Chapter 9. The shattered glass

His head is spinning- Kise gripped the sheet of his bed as he rose up abruptly.

Where was he, as he tried to think, his mind hurt more. His clothing was covered with sweat, and he shudders in realization as he saw a red bob of hair at the edge of the bed. His chest clenched- Akashi. So his plan had failed.

Tears slid down his cheeks- he is not dead.

Akashi was gripping his hand- powerfully, even in his sleep. His dear little brother, looking so innocent and loving in his sleep.

A voice resounded from the door- it sounded relieved and reproaching at the same time. The voice belongs to no other than Kasamatsu.

"God- you're awake. Do you have any idea how much trouble you have caused us?! Imagine how I felt that time- when Prince Akashi suddenly informed me you have tried to kill yourself. Damn you- Kise Ryouta, I never thought you're such a coward, and you're the crown prince!"

Kise did not reply, he did not know what to reply. Everything just becomes so messy. Aomine, he wants to see Aomine. The next statement- however did make him felt a bit guilty.

"You don't know how much Prince Akashi worries about you- he hadn't eaten, hadn't slept until today. And you've been sleeping for 3 weeks. We are already accepting the fact that you won't wake up- but hell." Kasamatsu buried his face on his fingers, he was frustrated, "Akashi never gave up on you."

Kise's fingers instinctively crept up to Akashi's hair- what have he done? He had gone thus far to spite his brother, but he never really considered Akashi's feelings. Akashi's body moved a little- he is awake now- most likely from the entire ruckus Kasamatsu had produced.

When he saw that Kise was awake, it seemed like nothing else does matter to him- "Brother, you're alive. Thank God." His lips rose to meet Kise's into a passionate kiss- full of anger, grief and betrayal. "If you had died, I don't know what I would do. Damn."

"Aka-shi." Kise spoke, his voice felt raspy and scratching.

"Did I force you too much?" Akashi's voice was pleading, "Did I hurt you that much, brother? I'm sorry."

Akashi cradled Kise into his chest- and Kise find his sobs getting more and more unbearable.

"If you leave me- I'll die too, brother. I love you- it makes me lose control. Do you have any idea- brother, to what extent I do love you?"

"I'm sorry, Akashi." Kise finds himself weakly murmuring.

"You're sorry because you don't love me, you're sorry because you're trying to leave me? You don't need to be sorry. It's entirely my fault. I wonder- if we can start, from the very beginning? I promise I would not hurt you, I promise I won't do that again to you, force you to do the thing you don't want to do. I've never begged anyone my whole life- but here I am, begging you, to give me a chance."

Kise dimly felt as if he was watching his brother's soul collapse in front of him, sympathy surged into him as he saw Akashi crying before him, and his cheeks that had gotten paler and the dark rings beneath his eyes. Was he really such a selfish being- why in hell would he choose Aomine- who might as well be a complete stranger who just happen to strike his odd fancy over the brother whom he had grown up with- the brother who had loved him with all his heart?

He should do the right thing. This should feel right, shouldn't it?

"Akashi- I will try, we'll patch up things. I'll try to love you and forget Aomine." The words came painfully from his throat, but he had decided it.

"Brother." Akashi hugged him- nuzzling his neck while kissing it deeply. "You don't have to do that, if its so hard for you. Right now- its enough for me, the fact that you're alive and breathing."

"No, I have to. I've been so indecisive. I can't let you- my little brother- takes all the action, can I?" Kise fake smiled, as he rubbed his brother's hair.

Akashi, Aomine.

"With all due respect, princes." Kasamatsu cleared his throat as he folded his hands. "I'm glad both of you had decided to make up. And prince Kise- there's a man waiting on the palace room- he has blue hair, and he had been waiting for you for 5 days now. No matter what we do, we won't be able to put him out. His name is Aomine Daiki."

Kise felt his blood freeze at the same time- and Akashi's grip on him become even tighter.

Yes- a perfect time to declare his resolution.

"You don't have to do it now, brother." Akashi said softly. His eyes were filled with guilt- and yet there was also satisfaction in those golden eyes.

" I have to." Kise said. "Kasamatsu, let him inside."