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Chapter 32 - The Passion Eyes Of May.

Lea ran through the back door into the warmth of the living room carrying Heather and Naya attached to her hands. Dianna followed them close behind. "Guys, we have an announcement to make!" The crowd turned their heads and Naya felt her cheeks morph into crimson. "These two are engaged!"

The room burst into loud cheers and Kevin sprinted across to take Naya and Heather into a tight group hug. Then came Cory and Amber followed by Jenna and Vanessa who almost squeezed them to death.

"My moms are getting married" She shouted and threw a fist up in the air. Naya giggled, she remembered how endearing she found that moms joke to be and how much she wished it were true back when she found out about it.

She was never one to think about having children, except when it came to Heather. But now they were getting married and marriage was something that she had never known to be something she wanted. Not until now, that is. Or until she first laid her eyes on blue ones and everything in life finally seemed to make sense.

They were getting married.

"I'm so proud of my lady lovers!" Chris pulled Naya into a hug and pressed a kiss on her cheek, then to Heather's. "And I'm only about sixty percent jealous."

"Don't worry Kurt, I'll propose soon." Darren joked and also congratulated the girls.

Heather looked around at the cast surrounding them and couldn't help but notice something. Who was missing? There was someone missing and her eyes flew across the room to find Chord sipping from a glass with his hand shoved deep into his pocket. His eyes burned through hers as they met and she winced, praying for this not to turn into a Taylor 2.0.

Naya's hand held hers and she smiled, feeling comfort washing over her previous worry. As long as she had Naya it would be alright. Naya would protect her and take her into her violence free bubble.

"Babe," She felt a warm breath tickle her ear and she turned right to Naya. "Let's get out of here."

She smirked and looked around. "But everyone-"

"Shh," Naya bit her lower lip and Heather watched brown eyes drop to her mouth.

Her stomach leaped inside of her. That look killed her every single time and she could feel her own lips tingle in anticipation.

So she simply nodded and grinned, ignoring everyone else's questions while Naya made up some washed up excuse to get them the hell out of there.

She was happy. Actually no, she was beaming! She had proposed to Naya Rivera and she had said yes. She was getting married and a few months ago that would've meant that she was getting married to Taylor and she dreaded that thought.

But with Naya?

She was happy.

And she was getting into her car, smiling at the love of her life and driving off to their place.

Their place.

And their life.

And soon, their marriage.

After parking, they practically danced out of Heather's car, across the entrance and into their house.

It was dark and neither really made an effort to find any switches; the only source of light was a nearby street lamp that ripped through the thin curtains and shed its dim light across the living room floor.

Heather felt a hand touch hers and the only sound she could hear was her own heartbeat pounding in her chest, practically bursting through her bones.

"Nay," Her whisper fell into silence when she felt a palm pressing against her stomach. Heather trembled under Naya's touch and leaned into it, fluttering her eyes close.

Everything felt… Intense. It felt different, but good different, as if they were back at three years ago, counting each touch and feeling each tingle rush through them, electrifying them and pulling them closer by the second.

With a strong push, Heather's back hit the wall; she felt a leg slip between hers and a body press against her, melding perfectly inside her curves. Naya leaned forward, purred into her ear and let her hand slide down Heather's stomach, clenching at the edge of the fabric and tugging it up while running the tip of her tongue across Heather's earlobe.

"Nay, I-" The blonde tried but a moan hit her throat once Naya buckled her knee up against Heather.

Another thrust and she felt herself burning already. And Naya hadn't kissed her yet, she noted. She hadn't kissed her and that's all she wanted right now.

So she leaned forward and went for her lips, failing miserable and pecking Naya's cheek.

Another thrust made her throw her head back and bite violently on her lower lip. Shit, that girl knew exactly how to frustrate the hell out of her.

She brought her hand up and gripped Naya's chin, carving her nails into caramel skin and leaning forward hoping to meet those soft, plumb…

But Naya managed to turn her head and escape Heather's kiss.

Why wouldn't she just kiss her? Damn it, she was being so frustrating.

And now her knee stopped and Heather missed those thrusts badly, feeling herself practically burning through the fabric of her underwear.

"Why are you not kissing me?" Heather moaned and moved her hips closer to Naya's to get that friction back.

