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Gregor awoke from yet another dream, yet another torment in which he fell to his death because his bond, Ares, was not there to save him. Ares had died three years ago during Gregor's battle to the death with the giant white rat the Bane. And every night since Gregor had returned from the Underland dreams of war and death always haunted his sleep.

The moment he had returned from the Underland Gregor's mom had packed up everyone's things and moved them to Virginia. So that was that, he would never see them again, not Howard, not the sarcastic rat Ripred, and certainly, not Luxa.

He looked around his bedroom and relished the fact that he actually had a doorway in his new room, compared to his family's old apartment in New York city. That was something Gregor did actually like about the family farm in Virginia, he had so much more privacy, I mean sure he had to work the fields, but it gave him time to think, and the excuse if asked that he was admiring the wide open spaces, the fields that seemed endless, and the trees, the seemingly unending supply of trees.

In the fall sometimes Gregor would get up early in the morning and watch the sun set over the red and orange leaves, watch the sun slowly appear over the horizon, slowly illuminating the farm, and sometimes when he did that he would imagine how much Luxa would enjoy seeing it, and he would picture her next to him.

This morning however was not one of those mornings, this morning he had school. School was something that Gregor was sure no one really liked, but was convinced that he liked it less, after all when everyone else his age was worried about who liked who Gregor was struggling with symptoms of PTSD, he was reliving a violent past; a past that he couldn't forget.

Gregor took of his shirt and got ready for school, placing his fingers in the claw marks that the Bane had left him with, and slipping a long sleeve shirt on over his head thankful that it was not yet warm weather, thankful that right now he didn't have to be the only kid wearing a hoodie in the middle of May, because it was November.

Gregor slowly opened his door careful not to make a sound, he didn't want to wake his eleven-year old sister Lizzie, who was sick today, and deserved to sleep in. Gregor crept down the hall toward the kitchen realizing he wasn't really hungry, and was thankful to the Underland for teaching him to go without food when he looked at the bare cupboards. "Why is there never any food?" Gregor thought to himself and with that headed out the door.

School went like it always did, boring and boring and boring. Most guys his age were either starting or finishing one sport or another, but with scars like Gregor's, locker rooms were off-limits, therefore sports were a big no-no. As was gym class, which during gymnastics he didn't mind but Gregor sure did miss basketball. Every once in awhile Gregor would shoot hoops after school, or in the park as long as he knew that he wouldn't see anyone he knew. And that outweighed the fact that he had privacy here in Virginia, because he hated having to hide who he was, hated having to live every moment of his life in secret, hated it because he shouldn't have to. He wanted to live his life in the open, wanted to live in that place that had taken so much from him yet that always seemed to give him more.

Gregor allowed himself to hope for a future there, and then chided himself for being so selfish, he couldn't do that to his mother again, couldn't do that to any of his family, and how would he explain it to them, "Sorry guys I love you and all but I'm going to run away back to New York and go to the Underland, Bye!" Like that would ever happen.

Gregor hadn't realized it but while he was thinking of the Underland his feet had just carried him, took him home, well his home this side of the ground. Gregor went through the front door and knew something was up, both his parents were home, and neither should have been, they never beat him home.

"What's wrong Mom? Dad? Are Boots and Lizzie okay?" Gregor spat out before he could stop himself, he would hate himself forever if something happened to them, but much to Gregor's relief his father answered quickly.

"No Son, it's your grandma Margaret, she passed in her sleep a couple nights ago, Lizzie got the letter from the home today," his father explained holding back tears all the while. Gregor's heart fell to the floor, could this day possibly get any worse?

"So what are we gonna' do for the funeral?" Gregor asked gently as he, his father, and his mother mourned the loss of a huge part of their lives. Although it was almost a relief to hear she had passed, because ever since the family left and moved to Virginia her health had taken a drastic turn for the worst, and it was at least nice to know that her suffering had finally ended.

"Your mother and I have discussed it and we've decided that we're going to fly to New York for the funeral, and stay for maybe a week to retrieve her possessions, plus I need to be with the rest of my family," Gregor's father finally answered after a long pause. Gregor kicked himself for being elated, how could he be happy his grandma was dead, but now he had his chance to get back to the Underland, his chance finally go home.