The Golden Prince

Warnings: BL, AU fic, May be M rated in the future

Pairings: Aomine x Kise

Disclaimer: I don't own Kuroko no Basuke nor any of this character.

Chapter 1 When Blue Meets Golden

Sighing, the golden haired prince looked down with his arms lazily perched in the balcony, he was envious- at the sight of those commoners playing basketball so freely- the game he could never play with the other gentle breed. His sight went back at the tanned player- whose movements were so agile and skillful that even the prince was catching himself admiring the commoner. The way that muscular arm went to put the ball into the hoop- regardless of his posture and position was admirable. He had decided, when he will become king, he'll definitely create a ball tournament which even the King can participate in.

A voice came from his back, it was no one else but his childhood friend Kasamatsu Yukio- being older than him and born from a viscount family, he had been chosen to be his companion. "There you are, Prince. Loafing around from your studies again!" The chide was angry and tired, Kise would give him a carefree smile and continue to watch the basketball play. It was a pretty definite game, with the tanned player taking all the points himself.

"Ne, Kasamatsucchi." The prince always had added chi to all the people he liked, and Kasamatsu was no exception, even though he dislikes the nickname enough and twitched his eyebrows when he heard it. "I wonder if I'm allowed to play basketball with those people."

"Associating with commoners and playing with them won't do you good. I thought you knew that already." Kasamatsu said flatly.

The prince pouted a bit and continues to watch the tanned player, who by now is taking a towel and drinking a bottle of water- he had won the game. Their eyes met for a while and the deep blue eyes met the golden ones. Not missing a beat, the tanned player smiled at him impishly and waved at him while Kise was startled, he hadn't seen someone with such dark blue eyes before.

Kise had wanted to wave back and him and to talk to him a bit but Kasamatsu had his hand on his shoulder, a subtle warning- so he only smiled in longing and pain and went back to the recesses of the bleak, boring castle.


"Dai chan!" An energetic pink haired girl was speaking excitedly to the tanned player, her face curious and her smile cheerful, "Who are you waving at?"

"Keep your voice down, Satsuki. It hurts my ears." The tanned player Aomine Daiki said to his childhood friend Momoi Satsuki. Since they had been born, they had always been together. And sometimes it can be annoying.

"But you won't answer my question, Dai chan." She pouted, and shifted her attention to the boy with a weak presence- Kuroko Tetsuya- her beloved crush and Aomine's best friend. "Look, Tetsu kun, he's so mean to me."

"It's that blond guy who always watches us everyday. I figure he would want to play." Aomine finally explained- pointing at the castle.

Momoi put her hands on her hips while saying, "Sheesh, Dai chan. There's only spoiled nobles who think they're the best there. They wouldn't want to play with us commoners."

"Well," Aomine picked a nearby ball and put it on the hoop, "It would be fun to kick some noble's asses in basketball." He never misses.

"What do you think Tetsu kun?" Momoi always insists that she should ask for Kuroko's opinion- since he's the most cool-headed of the group.

"I've heard that the prince has blond hair." Kuroko said, with mild disinterest.

"You mean that prince with whom all the girls are madly in love with?" Momoi asked, obviously she had heard of rumors, but her eyes are for Kuroko alone.

"Ha," Aomine shrugged. "All girls with big boobs have eyes on me alone." He's now sucking a blue popsicle that had been promised to him if he won.

"Oh well," Momoi said, ignoring Aomine and focusing once again to Kuroko, "I heard the prince is going to appear in the fireworks festival though."

"Ah." Kuroko said, "It would make the road much more crowded then."

"They say couple who watch the fireworks together will be together forever." Momoi cooed, looking at Kuroko.

"Meh, bunch of superstitions." Aomine commented.

"Seriously, you're so unromantic, Dai chan." Momoi angrily comments.

"I have to agree with you, Momoi san." Kuroko said, unexpectedly.

To be continued.

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