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Run Like the River!

The darkness surrounded him everywhere, there was nowhere he could turn where the darkness wouldn't swallow him. It was times like these that Gregor was thankful to Ripred for making him develop his echolocation abilities, and maybe even thankful to Solovet for locking him up in the dungeon, and in the wake of her death he chose to think of her in whatever positive light that he could. Thinking of her as a blood-sucking evil vampire whose only real desire in life was to see the gnawers burn at the steak was probably not the best thing to do, especially since he had to fight the Bane.

The darkness surrounded her everywhere, there was nowhere she could turn where darkness wouldn't swallow her. Not that there was anywhere that she could really turn inside of this dark dank cell. Luxa swallowed hard as she recalled the last words she said to him, "I hate you! You're just like Henry!" But now as she sat in the cold confines of her cell she realized that those might be the last words she ever said to him, when now she needed him more than ever.
And then it struck her, he had to come back. Had to. She knew that she had to believe that he would return home to her, that no matter what the prophecy said he would return. He would return to her because she needed him. And that would be enough.

Gregor didn't want to die, knew he had to come back to the girl that he loved, because he couldn't live with the last words that she said to him being that he was just as bad as Henry, and that she hated him. He needed to return so he could see her face again, and so he could tell her that he was sorry and he hated that he had to leave her, but he knew that if he didn't take on the Bane alone, anyone who helped him would die. And he couldn't let that happen to her.

He awoke with a flash, as if trying to prevent the awful vision that he knew was coming, the death of his best friend. At first it didn't register that he'd went to bed with Luxa lying with him, and woke up with empty arms, but after a second it finally registered with him, that he was now alone.
"Luxa, where are you?" Gregor called out into the apartment. He looked around as he waited for an answer, he saw the finely sewn tapestries, and the beautiful embroidering on the pillows that laid on the couches.
"I'm in here!" Luxa called from another room. Gregor got up and walked toward the sound of her voice, wondering what she could be doing so early in the morning. When he finally entered the room from where her voice originated he was surprised, pleasantly, but still surprised. She was cooking.
"When did you pick up that skill?" Gregor smiled as he remembered the girl who couldn't even make herself a sandwich. So now seeing her there over a pan beginning to scramble eggs for the two of them was kind of a strange scene for Gregor.
"It's not so much a matter of when, as it is why," she began, "the council thought it was a good skill for a woman who would be wed soon." She noted that her eggs were finished and she put them into a bowl.
Gregor didn't really care whose idea it was, he just knew that it was much appreciated, especially as he noticed the rest of the food, the pancakes, and the bacon. His stomach growled as he took it all in, the sight of all the food, and the smell, oh the smell.
"Well, Overlander, do you suppose this would be an acceptable," she paused as if trying to pull something out of the depths of her memory, "date?" Gregor smiled, remembering the awkward situation that had ensued the last time that he had used that word with her. Yet, he couldn't help but think that he was looking forward to sharing what really would be their first date, which was strange, thinking that they weren't really a 'couple', even if they had saved each others lives more times than either really cared to keep track of.
"Yeah Luxa, I think that this would be a really great idea for a first date." Gregor responded. "And I can clear out if the guy is gonna' show up soon," Gregor teased. Dodging the piece of bread that she threw at him playfully.
"Oh, Mareth, it really is a tragic story, teacher turned lover, do you care to hear it?" Luxa continued to tease, "It all started when I had to nurse him back to health after the war." She covered her mouth as if trying to suppress a laugh.
Gregor laughed and felt himself let go of some of the anxiety that had gripped him since he left the Underland three years ago. And even when he was reunited with her, he still held some of the pain in his chest, the pain that he had left his family behind.
Gregor and Luxa sat down finally settling down from there laughing fits, and they began to finally catch up.
"So, you've already heard my romantic escapades, did you meet any pretty girls in the Overland?" Luxa grinned as she asked the question putting Gregor in a position where he didn't know if to continue the jest with her, or if he was now supposed to be serious. Gregor guessed option number two.
"No, not really. No one that could hold a candle to you," Gregor didn't know why but he blushed as he said it. What was wrong with him, they'd told each other that they loved one another at age twelve and now he was having trouble just telling her that she was beautiful? What was his issue?
"Oh..." Luxa was blushing as well, looking down away from Gregor's eyes. Apparently he should have thrown in a little bit of number one.
Luxa recovered from her initial embarrassment and prepared a reply, "I just thought that maybe you would have maybe met some exoctic girl in New York." Luxa decided to go back to the teasing that they were doing before. And even the words New York which once sounded so foreign to her now came like honey from her lips.
"Actually, my family moved to Virginia after we left here. My mother never really was keen on me wanting to stay here. But now she realizes there's nothing she really can do about it if I want to stay here." Gregor began to explain to her and his mind slipped into bliss once more.
And so they sat there, just enjoying each other's company and catching up for the first time in years.