The summers breeze blew my hair gently around my face, I could smell the freshly cut grass, to me it was the smell of summer, it also happened to be one of my favourite smells. I lay on my side, with Beck facing me. We had only been back together for a short amount of time around a month, but it was like we had never broken up-I was glad I had chosen to give him another chance. He tickled the palm of my hand just running the tips of his fingers around in circles, over the skin on my hand. A smile spread to my lips, I leaned my head forwards, and kissed him-it wasn't anything major, just a light kiss on his lips- yet a woman walked past us with a child, and she let out a disgusted tut, and turned her nose up like she had a bad smell under it, she glared at me and walked away. I looked at her baffled, and stifled a laugh.

"God Jade cool it, no public displays of affection" he teased, prodding me lightly in my rib. He propped himself up on one of his elbows and sighed. He chewed on his lip, shortly, plucking it with his fangs,

"I'll remember that… I'll change my ways… I am reform…" I joked, placing a hand over my chest, where my heart is. He chuckled and grabbed my chin, directing me towards his lips for a light kiss our lips just skimming each other's, his action stopped me from speaking. "And the same goes for you. You're such a bad influence on me" he let out a small smile and a breathy laugh that rumbled out of his chest. He went back to tickling my hand. "Do you love me?" I asked mockingly pouting my lips, and fluttering my eyes, I looked into his deep brown eyes.

"No" he joked screwing up his face and shaking his head before kissing me yet again. This kiss was more passionate than the last two. My hands found their way into his hair, and his were pressing against the small of my back, pushing me into him. We both pulled away to catch our breath- the pause only lasted momentarily before he started kissing my jaw, trailing his lips against my skin.

"Come on the, let's go" he said standing; he bent down and pulled me up with my hand. He stood behind me holding both of my hands, wrapping our arms around my waist. His car was just around the corner from the park, he unlocked the door, and let go of me walking round to the driver's seat. When we were in the car, he started up the engine; my hand was already out stretched for the volume button on the CD play, ready to turn it up. We had been listening to Paramore's 'All we know is falling' album- my personal favourite that the band had done- the song that came on was 'Brighter.'

So this is how it goes. Well I, I would have never known. And if it ends today. I'll still say that you shine brighter than anyone.

I sang them while looking at Beck and smiling, I wrapped my hand around his while he held onto the gear stick. As I sing along to the lyrics, it dawned on me how much our relationship could relate to them-in my mind any way; no matter what happened my opinion on Beck would stay the same. He would always be better than anyone at everything.

We pulled up in front of my house to see that the lights were on, meaning my mum was home "Shit" I breathed. Beck came and stood beside me. He furrowed his eyebrows, and screwed up his mouth momentarily

"My sentiment exactly" he said. It hadn't been kept a secret that my mum didn't like Beck, she never had, and she didn't understand why we kept getting back together after we broke up. The last time we broke my mum had thought it had been for good, the breakup had lasted six months after all. But when Beck came here four week ago, and stayed the night. Well let's just say my mum had been less than thrilled.

"Come on" I said tugging his arm gently "We'll be fine" I smiled at him "Who's afraid of the big bad woman?" I asked putting on a 'baby talk' voice. He smiled at and walked up the drive to my house, slowly. When we walked through the door, we were greeted by my mum who scowled at him. Her deep green eyes frosted with hostility. "Hi mum" I said, standing at the door. Beck gave her an awkward smile. She remained quiet, she turned her eyes away from him, and watched the TV screen. "We're going to watch a DVD"I informed her .I lead him up stairs without another word. I bent down looking at my DVD collection. "What do you want to watch?" I asked.

He came and sat behind me, and kissed my neck and shoulder "you pick" he whispered into my ear I screwed up my face smiling while he kissed my cheek. I grabbed the first DVD my hand came too ('How to lose a guy in 10 days'). I showed him the box from over my shoulder. He let out a small chuckle "I like this one" he said. He moved so that I could place the DVD in the tray.

He lay on my bed on his side; I went to lie in front of him. He wrapped his arm around my waist and stroked my hip bone, with his finger. He then went on to kissing my jaw, and neck, and my collar bone, I turned my head to face him, making my lips meet his. He rolled us over until he was sat on top of me.

My arms were around his neck, and my hands were tangled in his hair, while his hands were at either side of my head. I moved one of my hands, finding, the button on his jeans, my hand fumbled with it, he smiled during the kiss, and he moved his hands down to my jeans, finding the button and opening it swiftly. He moved out of the kiss, to catch his breath. I bit his lip gently pulling him back to kiss me again. The TV soon became back ground noise.

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