The sun was shining high in the sky; I covered the top of my eyes with my hand, using it as a shield. I squinted looking up to see the silhouettes of birds flying across the sky, and swooping down to pick up left over bits of food. I pulled my phone out of my bag, checking the time; it was 11:00am my stomach gave a low grumble.

Beck turned his attention to me and chuckled, "I'm guessing that means you want some food?" He pushed himself up using his hands.

"Please" I said with a smile, he got up and walked over to the burger van that wasn't too far up the beach, I got my sun cream out of my bag and reapplied it to my arms, legs and chest, while I waited. I watched the waved roll gently back and forth across the edge of the sand. Jiggered rocks stuck up out of the water, they had a slight covering of moss over them, the water lapped up there sides.

Beck walked back to me slowly, he held two burgers one in each hand-the were encased in containers to keep the goodness in. and two cans of pop pressed against his side by his arms. He smiled at me as he got closer, I reached up and took my food and drink off of him. The can of pop was cold, condensation trickled down the sides. As I pulled it open, tiny little bubbles danced out of the lip of the can when the pressure was released. I took a sip, the fizz slightly stinging the back of my throat.

I opened my burger, the smell of meat and onions filled my nose, making my mouth water. I took a huge bite out of my burger, not really thinking about it. "Thank you" I said, my mouth still slightly full.

"You're so attractive, you know that?" Beck joked as I stuffed more of the burger into my mouth, I smiled letting my mouth gape open I slightly pushed the food out with my tongue- this gained a lot of disgusted looks from passers-by. "So beautiful" he laughed again.

"Thanks" some of my burger dropped out of my mouth when I spoke. I swallowed my food, and wiped my mouth the back of my hand, I took a gulp from my drink.

"You feel better now?" he asked smiling at me, he sat with his legs crossed, facing me. I nodded, and crawled over to him, laying a light kiss on his lips.

"Yeah, thanks" I said. The heat from the sun was getting hotter as the day went on, it was getting higher and higher into the sky until it was beating down on us from the centre of the sky I could feel its rays licking my skin, threatening to burn me. My skin looked even paler than usual under the ultraviolet rays that were beating down from the sky.

I took a hair band out of my bag, and scooped up my hair, tying it into to pony tail, I left some of my hair down at the sides to frame my face. It was too warm to have my hair, trailing over my shoulders and down my back. Beck pushed back his hair using his hand; little bits of it were stuck up in all directions caused by his action.

I leant forward and straightened out his hair. I gave him a slight smile I went back to laying on my beach towel. I closed my eyes; the sun was hitting my face I could feel the heat tingling against my cheeks.

Beck laid down next me and sighed. "What's up with you?" I asked, I didn't open my eyes or look at him, but I knew he was looking at me, I could feel his eyes, on my face.

"I'm bored" his voice was monotone, when he spoke

"Oh thanks, good to know you enjoy my company so much" I joked. I opened my eyes and turned my head to face him; I cupped my hand and placed it on my forehead, using it as a shield towards the sun for my eyes.

He chuckled "Well you could try to be more…" I hit him lightly on the arm, causing him to laugh again "I'm kidding… It's just the beach, I mean, there's not much to do is there?" he shrugged. He looked around the beach.

"Well, do you want to go somewhere else?" I asked, sitting up.

"Where?" he smiled, I shrugged slightly before answering.

"Anywhere" He dived up onto his feet, and put an arm out for me to grab. I quickly put my top on over my bikini. I shoved the towel back into my bag, not bothering to fold them up. We all but ran to his car. As I opened the door the heat spewed out towards me, it was a thick heavy heat, the seats where no better, the leather burnt my bare legs.

Beck got into the car next to me, and started the engine; I turned on the AC, and wound the windows down. Beck smiled at me "You thought of any where to go yet?" his eyes were lit up with spontaneity.

I shook my head and pulled out my bobble "Just drive" he put his foot down on the acceleration, the beach quickly went out of our view. I turned on the radio; the sound of music filled the air. The wind coming through the windows blew my hair in all directions. The streets of California blurred past us, they looked like smudges of colour that had been wiped along a blank canvas. I leant forwards and turned up the radio as the next song started. I sang to the lyrics as loud as I could.

She moves like she don't care

Smooth as silk cool as air ooh it makes you wanna cry

She doesn't know your name, and your heart beats like a subway train

Ooh it makes you wanna die.

Ooh don't you wanna take her

Wanna maker her all your own.

Beck joined in with the chorus. Both of us dancing and singing in his car

Maria, you've gotta see her,

go insane and out of your mind

Latina Ave Maria,

A million and one candle lights.

Beck drummed with his hands on his steering wheel, while my dancing gained some looks from people in other cars. That didn't stop me though, I was having fun, I was letting loose something that only seemed to happen properly when Beck was around.

We just drove, not going anywhere in particular, just enjoying the drive, watching the world go by us. To me, it was the perfect way to spend a day, and the perfect way to end a weekend, and I couldn't wait to spend more like it.

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