginning until the very end.

Once again, thank you very much for reading 'Demons Fall First'. I hope 'Spiraling Down' will be as successful, and will leave to you a similar impact as the first.

For further updates on future stories, please check my profile.

-Safire Lupe