"To make you suffer," Naya purred and moved her knee back and away from the burning spot.


"I'm suffering already," Heather's hands travelled to Naya's lower back and pulled her closer, forcing her knee back between her legs. "Either kiss me or fuck me," She buried her nose into dark locks and breathed in close to Naya's ear. "Or both."

Naya was actually frustrating herself even more than she was frustrating Heather. She wanted, her needed her, craved her… She wanted to be inside of her and she wanted it now. But no, seeing Heather's efforts to get reactions out of her was fun.

"Someone's eager," She let her fingertips slide down from Heather's neck to her right breast and applied pressure to the girl's bra covered nipple.

But she hit the spot and the blonde rolled her eyes up at the sensation.

She was in flames.

And Naya's knee was gone again so she reached for her leg and pulled it up again, tightening her thighs around it so she wouldn't slide it from there.

"This," She moved against Naya's skin. "Belongs right here."

"Does it really?" Naya murmured and devilishly grinned against Heather's neck.

That breathing made her every hair rise at the warmth. She just wanted lips on hers because the pressure between her legs wasn't enough anymore and a kiss would probably suffice for a few seconds at least.

"Kiss me- Just- Just kiss me, come on, babe…"

"Don't 'come on babe' me because you know I can't resist you when you do that."

"Come on…" She purred and her hands found Naya's breasts, squeezing and molding. "Come on, babe… Kiss me."

"Shut up," Naya begged and fluttered her eyes close, swinging her body even closer into Heather's touch. "I can't- think like this."

"I don't want you to think." Heather buckled her hips against the brunette's again. "I want you to do."

"We're engaged." Naya murmured, smirked and let her forehead rest against Heather's while thrusting upwards against her center again, this time even lifting the blonde up an inch or two.

"Oh dear god, yes," She moaned, not sure if to reply to Naya's statement or to let out that heat building up inside of her. "We are, I know we are. But a question though."

Naya nodded and pressed a kiss to Heather's burning cheek. "Mh?"

"Why are we not having sex?"

She chuckled and let her lips linger over Heather's skin. "I don't know, baby."

"Why aren't you kissing me? Kiss me. Now." Heather begged and stared into brown eyes, chewing on her lower lip until her gaze dropped lower.

She watched Naya lean forward, pause, lick her lips and smirk.

Kiss me damn it.

So she did. Naya closed the small gad between them and melded their lips together, feeling a rush of excitement run through her as if she were kissing Heather for the first time all over again.

She loved it. She loved it and yearned for it to last forever.

And it would, she knew it would.

She turned her head, dipped her tongue into her girlfriend's mouth and felt a moan pouring out from her throat.

She would never tire of those lips and of that tongue.

Naya pulled away and stared into now darkened eyes, feeling as Heather's fingers craved deep into her nape.

"Was that what you wanted?" She mumbled after licking her own lips.

Heather nodded and moved against Naya's thigh, needing more contact.

More. Just- just more.

She moaned into Naya before kissing her again, catching her lower lip between her teeth and biting hard on the spot.

She made her bleed but it only seemed to spur Naya on and the girl was now attacking her neck, kissing, licking, biting, and sucking on her pulse point- just right.

"Are we going to have sex?" Heather hummed and her hands fell to Naya's buttocks, gripping firmly and pushing her flush against her hips.

"Baby, hush and let me do my thing." Naya smirked at Heather's anticipation and continued her work on her neck.

"Your thing," Heather slipped her hand up the brunette's dress and felt the girls' skin rise at the contact. "Only consists on frustrating me."

"I'm surprised you can use words like 'consist' when I'm turning you on."

"Just fuck me already." Heather abruptly stopped what her hands were doing and stared into dark eyes, lust pouring out of her own.

Naya eyed her and then pushed her harder against the wall, buckling her knee up and catching Heather's lower lip between her teeth just like the blonde had done to her.

"Alright." She murmured and grinned against Heather's mouth, releasing her to dip lower to the crook of the blonde's neck, nipping and travelling lower.

Heather tangled her fingers between dark strands and watched her girlfriend lift the hem of her dress, rolling it up so it would expose the taller girl's lower half.

She felt a kiss on her abs, then a tongue running around her belly button until Naya went lower and she started feeling plump lips near her underwear.

