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We didn't ask to be like this. It just happened, and we didn't know what we were capable of at first. It was a blessing in the beginning, you know, not being able to die and all. It felt like we were free, and we could do anything we wanted. But towards the end of that newly found joy, we finally found out that this wasn't a blessing; it was a curse.

It was Pa who found it out first. We've been on this world for far more than a century, and we have grown to become sick of it. Weird, isn't it? I'm pretty sure most of you would love to be immortal, but trust me; it's not what you really want.

Pa keeps referring to a wheel. And he's right. Compared to everyone else, we're just rocks at the side of the road, looking at the life walking past us.

Then we met Winnie Foster. It was refreshing to know that someone else knew our secret. I grew closer to her every day, and I think that's when I began to grow feelings for her. Of course I had to make that stupid proposal. When she was seventeen, I told her to drink that spring water and we would run off together.

But, of course, she didn't. I myself didn't really want her to. I didn't want her to live the same fate as we did. So, when Ma and Pa visited the Foster residence, they were faced with her grave. She had kids, they told me, and I was glad. I was glad that she moved on with her life. I only hope that she doesn't regret what she did. And I can't help but wonder- did she forget about me?

But that doesn't matter anymore. And I have to face my life as it is. But I leave you with one question-if you found that spring…

What would you do?

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