The Difference Between Tear Drops and Salt Water

Prologue: Warm, Strong and Comforting

September 2013

"I hear she cheated on you."

Hand on his back, warm, strong, comforting.

"You heard right."

Whiskey in his throat, warm, strong, comforting.

"I can't say I didn't expect it to happen."

Blue eyes, as blue as the sea outside. Warm. Strong. Comforting.

"How can you say that?"

Smile on her lips. Warm. Strong. Comforting.

"Because you loved her more."

Her hair on his hands. Golden as the ray of light. Warm. Strong. Comforting.

"And that automatically means I get cheated on with an older guy?"

Her cheek against his. Soft as your favorite pillow. Warm. Strong. Comforting.

"It does, Edward, because love is a scary thing."

Her voice in his ear, not like the bells he was used to, but deeper, warmer, more woman. Warm. Strong. Comforting.

"So I scared her away?"

Her lips on his, fire and ice, the beginning and the end. Not warm but burning. Not strong but consuming. Not comforting but everything.

"No. I think she just didn't love you."

Her breath whispered over his senses and his hands gripped her hips tighter, dragging her against him.

"And why are you here now? Why are you with me?"

Her eyes locked on his.

Her lips hovered.

Her hands gripped his.

"Because he didn't love me too."

Her pulse tripped as his tongue flicked her neck. Eyes locked on hers.

He was burning her alive, couldn't he see that?

"She killed our babies. There were three of them. She just told me. She killed our babies and she cheated on me."

Her heart broke for his.

Her arms around him. A haven, a heaven, his place. Warm. Strong. Comforting.

"He's gay."

A strangled laugh came from him. The vibrations tickling her tummy and she smiled a watery smile.

"It was not a joke Edward."

He sighed and brought his face up.

"Why did life fuck us up?"

She kissed his forehead, lost in his blue-gray eyes. Lost in the wild mess of his bronze hair she answered the only way she knew how.

"So we find each other. I'm pregnant."

He looked at her and held her hand and gave her a genuine smile.

"We'll get through it Bella."


His eyes crinkled and a finger touched her lips.

"Jennifer, we'll get through it."

She smiled and leaned forward.


He smiled and winked at her.


He took her in his arms and rubbed soothing circles on her back.

"I think I'm in love with you Edward."


She smiled and sighed.

"I'm in love with you, Robert."

"And I'm in love with you, Jennifer."

And there they stood, warm, strong and comforted.