First army wives fanfic i have written just watched sundays episode and felt so bad for finn and i thought of this -sorry it will be really short

Chapter 1

23 year old Finn walked in the doors of his home back in fort Marshall the place he called home for 6 years. It was 2 days after he graduated Harvard. The house was completely empty where was everyone. He got his Iphone out and called his father no luck his phone was off. What the heck they left after his graduation because he was going to hang out with some friends and they were all planning to fly back with eachother the next day but then his father Trevor called saying they had to get back early so they could get TJ from his last call to Iraq. So Finn flew home alone the following day and no one was home. He knew exactly where his mom would be the though the hump bar. Which she finally got back after Trevor was moved back to fort marshell.

"Surprise!" Finn was shocked everyone was there! Drew and Wyatt gave there brother there gift.

"Thank you boys."

"Who would have thought my son would have graduated Harvard." Roxy said kissing her son.

"Thanks mom Thank you all of you for being here."

Finn looked around for TJ.

"Where is TJ?" He asked

"Him and Katie are running a bit late" Pamela said giving Finn a hug.

"Still don't believe they are married." Lucas said jokingly "But atleast we are brothers now"

"Very true" Finn said.

Just then TJ came in through the door.

"Finn!" He said running up too hug his brother and hugged him, Roxy hugged both her boys.

"Congrats little bro I am proud that you are a college graduate!"

"Well how is army life?" Finn asked.

"It's the Army It's been interesting I mean I haven't been home much at all I have missed so much here."

AN- I know this was short but should I add Should I add?