Couldn't she get there faster?

She was dying. And melting. It was so hot there, why was it so damn hot?

It was cold outside.

But now it was like she was standing right under the sun.

Heather felt Naya yanking off her underwear and she gasped, fluttering her eyes close and pulling her head closer to her center.

She leaned back and spread her legs a little wider.

Naya licked her lips and looked up, noticing the blonde's reaction and wondering whether to make her suffer more or to finally let her get her release.

Not to mention how much she was burning too.

Without further thought, Naya pulled on Heather's buttocks and reached for her center, shutting her eyes as she let her tongue run across her length.

Fucking finally.

Heather let out a loud moan and brought her hand up to her own nape, leaning her cheek on her upper arm and biting on her skin.

Naya took her time to play with every inch of skin, every fold, every single bit that she could taste, she did and she loved it. Her hands pulled Heather's hips closer to her mouth and she couldn't help but whimper along with her girlfriend, circling her tongue around her most sensitive spot.

Oh, the way she circled and-and flicked and pressured… It was as if she had done it for years and years.

She was a genius at it and it sent Heather flying up the highest of clouds.

The blonde hummed and purred and bit herself and tugged on Naya's hair, her thighs trembled and the muscles on her neck pulled.

Naya dipped her tongue inside of her girlfriend and she felt her own center ache with what she was doing.

And how much she loved it.

And how hot Heather was. She was so hot- she-she was just too fucking hot for her to handle.

So she fed on each of her reactions and clenched her fist around the girl's flesh, and twirled her tongue inside of her, and pressured exactly where she needed pressure.

Heather felt herself build up to the point where she was standing right at the edge and only one slight movement could send her flying.

Just one- tiny… little…

Naya slipped from inside of her and circled her again.

That was it, the tiny-little movement, and Heather clung to dark hair, shot her head back, opened her mouth wide and came undone on Naya's tongue, practically melting down the wall with each quiver until her body finally relaxed.

Jesus fucking Christ.

She threw her arms around the brunette's neck and held on for dear life, pressing her lips on that spot just below her earlobe and burying her nose deep into dark waves of soft hair.

"Less frustrated?" Naya breathlessly giggled and molded into Heather.

"Definitely." The blonde gripped her girlfriend's shoulders and, with a quick movement, she spun her around so she would be the one pressing Naya against the wall. She took a tanned thigh into her hand and pulled it up, adjusting her hips between Naya's.

"Take a breath first," The flustered girl groaned and wriggled to flush herself better against Heather.

"You first," She slid her hand down Naya's abdomen and then palmed her roughly through the fabric of her underwear. "I'll breathe later."

"This engagement thing is really spurring you on isn't it baby," Naya grinned like the sun grew on her lips and she kissed Heather, catching her tongue for a second before letting it slide from between her teeth. "I like it."

"You better like it, because now you're stuck with me." She moved her hand up and down the length of her girlfriend.

Naya whimpered, fluttered her eyes close and forced her throat to speak. "Shit, does this mean I'm only getting lucky with you for the rest of my life?"

Heather pursed her lips, practically ripped Naya's underwear from her legs and sneaked a finger inside of her.

Naya gasped, threw her head back and groaned.

The blonde smirked, pleased with the reaction.

"Yes, yes it does."

It was the sunniest day of winter that Heather had ever seen in her entire life.

The birds chirped, the trees seemed to sway to her steps and the sky was as blue as her own loveful eyes.

The sun burned through her golden, stray strands of hair and her hand held on to the hopes and dreams that filled her lungs with electricity.

She even wore a tank top that day. On winter.

They walked across the black pavement and the sound of her UGG boots stepping on dry leaves filled the comfortable silence that had set in between them since they had left the car.

Naya clung to Heather's hand and the blonde's cheeks hurt from smiling so brightly. Her girlfriend could swear her smile would light up the whole fucking world.

"Do you think it's out there?" Naya slipped through the ambience sounds and inched even closer to the taller girl as they walked.

"Our engagement? I don't know, maybe. Maybe not. Does it matter?"

"No, of course not." The brunette pulled her phone closer to her face, unlocked it and tapped on that little blue bird. "No twitter riot. Until now."

