Chapter Three: Blank

Present Time: September 2013

"Eddie, thank you for agreeing to meet with me."

He stared at her green eyes. Eyes that used to make his body feel like it was set on fire.

Now his body was cold, disgusted. Blank.

"Eddie please, say something."

Her hands clasped his. Her hands that used to send this electrical tingle within him with just a touch.

Now he withdrew his hand away, because her touch made him feel cold, disgusted. Blank.

"What do you want me to say? That I forgive you? Okay, I do. But that can't bring back my children."

His voice which used to be incapable of not conveying his love for her is cold, disgusted, blank.

"You won an Oscar! That's so great baby! You should separate yourself from that girl already! She's no good for you!"

Her lips quivered and his own mouth twisted. Her lips used to be so inviting to him, like the softest candy he could ever have. Now it just made him feel cold, disgusted, blank.

"And you think you are, is that it? I knew there was a reason for this Tanya. What, no directors are willing to screw you for a part so you come to me? I never knew you did I? I never knew who you were."

Never once had he spoken a bad word to her, not when he saw her in that car with her filthy director. Not when she used his name to make her look like a victim. Not when she told him she killed their children. But hearing her desecrate her, the one thing he valued, something snapped within him.

His words were cold, disgusted and blank.

"You knew me Eddie. You love me."

He stood up and leaned close to her.

"I thought I did. So help me God, Tanya, I thought I did. And had you not crushed my heart, burnt it and spit upon the ashes I would have gone the rest of my life believing I love you with everything that I am. So I guess my thanks are in order."

Her hands desperately grabbed at him. "It was one night Ed. It was a mistake!"

He sneered and his heart which used to churn and burn whenever tears fell from her eyes lay silent in his chest. Cold, disgusted and blank.

"I may seem like an idiot, but I'm not, Tanya. So just, stop calling me, stop trying to recover this, us. It's broken, it's done. We're over."

She shook her head and her brown hair brushed his arm as she jumped to his arms and buried her head on his chest. "You can't say that Ed. We're meant to be! We're Tanya and Edward, Edward and Tanya. You can't just break us!"

Her scent invaded his senses. A scent which used to scream mate, which used to make his insides quiver.

Now he is sickened by the mere thought of it.

Her mere presence makes him cold, disgusted. Blank.

"You broke us, Tanya. You broke us. I would have spent the rest of my life with you, but you broke us."

"Edward please..."

He took her arms and stared her straight in the eyes. He was blank, so blank it hurt.

"I'm having a baby. I'm starting a family with a woman who loves me, and not the idea of me. I want to be happy Tanya. But with you... You owe me this. You owe me my happiness. I have it, right here at my fingertips, and I can't reach it because of you, because you broke me, you broke us and she fixed me the best way she could.

"She saved me, Tanya. And if you ever loved me, really loved me, you'd let me go."

She closed her eyes and choked back a sob and stepped back from him.

"I'm sorry Edward."

"I know. I forgive you. I just can't forget this."

He picked up his jacket and walked to the door.

"Good bye Tanya."

And as he walked he was no longer cold, no longer disgusted.

But he was so very blank.