Chapter 1: Walking solo ( Faye's POV)

It was a shame that I wasn't going with Miss Heliotrope, I would miss her constant scatter brain prattling and her belches, which for a woman of refined qualities was impressive. But I was glad at the same time I wouldn't have to wear those ridiculous dresses, I could wear my normal trousers and the most lady like shirt I owned, which was white and long sleeved with a lace fringing. Although miss Heliotrope tried to make me into Faye Merryweather the refined young lady, I wanted to be Faye Merryweather the girl who could not care less. Everyone knew I was a tomboy and gave up trying to change me, but not miss Heliotrope she was constantly squeezing me into tight corsests and flowing dresses. But the reason I couldnt go with her was because my school finished later for summer than usual for reasons I didn't bother learn, and we had already booked the carriage for an earlier date. I told miss Heliotrope that it was fine to miss a few days of school but she replied, " It is not lady like to take you education for granted." I loved miss Heliotrope like a mother (seeing as mine died) but really I think she makes things up.

I didn't tell you the reason I was going did I? Well, my father died serving his country two days ago, and he loved to gamble, leaving behind a great debt which could only be repaid by selling our house in London. So I was moving to the countryside to a place called Moonacre Valley, to live with my uncle Benjamin. He told me all about the valley and how it was so beautiful with lush green hills, many acres of forest and something about a family fued between the Meryweathers and De Noirs. The carriage stopped after 2 hours of the journey and we were very deep in the countryside. I popped my head out the window to hear the driver Mr Digweed grumble, " Oh great! The wheel's loose and I dont have the kit! This is just great!"

" Is there anything I can do?" I asked. I knew there was nothing I could do, but I was quite surprised when his eyes light up. " Oh Miss Merryweather, would you mind if you could just head up the path and get help. Would you mind awfully?" He asked, giving me puppy eyes. I couldn't help myself.

" Sure, I'll be back soon." I said

" Just be carefull to stay out of the woods, there are bandits and plunderers also known as the De Noir clan." he grumbled to himself. I wasn't afraid of any bandits, for godsake, the forest wasn't that bad. I waved goodbye and headed up the path. After twenty minutes in, I started to tire. It looked liked it was going to go on forever! I looked around wondering if there was any shortcut, but all around me is thick forest. Maybe if I cut through the forest I would make it to the manor easily. I stumbled into the forest looking for a route heading to the manor. I finally found one. The forest was really quite creepy and looked untouched, God knows what lurks in there. But I was always ready. Even in the city I always carried a dagger. Not to mention, I was trained in archery and sword fighting which my father taught me before he died. Soon the path seemed to stop, to reveal a stunning waterfall, with crystal blue water flowing over silver rocks. I was taken aback by the beauty of it, but then realised I needed to get to the manor quickly. I searched around for a path and I saw a trail over on the otherside of the waterfall. CRACK! A sharp sound split the air and I jumped off the rock I was sitting on in a flash.

I quickly drew my dagger, looking around for the source of the sound. Suddenly I heard a chickle and saw a boy dressed in leather with a red feather thing on his neck and a bowler hat stuck upon a mess of curly brown hair, step out of the shadowy trees, a smug grin plastered on his face.

" Hello there princess." he said