"Soon, baby, soon." Heather giggled, turned right to face her love and pushed through the studios' entry.

"Ladies!" Naya barely had the time to breathe in the cool, artificial air until she had Ryan flinging an arm around her and Heather's neck, pulling them into a tight group hug. "Congratulations! I heard about your lady loving becoming official."

Heather sniggered, glanced around the lobby and noticed Cory, Darren, Mark and Chord standing by the vending machine, watching as Ryan assaulted them.

Chord. She definitely didn't feel like dealing with him right now. She just wanted to stay inside her drama free bubble that Naya created around them, cuddle up in her fiancé's lap and live there for the rest of her life. Chord would never get her there, no he wouldn't.

She watched his blond head approach them and she grumbled into Naya's shoulder while the brunette spoke to Ryan, not even noticing as Chord sneaked closer.

"Save me, save me now." She mumbled and Naya cocked an eyebrow.

She peaked behind Ryan's shoulder and saw him.

Awesome. Just what she wanted on one of the happiest days of her life.

Fuck it, she would settle everything now and get it over with.

"Either way, make-up in fifteen, alright ladies?" Ryan adjusted his bright yellow hat and turned his back to them, walking away to disappear into the writers' room.

Chord stood awkwardly about six feet away from them, hands shoved deep into his pockets and mouth pouted and swollen, as always.

"We should talk." He mumbled and took three steps forward.

Heather shrunk to the size of a tiny little green pea and wondered if she could cuddle up in Naya's lap right in that instance.

"We should," Naya calmly agreed and also stepped forward, taking her girlfriend with her. "But I think you know how this is going to end."

The boy nodded and gulped the air around him. "Maybe you should let me speak first." He turned to Heather and sucked on the inside of his cheek. "Look, what I did on that bowling night was wrong. I know it was. I was drunk, I didn't- But that's not- I mean, I know you guys are engaged."

"We sure are." Naya forced a smirk and stroke the back of Heather's hand.

"I was one of the first to accept you two, I'm sure you remember that. But I guess my feelings for Heather grew, but I heard about her ex-boyfriend and I didn't want to turn into him and do what he did… Stalk her I mean. But I just have to be one hundred percent sure, you know?"

"Chord," Naya furrowed her eyebrows and actually pitied the boy. She felt bad for him. She did. Except she also didn't. "We're getting married." She paused, breathed and watched his face morph into sadness.

He turned his gaze to the blonde girl and waited for something. What for? He wasn't sure. But what did he have to lose? Besides his balls, because Naya would chop them off.

Heather nodded and tried to smile. "I'm sorry, Chord. I don't- I don't want this to be awkward, but it already is. I love her, can you understand that?"

He nodded, sighed into his shoes, glanced around and avoided Naya's eyes. "Yeah, I can. But I don't think I can work with you."

Heather cocked an eyebrow. "Well, it's not like Bram is going to last anyway, so…"

"I don't know if I can stand being around you two, okay?" He mumbled and fiddled with any paper remnants he had in his pockets. "I think I should quit."

Naya chuckled and then pursed her lips. "Come on, don't do that."

"Don't do what?"

"That. Threaten to quit to gain pity when you know you're never quitting because, well," She lowered her voice. "As shitty as Glee is right now, it's your big break. You don't bail on your big break. So just suck it up, alright?"

He vigorously nodded and turned to Heather. "I'm sorry."

"That's alright." The blonde muttered through a smile.

He spun on his heels and awkwardly pranced back to the vending machine and his friends.

"Baby," Heather breathed and smirked. "Thank you."

Naya turned to her, grabbed onto her waits and winked, leaning forward to kiss her when Kevin came bursting through the make-up room, half of his face covered and cover up and the other paler than yeti.

"It's out!" He yelled, sprinted to the girls and stretched his phone close to their faces.

Naya squinted and noticed the blue bird on the right corner of the screen, her eyes dropped to the bold words in the center and she read aloud.

"According to a neighbor of one of them, Glee's stars Naya Rivera and Heather Morris are engaged. The alleged couple was sighted by a passerby holding hands near a Starbucks only a few days ago. Life imitating art? Or the other way around? Stay tuned for further details."

The girls stood in silence; Heather squeezed Naya's hand and held her breath.

It was out.

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